You Are Wrong. Donald Trump’s Timing Is Impeccable

As I scope through the venomously crafted tweets, that are assembled in reaction to the casting choice for the upcoming movie about Nina Simone — I am struck by how much social media has converted ordinary citizens into extraordinary assholes.

The hurtful words, the stinging phrases, the trusted memes — all devised to brutally humiliate and attack with no filter.

The master class of mainstay slayers who make a living dutifully roasting anyone who dares to defy their logic while also bringing their faceless followers along for the ride.

The threats, the insults, the callous way in which a person who doesn’t deserve such extremes is catapulted into the limelight of hate which I liken to the “lion’s den” — has become an acceptable form of relaying personalized sentiments.

Nothing and no one is off limits. The goal is to go in for the kill. You start off by sharing the most profoundly destructive summary you can muster.

Sit and wait for the sharks to surround the bait and then take it even further.

Make it dirty and deliver it cold. Never hold back and don’t allow that annoying thing called a “conscious” get in the way of your need to be triumphantly validated.

Who knows where this could lead? Imagine the number of followers you can amass just by throwing shade and belittling often times innocent bystanders who just happen to get caught in the crossfire of “who can be the biggest bastard of the day”.

It’s a globally approved sport that is getting even more competitive as the stakes get higher.

There is so much to learn as a newbie to this primal form of expression. But as long as you have enough shit that you can sling at whomever — whenever — you will never be deprived of the pleasure of “gang banging” the designated victim of the day, week, month, heck the whole damn year.

We as a people, as human beings as a collective are tasked to dwell on this earth in harmony.

We are a bunch of lost souls searching for reasons to defy our need to be as bad as we want to be.

America is the melting pot of disharmony and blissful disruption mitigated by a belief system that feeds the hunger for a continuos supply of vulnerability.

The casualties of this never ending war only prove the permanent appointment of what can be best classified as the season of diseased relations.

I can’t think of a better time for Donald Trump to take office than now. Right now.

We are ready.

He bullies and bamboozles. He throws his weight around. He calls out the weak and verbally assaults their origin.

He’s reckless with words. He’s an unrestrained coward.

He’s you.

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