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Trump supporters protesting his election loss in DC (Julio Cortez for AP)

Why White Supremacy Is Always Winning

Donald Trump, a New York bred, real estate mogul and former reality TV star, who ironically popularized the catchy phrase “You’re Fired!” after saying it countless times on his hit show The Apprentice, has recently suffered the sting of defeat on a much larger stage than the studio lot, where he filmed his celebrity-infused vehicle.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been about a month since the most prolific presidential election of our lifetime, and while we’ve been assured that the incoming administration of President-elect Joe Biden, and his historic pick for Vice President, Kamala Harris, will be taking over the reins of government on January 20, 2021, the weeks leading up to the highly-anticipated inauguration will be stormier than the seasonal Nor’easter.

Trump is determined to spend his last days as Terrorizer-in-Chief, by infuriatingly personalizing that branded title without skipping opportunities to continuously desecrate an already fragile democracy, while maintaining his treasonous stance of elevating his active threats to our national security.

The unsightly ascension of a white nationalist, who secured the highest office in the land on the fervent prayers of white evangelism, came on the heels of an existing Black president. Obama’s historic anointing as the first of his kind to take up residence in The White House, with a Black First Lady and Black First Daughters, was supposed to be the progressive signal to a world giddy with envy.

But the Obama years provided ammunition to conservative media and far-right political strategists, who were hooked on Trump’s frequent tweets, that mercilessly attacked the every move of a sitting Black president, and also loudly raised questions about his heritage, as the son of a Kenyan father with a name that’s considered un-American in white America.

The birther conspiracy was permitted to gain steam and take on a life of its own with even Melania Trump of all people chiming in with her random appearance as a guest on The Joy Behar Show in 2011, where she stupidly made a case for why an American-born President should produce his birth certificate to prove his Americanness.

Melania wasn’t even born in the States, and while it’s not appropriate to call attention to her thick Slovenian accent, despite being in this country for as long as she has, and gaining her U.S. citizenship in 2006, it’s hard not to recognize the blatant hypocrisy and outright racism of a privileged white woman, who is somehow entitled to claim her “Americanness” solely based on her whiteness.

Imagine a Black First Lady with a thick Nigerian accent, and how she would be relentlessly ridiculed and degraded for not being refined enough to adopt the American accent as the representative of the country she claims.

President Barack Obama did indeed oblige the nonsensical request to showcase proof of his citizenship, and his ability to gracefully rise above the tyranny of the disgraceful GOP, headed by the grossness of GOP leader Senator Mitch McConnell and his goonies, not excluding fellow undercover klansman, and former House Speaker John Boehner, is truly laudable, but it did nothing to assuage the spreading virus of Trumpism.

Not too long ago, McConnell smugly confessed to Fox News henchman, Sean Hannity about the great pleasure he took in making the last years of Obama’s presidency with a hellish cycle of roadblocks.

The torture led to vetoed federal judge nominees, and of course derailed Obama’s Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland. The Senate Majority Leader’s demonic posture while taking full credit for his successful quest to demean and obstruct the noble quests of a Black president is a bone-chilling illustration of what white supremacy has historically manifested.

Celebrated thugs and seasoned criminals, Roger Stone and Steve Bannon chose the right asshole for the job of molding the abhorrent traits of a conniving salesman, who was poised to be “The Great White Hope” for so-called disenfranchised blue-collar, white folks in Middle-America, who were frightened by the reality of their imminent extinction.

We are meant to be believe that enduring eight years of the Black First Family in The White House was the last straw, and inevitably sowed the seed for a long-overdue revolution for white America, that had to be orchestrated by a sleazy, white male, who stole his riches, and was obnoxious enough to convert millions of voters to his stylized brand of normalized chaos and mayhem.

Trump winning the presidency over Hillary Clinton, who was unable to overcome publicly labeling the masses of Trumpsters as “deplorables” was meant to be the long, middle-finger to the profoundly inspirational national movement, that miraculously appointed a little-known, newly-minted Senator, on the rise, as the approved Commander-in-Chief.

The KKK-themed rallies where the presidential candidate reveled in his freedom to “Make America White Again” were the stand-up comedy specials were was anything but funny, when you consider the graphicness of insults applied to targeted groups and communities, that are always in danger, but now had to contend with the precariousness of accommodating an openly racist administration.

The problematic antics of the media-at-large also played a vital role in coddling and encouraging Trump’s signature moves, by recklessly playing both sides, so as to not assume the primary responsibilities of effectively and professionally diagnosing the early stages of a serious disease that can’t be allowed to advance into terminal status.

Fast forward to four years later, and the very worst has been realized with endorsed crimes against humanity with the migrant crisis, the activation of white terrorism that began with Trump’s thumbs up for the horrors of Charlottesville, and subsequent events that have led to a rapid spike in hate crimes.

And now a rogue administrations’s botched response to a global pandemic, that has dealt an unforgiving blow to millions of hapless Americans.

2020 has been the most traumatic year of our lifetime, and as the deadliness of COVIF-19 continues to show no mercy after seven months of absolute terror with more than 250,000 Americans dead, there’s also the additional threat stemming from the militarized police, and the systemic violence and injustice that’s legally exacted on Black victims with the empowerment from white power in the highest level of government.

“America the beautiful” is nothing more than a myth, a fantastical lullaby that white Americans cling to for the purity of patriotism, that erases the blasphemous ancestral track record, that has been rearing its ugly head with new generations of hate, and the crimes that don’t get punished, due to the woefully biased judicial system.

Donald Trump, the petulant fraudster and longtime mobster, whose buffoonish temperament and egomaniacal tendencies eventually worked against his efforts to hijack a wearied nation, for another four years of maddening incompetency and permanent destabilization, is well aware of his epic loss, which is why he’s determined to exploit every second of his evaporating presidency.

Expectedly, news organizations both critics and enablers, are obsessively highlighting Trump’s daily output on the social media platform of his choice. And despite weaponizing his station to repeatedly break the rule and policies set forth by Twitter, the future felon, who will soon be tossed out on the White House Lawn is still able to aggressively circulate fake news and conspiracy theories to his inflamed base.

Trump’s euphoric grip on his rabid narcissism is spearheaded by the confirmation of his Messiah-like persona to more than 70 million cultists, who are wholly invested in the supremacy of their whiteness, and the supreme leader who made it the “American Way” for white folks to openly provoke Black folks, and then call 911 to declare their white victimhood, while basking in their privileged instigation.

The megaphone of a rogue administration, Fox News should take major credit for feeding the beast with 24/7 programming that’s dedicated to “all-things Trump.”

It’s pretty much the same for all mainstream media outlets, except for the distinction of how Rupert Murdoch’s giant mess is the true “enemy of the people,” thanks to the nefariousness of over-paid anchors, who are notable for their coerced narratives that mislead and heighten the national hysteria.

Trump loyalist and self-professed newsman, Sean Hannity pridefully boasted about how his notorious segment on Fox News, overloaded with concocted content that definitely does “follow its own path” to oblivion, isn’t even “vetted” for the benefit of his clueless viewers, who are drawn to whatever uplifts their supreme leader and reasserts their white power.

Tucker Carlson spends majority of his time anchoring far away from reality, while callously minimizing the acute threats of the Liar-in-Chief, who once shamefully proclaimed that more white people die at the hands of police brutality compared to Black targets. Trump said this less than a month after the brutal slaying of George Floyd by a white racist cop on the streets of Minnesota.

Carlson emphatically rejects the notion of white supremacy as the deadly virus that has been institutionalized to lawfully terrorize Black families and sustain the prison complex, as the thriving transaction it has been known to be for white-owned organizations. He insists that “white supremacy” is merely a political hoax that the left wields to invalidate and demonize Republicans and far-right outlets.

Donald Trump’s current status as the most dangerous man, not just in America, but the entire world was propelled by the insane amount of attention he received in the early days of his controversial political career, and the even brighter spotlight that he’s enjoying, in the last weeks of the worst presidency in history.

White supremacy is winning and that streak will not be interrupted after the Thug-in-Chief is relieved of the duties that he barely performed outside of delegation, frequent firings and incoherent news conferences.

Donald Trump has spent four long years distorting the national narrative, either with his impromptu rants on the South Lawn with the harassed press corps, trying but failing to keep up with his shenanigans or with the traitorous assistance of combative soldiers at the podium, pledging allegiance to their supreme leader with packaged lies, at the expense of the country they dishonor.

Obama was nearly perfect during his time in office, but even if he wasn’t blessed with the attributes that make him a memorably, great world leader, who strived for the best he could muster, there’s absolutely no way in hell, he could’ve survived being as ornery as his bigoted successor, who attempted to defame his historic win and vilify his Blackness.

White supremacy is winning because the white president, who is the worst to ever do it, is still basking in his unearned privileges with the enthusiastic help of the klansmen and klanswomen, embedded in high-powered positions in government, media and the judicial system.

A president-of-color exhibiting the same threatening behavior that Trump is lauded for by his racist constituents would’ve been forcibly removed in the heroic effort to deter the unimaginable and regain control of what was tragically out-of-order.

But Trump is a privileged white male, who will not stop fighting for white America and the white power that awarded him the presidency, and seamless access to the channels of authoritarianism, through his penchant to go viral every hour on the hour, and how that polarization will certainly gift him with the chance for a triumphant comeback in 2024.

The horror show starring Donald J. Trump has been renewed for several more seasons. The exhaustive court cases to condemn the election results that solidify his defeat, will carryover into the Biden/Harris administration, and the national conversation will stay focused on how a white supremacist and former Gangster-in-Chief is reigniting the white nationalism Trump will never stop reinforcing.

So, buckle up — the worst is still to come.

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