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Why Won’t Twitter Shutdown Trump’s Account?

What’s unfolding at the State Capital is unfathomable. The Terror-in-Chief has struck again, and this time it’s beyond comprehension and doesn’t recall any ounce of reasonability.

Donald Trump is exiting the office of the presidency in the same manner that he hijacked it, for the sole purpose of advancing his nefarious pursuits with the full cooperation of the cowardly and vile GOP.

From the white terrorists who stormed Charlottesville, VA to the Black Lives Matter protests in DC, that turned violent in the summer of 2020 with deadly retaliation from law enforcement, as armed policeman didn’t hold back teargassing and spraying rubber bullets at unarmed peaceful protesters, some of whom were critically injured and even maimed — Trump’s presidency has been a national emergency from Day 1.

And now we are witnessing with utter disgust and sadness, a sobering scene that was staged by the Terrorizer-in-Chief in the nation’s capital, with domestic terrorists, armed and lethal, shutting down operations at the seat of power, following the instructions of their supreme leader, who galvanized them hours earlier with recycled conspiracy theories.

Trump is also reliant on the mechanisms of Twitter, his preferred tools of engagement that empowers his ability to radicalize white terrorists-in-training, who are bored and ignorant, and more than willing to do the bidding of a human grenade, whose explosive tendencies have finally yielded the worst case scenario.

When it was clear that the Liar-in-Chief was destroying the foundations of a fragile democracy with nonstop threats about fighting back if the presidential elections are rigged and results in his defeat, Twitter decided to tamely exact disciplinary measures by flagging his delusions of grandeur in an effort to reduce the spread of fake news.

CEO Jack Dorsey has been adamant about not suspending President Trump’s account despite the consistent defacement of rules and policies that all users must adhere to or risk being permanently disabled.

But with only a few days left in this rogue presidency, that has birthed many items of destruction, with the latest being the grand finale of Capitol Hill under siege, in an act of insurrection orchestrated by street thugs, who have broken windows to force their way into sacred ground with intentions to activate a coup — there’s no solid reason why Donald Trump should retain his privileges.

If these domestic terrorists were Black men and women, rightfully protesting the horrific injustice of police brutality, with a drastically minimized level of rage and disorder, trigger-happy police officers would’ve fired warning shots before offloading bullets at will, and Trump would be cheering on those efforts via Twitter.

But whiteness is the daunting armor that has equipped thugs with the audacity to overpower DC police without issue. And while Trump has sent out a couple of tweets and asking for peaceful demonstrations, the ongoing chaos and mayhem that has amassed casualties of war on our democracy, and assault on our national security, is directly traced to Twitter’s refusal to effectively shutdown the account of the most dangerous white man in the world.

Shit should never have gotten this far!

Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg & Co. are complicit in this historic moment of national strife by providing seamless access to the missiles of our discontent and endangerment for weaponization at the hands of gangsters who have nothing to lose in their quest to coerce the murderous wiles of brutish bandits, on standby.

Twitter should shutdown the account of Donald Trump, a future felon, effective immediately.

Leaders of domestic terrorists cells are not typically allowed to openly draft radicalized soldiers without red flags raising alarms that lead to the inevitable solution to prevent the unfathomable from occurring.

Social media can’t be epicenter of utter dysfunction, that escalates to a full-blown national crisis that could further erode any chances of returning to some semblance of “law and order.”

What the hell will it take to turn the switch off on Trump’s ability to misuse his absolute power for evil, freely utilizing platforms that are built for his villainous mission statement?

Is this how the tools of engagement are supposed to work?

Update: It appears to be a permanent suspension — and it took long enough!

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