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Why White Supremacy is Winning

When Donald Trump began to take his presidential run seriously almost a decade ago, he notably kicked it off by unleashing bigoted attacks against President Barack Obama, and the epicenter of his rants were embedded in the rhetoric that has revoltingly become his signature move.

What better way to rally his base of White supremacists and ignorant White Americans, who have suffered through the Obama years than to fight for the restoration of White supremacy. The fragility of Whiteness lies at the heart of victimhood that gives instigators the audacity to vilify the oppressed in ways that can be justified and glorified.

Obama was the first-ever Black president in a country that was founded on the principles that made Whiteness the most valued currency. That historical victory was a bittersweet course that both pleasured the palettes of emphatic loyalists of the American Dream, while souring the mood of inconsolable citizens, who have never wanted to share that “Dream” with un-Americans from shithole countries, who pose a threat to the sanctity of Whiteness.

Trump knew that after eight years of Blackness in the White House, his hate-filled messaging targeting migrants, non-White immigrants, and Muslim-Americans, would be the winning narrative that would rival the boring goodness of his preferred rival.

And needless to say, the assumption that being a hateful prick at the expense of those falsely accused, which was boosted by the diseased rulebook of prominent advisers, Steve Bannon and Roger Stone among others, ended up being the gift that keeps giving.

But we have to also give lots of credit to the media and the Democratic leadership, due to their traitorous complicity at a time when a firm intervention was desperately required.

It has to be said that when President Obama’s birth place was being inappropriately challenged, and First Lady Michelle Obama was forced to endure unfair persecutions by key members of the GOP, who publicly vetoed and rudely mocked her every initiative, there was very minimal support from the party that nominated them.

There was very little effort to condemn the crude remarks that were meant to demean the station of the Black president and Black first lady, and that was a huge misfire because it was proof of how Whiteness can’t be thwarted.

Even when they act like they’re on your side, when push comes to shove, and shit hits the fan — all that’s left standing are the pillars of truth that divide us.

This explains why Melania Trump’s promotional tour on various TV shows went unnoticed. She infamously appeared on Joy Behar’s offering on HLN back in 2011, and strongly challenged the sitting Black president to produce his birth certificate and settle the dispute about his citizenship.

Imagine that Melania wasn’t even born in the United States, and apparently became a permanent resident in 2001. And yet, she had the nerve to question the citizenship of the man that was elected president. Her inconceivable actions were made possible because of her Whiteness, and the fact that Blackness will always be subjected to degradation, regardless of whether the oppressor is qualified for that role.

The worst part is how the future first lady was allowed to freely bait President Obama without being held accountable by the host of the show she was polluting or any of the other major news networks who were cautiously watching.

The election season of 2016, was the landscape of intolerability as the greatest show on earth became the torrent of dollar bills for a helplessly seduced industry, that was committed to cashing in on the disastrous antics of a showbiz clown, who understood why and how he was going to revolutionize the news cycle for the worst.

Aside from Jimmy Fallon’s “hair stroking” incident, there was the revitalizing of flatlined institutions like Saturday Night Live, and how the hearty laughs at the Trump-inspired skits were never funny, but somehow repackaging grief for comical fare and profits has always been America’s favorite pastime.

And of course the obsession with Trump has turned mainstream media into a 24/7 hub of mandated hysteria of non-stop breaking news, that exhaustively analyzes the president’s overnight tweets, while providing dizzying roundtable extravaganzas that leave viewers stumbling for some sense of orientation.

The grotesque eruption that has only gotten deeper and wider could’ve been minimized if we weren’t too busy focusing on light-hearted fare, in the midst of Mexicans being identified as “murders” and “rapists”, while the Muslim ban was established and White supremacists were being uplifted as “very fine people.”

And most importantly it would’ve been highly effective for Democrats, especially the ones with nothing to lose due to White privilege, to valiantly step in and loudly embrace and harbor the presence of the Black First Family, by returning the crippling blows to their Blackness with the stern warning that could’ve prevented the rapid rise of the alt-right.

Once it was blatantly clear that Trump was gaining traction for his permitted outright assaults on the most powerful man in the world, that’s when the foundation was laid for the brutal takeover that would alight the world with the infectiousness of hate on a level that would be epic enough to be irrevocable.

So here we are, suffering the consequences stemming from the weakness of a weakened political party that is pathetically trying reassure followers with the imaginary cohesiveness that can’t exist when the fractures are the only tangible items left standing.

As the GOP thrives with the sustainability of a practiced system of hate that draws on the viability of Islamophobia, homophobia and xenophobia as the main components that branch out into factions that successfully give “White Americans for Trump” the triumphant #MAGA rally cry for 2020 — the weary House Democrats are aptly illustrating the reasons why Whiteness can’t ever be the dependable source of comfort and security for those who don’t apply.

When the media is adamant about reporting hate crimes as random killing sprees orchestrated by mentally-ill White males, who happen to share a disdain for “rap music,” that’s also proof of why Trump and his base of deplorables are actively seeking another four years with very little indication that they will fail.

The latest tweetstorm courtesy of the Liar-in-Chief, officially puts the lives of four Congresswomen of color; Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib — in imminent danger, in this heightened climate of fear and loathing, that arms domestic terrorists with the authority for murderous pursuits.

It was also a purposeful strike against non-White Americans, who need to be punished for the identical duration that their White counterparts were forced to bear the unfathomable sight of a Black family in the seat of absolute power.

Trump always planned to use his presidency as the central hub of activity for the alt-right, with the banner of White nationalism, which generates its appeal from the demonization of anything that is deemed anti-American.

The longtime religion of White supremacy paved the way for invasions into foreign territories under the guise of missionary excursions that raped Black and Brown cultures, leaving shitholes in place of once-resourceful splendors.

The White inheritors of these brutish ancestors are now demanding the immediate banishment of the human evidence of ancestral sins, who are rightfully taking ownership of the citizenship they earned in more ways than one.

This is why Congresswoman Ilhan Omar was the easiest one of all to initially brutalize. Her threatening stance as a Black woman, who was born in a country that is categorized as a hotbed of Islamic terrorism, and who proudly reflects that symbol of unpatriotic values, based on her adherence to her Islamic faith — leaves her vulnerable to the vile assaults on her character and background that commenced the moment she entered Congress.

Interesting that when members of the Republican Party in West Virginia decided to villainously deck out their event with a profoundly offensive prop, that featured Congresswoman Omar against backdrop of the burning Twin Towers, that are have become the tragic symbol of that horrific day — there wasn’t much of a push back from the party that promised to shield the Muslim-American woman from the normalized allegiance to Islamophobia.

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The disgusting poster at the West Virginia Capital rotunda

Omar’s three comrades of color, also known as “the squad,” were quite vocal about their disappointment in the leadership within their party, and how it was astoundingly unacceptable that such an abhorrent incident that tried to align one of the first Muslim-American women elected to Congress, with the most deadly terrorist attack in US history — failed to elicit the level of ire that would’ve reflected the staunch unification of Democrats.

And of course the disjointedness has become the preferred weaponry for an empowered White nationalist, who is now most powerful man in the world.

White supremacy is winning because it has never lacked the access to the resources that steadily pour from both sides; all sides of the spectrum.

It’s incredibly jarring to witness the shocked responses from observers who are evidently shaken that Trump would pridefully showcase his bigotry — unfiltered and with the unapologetic stance of a prized hitman.

But that’s the goal.

Donald Trump has never been shy about his exploits and how it’s connected to the mandate of keeping the expendability of Black and Brown lives ceaselessly active, with his reign of terror that encourages terrorism by White supremacists, who can operate with the enablement of the media that complies with the promise of never accurately labeling their hate crimes.

The president is a terrorist, and his job is to feed Black and Brown victims to those who are deadly enough to carry out his dirty work. And the trick is to give so-called detractors the stealth assignment of maximizing their Whiteness for the gain of the ones they claim to loathe, at the expense of the population they knowingly betray.

Trump is a mean-spirited motherfucker who didn’t give a damn about how his awful retweet that once again vilified Ilhan Omar’s vulnerable disposition as the “the most hated Muslim-American Black woman” in the country that rejects her, was directly putting her life and the lives of her loved ones in clear and present danger after she was deluged with death threats.

White supremacy is winning because nothing is preventing that deafening explosion and poisoned palatableness, and while we can go back and forth to test the validity of that declaration — nothing will change the fact that our Terrorizer-in-Chief is on a never-ending and highly ambitious mission to satisfy the ravenous hatred of #MAGA — by any means necessary and with the unyielding propellers of cowardly Republicans.

And until we fully internalize this national emergency for what it really is, by letting the strong emotions to rage within us with enough anger and determination that prepares us for battle; we will lose big time.

Our lives included.

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