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Why White Women and Jesus Christ Are To Blame For The Deep Divide

And the mafia in The White House

The midterm elections are pretty much over and so far all we can decipher is that this “once great nation” is still under attack from the supremacy of Whiteness and how that longstanding tradition has sealed the damning legacy of the GOP.

The notion that a White nationalist like Steve King, the congressman from Iowa, who has spent his entire career demonizing immigrants and people of color, while offering his avid support to the successful rallies for White nationalism on a global scale — has managed to secure yet another victory — is the sign of the times.

King, endured public scrutiny from members of his own party, who denounced his recent activities, and attempted to debunk the general assumption that Republicans are inherently racists. The congressman struck back with a TV ad right before election day — that depicted his core values in ways that recall the mindset of President Trump.

Another openly racist White politician, Ron DeSantis, the Governor-elect of Florida, basically campaigned with the messaging that aligned with Trump when it comes to the caravan of hell at our doorstep, that’s nearly tipping over with Brown bodies of countless thugs, that could endanger the purity of White women.

DeSantis also took it a step further under the guidance of a Commander-in-Chief who commands the freedom of expression, particularly when it’s racially offensive, by using a term that was supposed to draw attention to the stark Blackness of his worthier opponent:

“The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.” “That is not going to work. That’s not going to be good for Florida.”

The inclusion of “monkey this up” while slandering Andrew Gillum was a strategic move that was meant to evoke the nostalgia of watching a White man nefariously demean the station of a Black man.

It’s the attempt to highlight the audacity of a Black competitor to not only strongly challenge the capabilities of a White politician in ways that resonate, but also prove beyond a doubt that the value of Whiteness can’t be reduced by the blasphemous presence of a darker contender.

The seamless embrace of White nationalist values by conservatives is a festival that is in full bloom, thanks to a leader who claims that being a “nationalist” is simply a patriotic way to emphasize the endearing love that he harbors for a country that he’s obviously laboring for the benefit of White America.

And White America responded with the ammunition of White women and Jesus Christ — stemming from the dire faith of evangelicals.

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In contrast there are more women than ever before in Congress, as the tallied numbers produce historic results with 112 women as winning entries, which surpasses the former total of 107.

There’s also the monumental feat that allowed the very definition of diversity to shine through with the success of women of color who are now beacons of the future — and the lighted torch that could re-initiate the optimism that is quite frankly dimming with the bitter liquid of normalized bigotry.

Deb Haaland and Sharice Davids are both of Native American descent, who have been elected to Congress. Both Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the quintessential examples of how immigrants are capable of serving a country that allowed their dreams to come true. They enter Congress as Muslim-Americans, the first ever to be given such a humbling opportunity.

We also have the youngest newly-elected lawmakers, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, 29, and Abby Finkenauer, 29, who are also poised to utilize their youthful zeal as the energizer to tackle issues that have festered beyond the due date, which is definitely another glimpse into the ways that legislation will be crafted in the years to come.

But as the advances towards progression are received with cautioned embrace, there’s no way to downplay the hostility that emanates from a White House that has maintained the debilitating consistency of freely encouraging the symbolic elements — that have always separated White America and Black America.

As we examine the circulating electoral map that illustrates the voting habits of each highlighted group, we can’t deny the systematic traitors that are defiant in their quest to protect the sacredness of White supremacy at all costs.

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White women, the supporters of Trump, and unyielding loyalists to White males that represent the temperament of Justice Kavanaugh, have demonstrated the outright refusal to extend any measure of allyship to women of color, notably Black women — who are evidently the stellar example of following through with the adherence to the liberal values that breed commitment to equality.

It’s quite clear that the love affair involving White women, the soldiers for Christ and President Trump is proving to be a formidable virus for the rest of the population — that are most vulnerable to the consequences of the hateful rhetoric — that bequeathed Donald J. Trump with the ultimate power that he was already abusing even before the fateful day he took the oath of office.

The charming appeal of a loud-mouthed bigot, with the uncouthness that matches a harried mafioso who would make the jarring scenes in Good Fellas look remarkably tame, was the unappetizing reality that followed eight years of a nearly blissful existence, under the care of the first ever Black president, who was far from perfect, but now seems like the anointed savior against his embarrassingly faulty successor.

The scariest episodes of the Obama years could be attributed to the continued killing spree of Black people by law enforcement, and the tragedy of how a Black president grappled with the responsibility of juggling his duties as the protector of all Americans, with the challenges of remaining neutral during events that desperately needed personal investment.

While those periods of duress will undoubtedly haunt his legacy, we also have to recognize the potency of his presence, and how it inspired the underground movement, that prepared for the chaos and mayhem of 2016. It was the epic mobilization that needed to be mapped out, in order to reinstate the durability of Steve Bannon’s ambitious vision for the longevity of White nationalism in a war-torn America.

White feminism helped to increase the chances for Trump’s ascension, and this flawless infusion is provided from the main tentacles of White supremacy, and the privileged position that White women have always enjoyed in a climate that disproportionately favors their station above all else, by giving them privilege to be gutlessly self-indulgent.

As someone who diligently worked alongside the symbols of greed in corporate America, under the roof of the private bank, nestled in the sprawling offices of a top financial institution, I can affirmatively attest to the typical Trump voter, who presents herself in the demure role of a non-threatening subject, who is open to courteous alignment.

But these women are not allies, and their deliberate agendas are dangerously embedded in the compensated assignment of championing White men with foul breaths, and the delivery that’s rooted in extremism — with the language of authority that operates under the christened banner of Protestant values.

White women have consistently thrived as worker bees that effortlessly extend the narrative of racism in all its goriness, and this industrious endeavor dates back to the era when the building blocks for the scorching foundation — polluting spaces keeping women of color at bay — was starting to take shape.

According to a 2017 article in the Washington Post:

White women worked hard for the Ku Klux Klan in the 1920s, America First in the 1930s, the anticommunist crusade in the 1950s and the John Birch Society in the 1960s. They created their own organizations as well — the Supreme Court Security League, the Minute Women, Pro-America, Women for Constitutional Government, National Action Group and Restore Our Alienated Rights.

This explains why a majority of White women have rallied around highly controversial figures who are accused of unfathomable violations — featuring casualties that resemble their template. But somehow there’s the ability to generate the level of callousness that permits unwavering support for the likes of GOP henchman, Roy Moore who lost his Senate seat in Alabama, amid the horrendous allegations of sexual misconduct by a group of White women.

We can also recall the firestorm of the bitterly divisive Kavanaugh hearings, and how during the course of the tempestuous process, it was crystal clear that most White women in positions of power were united with the sisterhood that’s deceivingly powerless.

And then the votes pour in and the end result gives victory to the White man who was able to survive rape accusations because of his likeness to the loved ones of women who were born to save him.

White women’s reluctance to champion a more inclusive ideology despite the aura of flexibility that always finesses the glaring betrayals with the benefit of the doubt — is a bone of contention for their astounded counterparts.

However, the midterm elections have showcased the brutal truth of how White women voters are still enslaved by the tendencies that render them incapable of the allyship that Black women deserve.

But the time has come to strongly consider letting go, as we reconcile how the complexities of Whiteness and religion simplifies the mysteries of societal massacres.

The cross-bearing evangelicals lead the way in the worship of a president, who they believe was appointed by God, in the same way Jesus Christ was born with the burden to die on the cross — to cleanse mankind.

As Joshua Feuerstein, a die-hard Trump supporter and celebrity evangelical put it:

“We as evangelicals feel he’s doing an A job.” “I would venture to say he has been anointed by God to return America to its foundation, which was Biblical truths.”

That statement pretty much sums up the deadliness of Christianity and how it has been infamously used to weaponize targets into submission or into the category set for detonation.

This practice has been ordained by the falsehood of how bible wielders can invade foreign lands that are rich with ample supply of resources, in an effort to shield their greedy instincts with distorted verses — that are manipulated to endorse thievery — and the stripping of cultures that can’t ever recover from being force fed the blood of Jesus.

The British perfected the art of reducing natives to relics of customs that were cruelly uprooted. The residue of those crimes still drowns villages situated in close proximity to the oil rigs that have created burgeoning pools that are devouring quality of life.

The messaging of God’s eternal promise of keeping America wholesomely White is the methodical cleansing that approves keeping the caravan of parasites far away from the possibility of permanent infection. It’s the fundamental philosophy that reduces non-Whites to the brutes that qualify for the systemic violence — that regulates the assurance of our expendability.

It’s the belief in the straight-forward straightness of activities that can’t be tainted with the sinful indulgence that is reserved for the holy pulpits of the Catholic Church.

It’s the reason why Trump is allowed to flourish without restrictions as he touts the faith in a God that’s biased when it comes to the superiority of Whiteness — and how that disposition holds the knowledge that isn’t transferable to lesser humans who don’t accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The road ahead is going to get even bumpier, with potholes that strive to amass a terrific wreckage that will take a miracle to reverse. The teaming of detractors that swear on the bible that Trump’s damaging rhetoric is part of God’s divine intervention will persist — and the darkest days will hover with anticipation for the superhero who will swoop in to dismantle disorder and thwart the destructive loins of the blessed.

So far the vision of the rescuer fits the description and characteristics of the ones who are steadfast with their allegiance to change — and the vivid graphics don’t lie.

Black women are soaring without wings, and at that speed, we can surmise that the only way is up.

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