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America’s Disdain For The “Have- Nots” Has Hit A New Low

2020 is winding down, and the horrors of COVID-19 still remain an active national emergency with a staggering death count that CNN insists on plastering at the corner of the screen, like the banner of truth that loses shock value, because of how numbers eventually blur into nothing.

America is a nasty mess, and even with the incoming Biden/Harris administration, there’s no indication that fumigating The White House from the stench of Donald Trump’s infamy will miraculously restore settings back to reasonable functionality.

America’s disdain for the needy, the have-nots or however you prefer to describe the broad swath of the population that’s rapidly sinking under remarkable pressure, stemming from extended unemployment and the loss of steady income, due to insurmountable circumstances, is the gross negligence of the federal government that’s nothing short of criminal.

The holiday season is in full swing, and this is typically the time of year when families combine resources for the expenditure that puts fixed smiles on the faces of giddy kids, and provides elaborate treats that are specifically reserved for traditional festivities.

But there’s not much to celebrate, when you assess the assaulting themes of what has shaped up to be a very traumatic start to a new decade.

The dire ramifications from the tragic arrival of a global pandemic that’s currently raging with deadliness that confirms the dismal predictions of a dreaded second surge, has put survivors, who are barely surviving in the precarious situation of greeting 2021 with cumbersomeness of financial woes and the destabilization that may be irreversible.

Consider that the United States prides itself on being the richest and most blessed country in the world, with an abundance of natural beauty and reservoirs that are sustained through the mechanics of governmental legislations and allotted assets.

Notable national parks with scenic views and historic references are never permitted to lose their value by wasting away from willful neglect. But somehow human beings who happen to be tax-paying citizens, carrying the stamp of U.S. citizenship, aren’t able to garner the level of empathy and governmental assistance that would prevent them from suffering the inevitable consequences of the “sink and swim” syndrome.

The CARES Act that was activated back in March, included checks in the amount of $1200, sent out to households that were applicable for the one-time payment. There was also the extra $600 added to regular unemployment benefits to help buffer the challenges of joblessness, in an effort to stimulate a sickly economy.

By the end of July, the extra padding was callously removed, as the $600 that provided a booster to the millions of Americans who were still flailing from the debris of an unprecedented global health crisis, was prematurely disrupted, to meet the insufficient requirements of the one-of-a-kind stimulus bill passed by Congress.

Not long after, both Republican and Democratic leaders began the months and months of head-butting in recognition of the fact that the coronavirus hadn’t simply vanished, despite the silly and reckless declaration by the Liar-in-Chief, who was more concerned about reviving his “booming economy” than actually saving lives.

The assumption was that by July, we would be in recovery mode with encouraging data, confirming the decrease in new cases of COVID, lowering death count, and the marked improvement of the job market, signaling why unemployment benefits would no longer be necessary for recipients who need to get off their asses and regain employment.

Of course we know that was an ill-advised forecast that has now resulted in the relentless and fruitless back-and-forth between the callous GOP and the useless Democrats. Both parties are participating in the dangerous gambling of vulnerable households, single and crowded, that can’t afford to be expensive pawns sacrificed for ambitious enhancements of career politicians.

A brand new year is inching closer with a foreboding preview of what lies in store for those who are holding on for dear life with growing debt, and the looming threats of homelessness that might’ve been preventable if only the extra $600 in unemployment benefits hadn’t been with replaced with $0.

We are taught to shame the poor, by critiquing the procrastination and unsightly laziness that cripple their ability to rise above the ashes of national emergencies — relatively unscathed. We shame the needy for daring to modestly treat themselves while receiving extra benefits that don’t promise the security that’s necessary while a deadly virus does its worst.

The proposed contents for the second stimulus package has undergone so many revisions over the past few months, that it’s hard to keep tabs on what the dueling parties are aiming to achieve, as unemployment benefits for self-employed claimants and others who are receiving aid specifically related to the pandemic, will run out at the end of December 2020 with no hope for reactivation.

According to the latest updates, earlier this month, Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, who by the way is worth more than $300 million, proposed a $960 billion package that would issue a one-time check of $600 to qualifying households and drastically reduce unemployment benefits. Mnuchin was vehemently against the extra $600 that was included in the previous stimulus bill, citing how jobless Americans were getting paid more than their earned paychecks, which discouraged the incentive to reenter the workforce.

As always, the longstanding issues of wage stagnation, and the unsustainable momentum of being overworked and grossly underpaid, could be the harsh reality that hit those who are unexpectedly jobless, and suddenly aware of how the unfair treatment from former employers, didn’t adequately prepare them for the rainy days that have turned into tsunamis.

While around 12 million unemployed Americans hold their breaths for the fast approaching deadline, that will they further exacerbate an already frightening outlook, there’s the bipartisan offer that proposes $908 billion in aid, which will exclude the stimulus checks and instead focus on unemployment benefits with the additional $300 in weekly payments.

Prominent lawmakers like Senator Bernie Sanders, and other lawmakers are voicing their demands for the compulsory inclusion of the $1200 checks for applicable recipients, which is the same amount that was doled out under the $2 trillion CARES Act established this past March.

Again, it’s difficult to keep up with the various iterations of what should be regarded with the utmost consideration for why a lifesaving stimulus bill, can’t be callously delayed for months on end with the stalling that will guarantee the unlikelihood of the much-needed economic recovery.

It’s an unforgivable act of systemic abuse on the part of privileged lawmakers, and the designated leaders, who have demonstrated their inefficiencies and calculated schemes against the vulnerable and defeated, who are mistreated and discarded by the traitorousness of the federal government.

If you’re lucky enough to stay comfortably afloat during this ongoing nightmare of sickness and death, surrounded by the desperation of the have- nots, who are in clear and present danger, be sure to count your blessings and say prayers for less fortunate, fellow citizens, whose very lives hang in the balance.

There are no tangible words that are meaningful enough to convey the betrayal of millions of out-of-work Americans, who were already being bamboozled by a system of oppression, that enriches thuggish CEOs with damning track records of illegalities with those historic bailouts. This questionable formula of making the rich — richer, comes at the expense of stationed bank tellers, who earn paltry paychecks, signed off by the likes of JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon, who earns up to $30 million in yearly bonuses.

The bloody war against COVID-19 rages on, as announcements of vaccines getting approvals for the alleviation of this ongoing epidemic, provides a sliver of optimism for a wearied nation.

But when it comes to the predicament that’s enslaving the jobless on the verge of homelessness, regardless of what version of the stimulus package gets bipartisan approval, it’s abundantly clear that assistance from the federal government won’t be generous enough to make the start of 2021 — a gratifyingly faithful endeavor.

And that’s a new low for America the beautiful” that has unfortunately taken an ugly turn for the worst.

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