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You know it’s bad when you get a rejection letter for a job you didn’t interview for

The last time I went through the interview process was almost a year ago — for a job that proved to be the catalyst for my current disposition. I definitely need a job badly and while I do keep busy with Medium and all the various projects that are shuttled my way — I can’t escape the inconvenience of missing out on a steady paycheck.

The truth is that despite needing a “real job” — I actually prefer living on the edge as I patiently send reminders to clients who still owe me fees for services rendered. And the reason I’m being somewhat reckless with my finances has everything to do with the depressing mode of the job market.

Scoping the email alerts and scrolling endless pages of descriptions that demand heaven and earth with a pay scale that doesn’t match the incredible work load — isn’t a lot of fun — nor does it inspire the urges that hit when you stumble upon a few options that get you excited.

The last time I was psyched about a position that aroused my ambitious streak and actually paid well was about five years ago. Since then — I’ve been zooming around in search of what I will never find. At this point I highly doubt that I will successfully re-enter the workforce as a full time employee.

So — imagine my surprise when I recently received an email — thanking me for showing up for an interview that I never participated in — and even better was the fact that it was a job rejection.

The message was alien to me — but not the sender.

I recognized her name because she had reached out to me from the JSA (Junior State of America) around this time last year — to say that she had discovered me on Medium — and wanted to know if I would speak to the high schoolers they host every summer.

I was living in Los Angeles at the time and readily accepted the opportunity to share my “words of wisdom” to future White House Correspondents. The event took place in the middle of summer and I was truly blown away by the smarts of these kids who will surely blossom into the kind of reporters that we are presently lacking.

I’m imagining that they won’t inhabit a time when journalists are penalized and disgraced for simply doing their jobs or kicked out of events for breaking a code that isn’t legally binding.

The evening that the rejection email arrived in my inbox was a particularly brutal one — as I settled into a case of mental disharmony. I remembered the shit from the past and reconciled it with current shit — and the result wasn’t pleasant.

I was absolutely not in the mood for jokes.

The universe couldn’t have planned this any better — especially when you consider that a couple of days later — I still haven’t been contacted by the sender who probably hasn’t realized that the person whose weekend she was supposed to wreck — is still waiting for his or her world to be shattered.

I’m not sure how in the fuck — this mixup happened and believe me — my imagination is vivid enough to summon every and any scenario — and yet I’m still out of ideas.

Perhaps — she was in a hurry — and due to the huge number of applicants and never-ending lists of contacts in her database — my information weirdly popped up and she blindly went with it.

Either way — this is all the evidence we need to comprehend how uninvested future employers are during the interview process. I can’t tell you how many times I have found typos in job postings — that have the audacity to ask applicants to be: detail-oriented, experts at multitasking, excellent communicators, etc.

All those qualities are supposed to get us the dream jobs — and yet it’s quite clear that most of these organizations aren’t in any position to demand what they think they want — but are having a difficult time sustaining in their own environment.

Aside from the unexpected snafu — I will say that my foul mood really did me in when I recognized that I was getting a rejection letter for a job that I didn’t even apply for.

I’m sure the recipient will eventually get the news and when it happens I really hope he or she takes it in stride. Maybe lending your services to a company that sends rejection letters to random folks isn’t such a swell idea.

But, what do I know?

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