Protesting in Sacramento — days after the murder of Stephon Clark

Will Black Lives Ever Matter?

This is the question that has plagued me for quite some time and I still can’t tell you what I think. What I do know for sure is that Black lives don’t matter now and that has always kinda been the case.

I often times go into really dark places when I try to make sense of how and why things got so fucked up. I mean when you consider that we were once slaves! And to be honest that mentality has never left us — we’re just enduring the updated version that evolved into something cruelly progressive.

The prison system is the homecoming for Black folks who never really left. All you have to do is watch Ava DuVernay’s 13th or be tormented by the real life horror story of Kalief Browder or the frustratingly unjustifiable status of rapper Meek Mills — to get a clear sense of just how criminalized the justice system is when it comes to treating Black people like targeted rejects that need to be swiftly put away before society is overrun by their filthiness.

The societal paralysis is thriving through the deadly methods of law enforcement and I don’t mind admitting how much I hate cops. I think they are all thugs in uniform — parading the streets in search of blood. The hunger to hunt and kill runs deep and there’s no stopping them from the mission of guaranteeing that Black lives won’t ever matter.

The stark evidence piles up daily — as we are assaulted with more dead Black bodies that were killed in action — while living their modest lives. There can’t be enough hashtags to contain the overflowing names that just never stop appearing — to torturously alarm our fragile dispositions.

The protests initiated to demand the end of the war against us persists with no acknowledgment from notables who ignore and instead chime in for those that are politically correct. The details are always fuzzy when faced with another story of a Black boy who looked like a man with a pistol — charging with Black fury — and so the frightened cops fired at will — until the big Black furry thing was finally vanquished.

It’s easier to digest those rubbish tales and a lot more challenging to consider the twelve-year-old boy playing in the park — faced with two White men who are yelling at him in ways that don’t make sense and as he innocently makes a move — he’s shot in the stomach and left in his agonizing pain until he dies.

We can’t allow ourselves to imagine a young Black man who isn’t allowed to enjoy his youth the way his White counterparts naturally do. He’s a Black man with the darkness as his enemy since his movements translate him as a monster on the prowl — that needs to be put down before he devours more prey.

The cops did just that with Stephon Clark, when they shot him 20 times because they suspected he was up to no good and as always the object in his hands turned out to be his phone — as opposed to the gun — they imagined he was pointing at them.

So — Clark is another dead Black man and of course there will be plenty more to join the list that never ends.

Will Black Lives Ever Matter?

It’s mighty hard to be optimistic when you live in a country that refuses to own up to the blatancy of domestic terrorism — and how Black lives are being threatened by White men who never seem like the kind of characters who would willingly send bomb packages to the homes of Black people with the hopes that it detonates on contact.

The media isn’t on our side — since they have their hands full and loyalty sealed in the scandalous sexual exploits of our president. And in any case it’s much safer to label this White terrorist anything but that. Only Muslims who scream “Allahu Akbar!” can be associated with terrorism because they practice a religion that shapes them into brutes with no mercy.

White people enjoy the blissfulness of individualism and also the privilege of being able to get away with murder without as much as a blemish. They can poison their Black roommates and just suffer short-lived notoriety and the embarrassment of being expelled from college. They can stage a bloodbath at a Vegas concert and have their brains studied by Ivy Leaguers who are tasked with searching for reasons why White men behave badly when White.

They can send bomb packages to random Black people and kill them before killing themselves — and instead of being labeled as terrorists — they are mourned for the choir boys they were by those who knew and loved them — and suddenly their abominable transgressions are humanized — as the media and local law enforcement — band together to make these criminals seem like the kind of guys who would politely open the door for a lady.

Will Black Lives Ever Matter?

We do matter. We will keep fighting until the rest of the fuckers admit what they already know but won’t accept. The madness of burying Black bodies will continue. The fury of screaming out against the vileness of a vile nation will never cease until the souls of the departed beg us to be even louder — and then there will be no magazine covers wide enough to contain the splendor of what we look like when we sing for our lives.

Will Black Lives Ever Matter?

It has to be the success of eliminating the horrific options of bad cops — police brutality — gun violence — and domestic terrorism.

Because…I matter.

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