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Why Won’t Twitter Shutdown Trump’s Account?

What’s unfolding at the State Capital is unfathomable. The Terror-in-Chief has struck again, and this time it’s beyond comprehension and doesn’t recall any ounce of reasonability.

Shit should never have gotten this far!

Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg & Co. are complicit in this historic moment of national strife by providing seamless access to the missiles of our discontent and endangerment for weaponization at the hands of gangsters who have nothing to lose in their quest to coerce the murderous wiles of brutish bandits, on standby.

Twitter should shutdown the account of Donald Trump, a future felon, effective immediately.

Leaders of domestic terrorists cells are not typically allowed to openly draft radicalized soldiers without red flags raising alarms that lead to the inevitable solution to prevent the unfathomable from occurring.

What the hell will it take to turn the switch off on Trump’s ability to misuse his absolute power for evil, freely utilizing platforms that are built for his villainous mission statement?

Is this how the tools of engagement are supposed to work?

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