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Why White House Press Briefings Need To Die

For now…

Back in May, the new White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany made a pledge “never to lie” to the American people, while conducting her first-ever briefing from the podium that has hosted a roster of sinister characters repping this toxic administration.

Remember Sean Spicer’s infamous rant where he lied with a straight face and laughable seriousness about the “historic” number of attendees at Donald Trump’s inaugural festivities?

The now-reformed Anthony Scaramucci was booted after only 10 days of comical incoherency, but it wasn’t his feat as one of the worst liars to ever do it that got him fired. It was his inability to keep his mouth shut about behind-the-scenes mayhem at his place of work that ultimately sealed his fate.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders proved to be the anointed menace to society, as she willfully vilified the media, and expertly waged war on assigned truth tellers, who dared to challenge and fact-check the falsehoods that she criminally normalized as truths without flinching.

Her heralded departure after a track record of single-handedly bruising the once-reliable station of White House communications, with seasons of unrelenting combativeness in the quest to protect the reputation of her supreme leader, was followed by rumors of a potential run for governor in her home state of Arkansas.

The months of zero press briefings led to the unfortunate switch to Trump’s impromptu rants, staged at the sprawling South Lawn, where the incompetent oaf torments the press corps with lengthy tirades and no room for questions.

This is how the national narrative is seamlessly hijacked by a rogue regime.

Eventually the long-awaited replacement for Sanders was found, and it was none other than Stephanie Grisham, the mouthy spokeswoman for Melania Trump, who is renowned for Twitter trolling duties, defending the honor of the so-called First Lady, whose only claim to fame is the flailing #BeBest initiative.

During her tenure as press secretary which lasted a little under a year — Grisham never held a single press briefing. She preferred to continue trolling high-ranking Democrats and Trump’s persistent detractors on the platform that’s built for those specific activities.

Grisham was also a frequent visitor to Fox News where she aggressively advanced the nefarious agenda of her imposing employers, by condemning those who publicly called out Trump’s problematic presidency for what it is — an evolving shit fest threatening our national security,

When asked about her refusal to hold a briefing like her predecessors managed to do, Grisham would smugly respond that there was no better communicator than Donald Trump.

It was unacceptable and outright reckless for The White House to notoriously shut down communications with tax-paying citizens, by regulating briefings to the South Lawn under the direction of the Thug-in-Chief.

This has permitted Trump to woefully weaponize his power for the sake of holding mini-rallies with the press corps in attendance.

Stephanie Grisham made her unremarkable exit in April 2020, around the time that the coronavirus was starting to ravage cities across the country.

It was clearly vital to have a spokesperson with some level of proficiency to handle the responsibilities that Grisham pathetically unqualified to finesse.

Enter the current press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who used to be one of CNN’s favorite conservative voices, notably hired to make sense of the senseless, and expertly defend the indefensible.

That skill set helped her land the highly visible gig in 2017 as the spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee (RNC).

McEnany won that influential role with the RNC, thanks to her immense contribution to the birther controversy that still plagues Obama’s presidency.

McEnany once tweeted this back in 2012, in reference to Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama:

“How I Met Your Brother — Never mind, forgot he’s still in that hut in Kenya”.

Her meteoric rise was traitorously enhanced by her exposure on reputable news organizations, like Fox News and CNN.

And it’s interesting to note how “CNN commentator and liberal activists” Van Jones, who was McEnany’s former colleague, also jumped on the bandwagon of praises for an overt racist who demeaned the first-ever Black president.

“I’m not trying to defend the messaging, but what I hope people can acknowledge is there’s very few people in either party who can accomplish what Kayleigh has accomplished in such a short time… People keep taking her lightly, and they keep regretting it.”

Van Jones is a proven traitor to his own community so his stance then and now is no shocker.

What can’t be disputed is how Kayleigh McEnany was assisted by both conservative and mainstream media to embody the illustrious position she now occupies.

She has managed to survive backlash from offensive statements, where as RNC spokeswoman, she defended Trump’s damning response to the domestic terrorists that stormed Charlottesville, Virginia in 2017 with deadly results.

McEnany reaffirmed that the GOP supported his “message of love and inclusiveness.”

Fast forward to the present, when you examine her almost two-month run as press secretary, it’s hard to deny why press briefings need to die…for now.

If you don’t agree — please pay attention to the fuckery below:

Exhibit A
Exhibit B
Exhibit C
Exhibit D

There’s plenty more where that came from, but you get the gist of it.

The press corps shouldn’t enable this nationalized dysfunction by taking an overpaid jokester seriously with mandatory attendance to a weekly circus that does nothing more than add insult to injury.

More than 160,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, and that sobering fact is even more tragic when you consider how long the Trump administration sold the global pandemic as a hoax before finally taking action.

Trump’s soldiers are programmed to lie at the expense of the safety and security of the American people. They are tasked with downplaying the severity of the job market by touting a “booming economy,’ that will only improve when out-of-work Americans get off their asses, and sacrifice their health to boost Trump’s chances for reelection.

The press briefings are a hoax, and a complete waste of time, and the participation of the press corps is helping to validate what this thuggish administration stands for — so why do it?

Also, why is the press secretary tweeting out her manicured nails in the middle of a global pandemic that’s only getting worse by the day?

White House press briefings MUST DIE.

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