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Here’s To Gracefully Surviving Real-life Nightmares

It’s hard to fathom that 2020 is almost over. The daunting start to a brand new decade quickly catapulted into the most frighteningly prolific year we’ve ever experienced, and if you’ve been spared that harsh reality, you are most definitely in the minority.

For months and months, we’ve been hit with the avalanche of somber updates that confirm the devastation from a global pandemic, that has so far killed more than 300,000 Americans, with record numbers of new cases that will surely challenge the sliver of hope about the dispersement of approved vaccines.

We are aware of the monumental failure on the part of Congress to pass a second stimulus package, after more than enough time to reactivate the extra $600 in unemployment benefits, that was brutally rescinded in July, due to the thoughtlessness and callousness of cowardly GOP leaders like Mitch McConnell and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who proclaimed that the boost in benefits was too generous.

Each and every day, we are greeted with another death announcement of elderly, distinguished Black notable figures, like revered actress Carol Sutton, 76, legendary singer, Charley Pride, 86, and beloved character actor, Tommy Lister Jr., who was only 62 years old, at the time of his passing. They each made their mark in the industry, and were still excelling, until the tragedy of being infected with a deadly virus caused their untimely deaths.

And then we have the enabled madness of a deposed Thug-in-Chief, who has spent the entire year being a celebrated menace to society, with his nonstop terrorizing, and the criminality of recklessly downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, back when the bullish oaf could’ve maximized his powered status to minimize the likelihood of the worst case scenario.

Election week and verified results are still being contested by Donald Trump and his shameless goonies who are hellbent on being national disrupters, during an unprecedented health crisis, that continues to ravage a country on the brink of collapse from an ailing economy, sickly job market, and the vulnerable survivors who are barely keeping tired heads above water.

What about the brutal attacks on our psyche that wears down our mental capacity and threatens to destroy the hard work of fending off demons, hovering for the bite that could take us out?

Our real-life nightmares have manifested into nuggets of what we’re trying to silently manage, as we watch counterparts make it seem so easy with the vitality of daily engagement and splashes of applaudable achievements, that serve as the brutal reminder of how you’re not doing nearly enough to catch up or even stay in the race.

The harassment of body and soul is the lifelong torture that has escalated beyond reach, and while the self-disciplined existence that was adopted when the mandated nationwide shutdown took effect, has helped to alleviate some of my debilitating symptoms, there’s no doubt that this harrowing period of spiritual warfare is exacting a heavy toll.

There are so many who are floating around and painfully bumping into debris of shattered dreams, while being drowned in the downpour of hopelessness and disbelief at the unsightly wreckage of what used to be a whole human, who sported cracks that could be carefully glued back into place.

Yes, there are plenty who have been blessed with the good fortune of benefiting greatly from this horrific period in our history — on all fronts.

They excitedly share how they’re prospering with enviable wins in personal or professional endeavors, and often times it’s the complete package, which for those of us who are flailing everywhere with everything, our joy for them is the kick in the gut that we feel, for our own sorrowful recaps.

But consider this, we are also winning!

We don’t need to blow minds with viral confirmations to convince ourselves, and the world that we are verifiably dope for making it this far, while accommodating less-than-stellar circumstances, that we prefer not to publicly disclose.

We fight the good fight, and swear off the devilish vices that never stop trying to finish us off, and still we wrestle the beast and dismiss the awesomeness of our bravery as just another day in hell.

We need to toast the accomplishments that are rarely recognized with the same level of fanfare, despite the emotional toiling that surpasses the demands of physical prowess.

Here’s to gracefully surviving real-life nightmares, that aren’t ending anytime soon, and yet we can’t surrender to the seductive alternative of permanently escaping what’s kicking our asses, daily.

There are many who can relate, and yes, privacy is the key component of keeping it together, even when screaming until your throat bursts into a tsunami of blood, would be the absolute healer.

But know this, we are not alone in our grief for what we’ve lost in more ways than one, and while solutions for a favorable outlook won’t be delivered in the near future — kudos to how we’ve gracefully handled the impossible, this far into the dangerous game called life.


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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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