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Why Won’t Nancy Pelosi and Congress Stop The Public Attacks On A Black Muslim-American Congresswoman?

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has become “The Most Hated Black Woman in America,” which is ironic when you consider that the White male terrorist who willfully burned down 3 historically Black churches was delivered to authorities in Louisiana by his father who happens to be a sheriff’s deputy.

As usual conservative and mainstream media are taking the standard route when it comes to humanizing the faces of evil since Whiteness can’t be demonic without outside influences, that overwhelm otherwise innocent souls who are led astray by elements beyond their control.

The reasons for the premeditated shooting massacres and cruel episodes of arson are always linked to mental deficiencies, that are brought on by alleged traumas of being a miserable loner, who spends too much time surfing the web, or being easily seduced by the kind of music that tends to inspire the need to hunt down places of worship that are located in Black communities.

The national response to the evil acts of violence that befell Black parishioners who have been robbed of the their sanctuary has been minimal at best.

So-called evangelicals like vice president Mike Pence, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and even the president himself, who boasts about the immense support he garners from the largely White women, who prayed for his ascension, have been loudly silent when it comes to praising the swift arrest of a domestic terrorist, while firmly denouncing his actions and reiterating how such behavior is unequivocally un-Americam.

Also missing from the list of notable denouncers are the Democratic presidential hopefuls who aren’t really practicing what they preach when they downplay and even ignore the golden opportunity to exhibit the presidential traits, that prove why they are able to rise to the occasion during periods of duress, when hate crimes are activated reminders of what this toxic administration has presented on a bullet-riddled platter.

But what’s even more terrifying is the demonstrated nonchalance by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her illustrious committee of helpers, who are shamelessly avoiding the invites that Trump is sending out on a weekly basis, as the lethal bait to join him in the nationalized hate-fest, centering around a Black Muslim-American woman, who has done absolutely nothing to warrant her currently hellish existence.

It’s no secret that Trump’s henchmen have been working overtime to keep the death threats that Omar is tragically enduring, activated, with Fox News anchors linking the terrorized Congresswoman to the extremism of Sharia Law, and The New York Post producing the infamously vile cover that disgustingly capitalizes on the horrors of 9/11, in the desperate quest of outing a “jihadist in training” who purposely minimized a day in infamy because of her unpatriotic beliefs.

The resounding outcry against the criminal acts that dangerously places Ilhan Omar in front of the firing squad, along with other persecuted Muslim-Americans hasn’t happened yet, and the reasons for the damning complicity from Pelosi, and her ever-loyal party of cowards is astoundingly heartbreaking.

Congress is essentially allowing the alt-right to freely attack the civic liberty of a law-abiding American, who pledged to uplift and secure the very privileges that she’s being deprived of by a White nationalist, who bulldozed his way into The White House, with the agenda that features demonizing migrants, Muslims, and the Black and Brown population.

By now it’s abundantly clear that Islamophobia runs deep in America, which explains why the rescue squad on Omar’s behalf has been halted.

Presidential candidates who issue passionate monologues about reparations and the vitalness of equality are merely performing for the cameras in the hopes that those acting chops will garner the badge of heroism. They are not interested in wading in the currents of risk-taking, by taking a stand against a bullish boar, who had the audacity to pin a tweet that endorses the hateful messaging of that NY Post cover, that officially makes Ilhan Omar the mascot of American terrorism.

Trump has clearly stepped over the line of reason and into the territory of criminality with this latest stunt that will surely energize the wiles of White supremacists, who are already circling their prey with bated breath, thanks to the directives of their Supreme leader.

So, why won’t Nancy Pelosi and Congress put an end to President Trump’s relentless harassment of a Black Muslim-American woman?

The answer really isn’t that complicated when you dig into the historically troubled relationship non-Muslim Americans have fostered with Muslims in their midst, and how the awful events of 9/11 only exacerbated already tumultous relations.

The terrorist attacks presented a major setback that never progressed past basic tolerance with the unwillingness by those who don’t know, to make the effort to explore what they should know, in order to comprehend why it’s unfair to compare those who dutifully and stoically practice Islam to the low-life bandits who weaponize a religion to feed power-hungry motives and create the facade of their misguided faith.

It’s a damn shame that we are being exposed to the nauseatingly widespread fear of Islam, and how it permits a sitting president to take the liberty to align the murderous mindset of Islamic militants, who brought America to its knees to fulfill deviously conceived ambitions, with the hard-working American citizen, who is embodying the Dream that she rightfully claimed when she left war-ravaged Somalia to seek refuge in the country that is callously betraying her spirit.

Omar is being punished for her controversial religious beliefs because if she were a Black Christian woman, being grossly mistreated by Trump and conservative media, there would be a huge swell of support, shutting down those nefarious operations that are ultimately life-threatening.

But Muslim-Americans are apparently not deserving of protection or any form of public embrace by those who have massive platforms and possess the power to emphatically highlight injustices without prejudice.

We are only drawn to the victims that trend, or fit snugly in the simplified box that can be easily slotted into the agendas of rising stars of a political landscape, that quite frankly stinks from the decay of hypocrisy, and the inaction that reveals how and why Donald Trump deserves another term.

America is certainly ugly enough to take it.

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