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You Can Be a Hero Without Social Media

It’s true! You can thrive and vibe and love on yourself like nothing else matters without the armor of an Instagram account — that is filled with the scrapbook of lies that are strewn for the urgency of the times.

We must be flawless in our pursuit as we illustrate the genesis of how we became great — and utilize the assurance of Facebook to assuage any doubt that we might be toppling into oblivion.

Oh no! Hell no! I can keep up!

I can be just as fabulous as the gals who post without hesitance because they know the pool of likes will overcome the truth of their wobbly circumstance. Roses aren’t always red even if it is the preferred color. I like to stay within the limits without challenging anything that resounds with what life is really about.

Life isn’t social media. Life is what we configure our pages to mean.

We do things to be recognized and even loved. Affairs of the heart are Catfished into shows that reveal the evils of clicking without thought. Having a baby at sixteen turns into a billion dollar investment for network TV — so they bank on your mistake happening over, and over, and over, and over again.

The Kardashian and Jenner dynasty was built on the insecurity of idiots who would rather support a lazy cause — to avoid substance and meaningful commitments to all the things that make sense.

A teenager who isn’t legal to vote is heralded by cosmetic companies and brands to front their potent goods — because she is Kylie — and the money is going to be good.

Forget the fact that they are indulging in child abuse and her mama should be arrested for a pimping product that isn’t ripe with maturity.

This phase of documenting your stint on the throne of a public toilet — just because it’s ending sooner than you think — is killing you.

Yes, the blueprint for the future has arrived and you will not survive the transition unless you recall your vanity — and embrace the sanctity of basic comprehension.

You will need to quote why you deserve to be celebrated for way more than your shiny coif and overly-indulged appetite for attention.

You can be a hero without social media.

If you don’t believe me stay tuned. Watch how the empty-headed clickers lose their minds when the likes and favorites become coded language that is no longer valid in the realm of current times.

Y’all were fooled into believing that adherence to a rule that was too good to be true would stay in that center of your selfish abandon.

It couldn’t last.

All your offerings will stay in the manner in which you presented them but everything else will be deactivated without your consent. I promise that you can survive this upheaval — if you agree to do one thing.

Be a hero.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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