You Want To Be Happy? Take the Keys and Drive

Keep going. Stay in that lane and don’t avoid traffic. Keep climbing and don’t look down. Let the crowds and vehicles thwart your journey for a time.

That delay is what will keep you here until the expiration date finally arrives.

And it will.

It will have nothing to do with who you are or who you were.

It won’t take into consideration that you were in fact a good person. A genuine spirit with a heart of gold.

No, if you were meant to roast to death with the spread of the PCH as the gloating witness — it will come to pass.

The money spent trying to coerce life gurus into preparing you for life everlasting should be converted into more meaningful pursuits.

You can’t buy happiness.

Your ability to soar when your wings have been clipped by the damning cries of the heavens above — is a disposition that is learned with pained practice.

Time and time again — the seeds of fate sprinkle to sprout the livelihood of your choosing.

The endless barrage of answers to why life is so complicated and unforgiving have been delivered to rescue you from immediate death — but you are always on the verge of your last days.

Why not enjoy the process of letting go by truly and honestly doing just that.

Letting go.

Release yourself from the chains of hunting down the secrets of effortless living because it doesn’t exist and that’s awesomely refreshing.

Being able to beat the rules by devising an alternative is like watching a reality show with the knowledge that it’s fake.

It feeds the curiosity, but is ultimately a major let down.

We need to feel the sting of defeat and the roused symbol of victory.

Yes, life can be grand and you are tasked with the responsibility of spreading the gospel of fulfillment and bliss though the well built listicles and heartwarming essays.

But learning from your mistakes undermines my mistakes.

Life is long even when it’s a minute old. We’re past that minute and so we have the formula for our happiness.

It equals living on a prayer with the assistance of the blank tablet that subs as the redo.

We can drive anywhere but how we get there will differ with each destination.

So, here, take the keys and drive…

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!