Your concerns are valid and I share the same sentiment. Sometimes, it seems as though in order to make a difference — you have to plunge into a whirlpool and hope that when the spinning stops you end up where you need to be.

I find that just figuring out from a local level where you can be impactful is the best way to begin lending your services. It really is a ripple effect that expands with time and effort.

It’s also a spiritual journey that begins once you make that pledge to get involved — and then keep at it with a healthy sense of consistency. You will start attracting the kind of attention you need in order to maintain momentum and from there — the sky is the limit.

One good thing about Trump’s unexpected victory — is that it truly did wake us up and forced a sense of deep longing to actively pursue all the different options at our disposal.

All in the name of making a difference and initiating a climate that we hope will be sustainable for those of us who basically yearn for the same basic requirements.

The need to do good is the first step — and the rest up to us!

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