Words of Thought and Provocation from #JusticeForFlint

#JusticeForFlint was #JustSpectacular. You know what’s going. No need to rehash the unimaginable.

Ava DuVernay and Ryan Coogler with a little help from their friends reminded us why being American demands responsibility and accountability.

Being black in America is a motherfucker but for one night it was the absolute shit.

Take in the words of truth and the #AmericanWay and understand that what occurred was #JusticeForAll.

I have a prayer that will cover the city of Flint

All y’all care about is Kanye and the Oscars

A part of me don’t believe in the American Dream. It’s all a scheme

We have to hold each other up and claim justice. You can’t be free if the cost to be you is too high

We have yet again been victimized. Do you really think this is an accident?

Our babies can’t bathe but the bill got to be paid!

Let’s fix it. But let’s celebrate and have a good time.

Before the bad water, everyone always said “The struggle is real”, but now I say “The struggle will kill us”

They forced us to buy water from vending machines

Black Man. Black woman. Where you at?

I don’t give a fuck who I’ve offended. When I say black — you say Power!

Embrace everything that makes you unique

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