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Those were the days

Why You Shouldn’t Pay $1K For a Bloody iPhone

Actually, you can do whatever you want. You will most likely pay the $1K for the iPhone that beats all the others. It makes sense to drop that amount for a device that was devised for our demise. Our entrance into the future that is picking us apart — pixel by pixel — is laced with the jaggedness of greed.

The idea that we have to pay more than a month’s rent in order to to feel connected is absurd, but I didn’t make the rules. I just followed them like a puppy that doesn’t need a bone — until the meatier parts beg for bites.

The iPhone 4 was the last time I ever thought Apple deserved the chunks of my daily bread. That was when the peeps behind the logo gave a shit about quality before tragically detouring into the territory of mass production — at the expense of future calls that won’t stay connected for long.

As I pray for the day when I can smash my iPhone 6 to bits — I’m also unable to release myself from the contract of my discontent. I knew the iPhone was a scam after the iPhone 5, which I was forced to get after its predecessor crashed and burned — began to disintegrate at rapid speed.

The speakers didn’t work the night of purchase — and instead of garnering a brand new replacement — I agreed to have my sick half-a-day-old gadget — undergo the operation — that only helped to shorten its survival.

This period of soul-searching extended past the anger of purchasing a product for an astronomical price — that ends up making you yearn for the days when phones were just limited to the dial mode. It was the exercise of the mind that needed to cleanse the reasons why the art of being social — needs expensive tools that work to keep you programmed.

You should pay for the iPhone that costs $1K because you need to maintain the level you bought — back when there was no such thing.

The reason I fell for the charm of excess and the magic of branding — is the same as yours. We wanted to feel included in this spacey age of wonderment. You can literally facilitate transactions under the breeze of a banana tree that enhances the expanded view — as you highlight the points of contact for all who care to share.

Sharing fucked us over.

The priceless activity of self-indulgence that no longer requires muscles for the hauling to the scene of staging. We can talk to the ones we love while sorting through the racks of selfies and piling them up for later duties.

We can share what we want you to think when you click and we appear — without a smudge or halo. We like being able to schedule our tunes as we give the lenses permission to light us up — for the benefit of hashtagged ceremonies. There is no delay when you have the armor of recognition that you can’t afford— but is worth the investment when you begin filming the scene of imminent virility.

I’m not paying a thousand bucks for a bloody iPhone — because it’s not worth the money that I don’t have. Fuck! I’m unemployed. I have the money to pay and I probably should go for it — since the iPhone 6 still refuses to give me static-free convos — but I’m trying to be revolutionary — so I’m rebelling.

I’m showing my middle finger to the company with the insatiable logo — that has single-handily rendered most of you homeless — because you’re barely working — and yet have the means to keep your upgrades current.

The culture of having a front row seat to the final frontier — zapped away the sensors that kept us somewhat capable of making rational decisions. We couldn’t overcome the tendencies of the “power button” that gives instructions with the stroke of fingers and even the thumb identifier — that bypasses the passwords that don’t belong to us.

The new iPhone with the outrageous price tag — comes with better ways to give your images the pop they need for popularity — and the Face ID feature that will be nothing but trouble when you drop the all-glass dream — and watch it splatter with regretful violence.

So now we’re back to glass — and heading towards the future that we’re already mutilating with disrespect and disregard for a time when smelling bullcrap — a mile away — was as natural as live calls to loved ones who could never imagine being flossed for text messages with vetted characters.

It’s appalling how easily we caved — but even more disarming is how many of us want to remain paralyzed — even when the evidence proves how we’ve been bamboozled into believing the hype — of how communication shouldn’t be affordable to the masses who dare to question.

Inflated phone bills, mounting issues with basic service and the frustration of wondering why the iPhone is great at elevating status — without a dial tone. We didn’t have to inspire events that dumbed us into accepting why we need to bleed cash for the sake of keeping all our connections — active.

We initiated the dawn of our wireless wires — entangled from the stress of disservice — because of how we can’t gulp air without directions from iCloud — and the balance that still haunts us — each time we drop the symbol and watch the glass crash us back to another contract.

Don’t spend $1K on another iPhone — when you can make the one you have last a lifetime.

All you have to do is keep clicking…

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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