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Why What Diddy Said About Voting While Black Is On Point

It looks like rapper and founder of Revolt TV Sean “P. Diddy” Combs has ruffled some feathers with his latest remarks about the upcoming elections, that will feature the epic face off between the worst president in modern history, and Obama’s former right hand, Joe Biden.

Just to be clear, Diddy didn’t say anything terrifically bad, unless you’re not at all concerned about the state of affairs in a community that continues to bear the brunt of national emergencies in ways that are disproportionately deadly.

What stands out in his conversation with supermodel Naomi Campbell during the recording of her awesome offering, No Filter with Naomi, which features a weekly parade of impressive guests and the exclusives that only a cultural icon can deliver, is the challenged phrase that went viral:

“The black vote is not going to be for free.”

Followed by a worthy explanation for why the Black vote can’t afford to be a foregone conclusion for a white politician who happens to be running for the office of the presidency at the most opportune time.

“We want to know very clearly. Just like Trump made it clear that he wanted to build a wall, Biden needs to make it clear that he’s gonna change the lives and quality of life of Black and Brown people.”

“Or else he can’t get the vote. I will hold the vote hostage if I have to.”

There was an immediate reaction to Diddy’s prophetic conclusion with some applauding his unwillingness to settle for Joe Biden’s empty promises with the timely galvanizing on behalf of those who share his public sentiments.

You also have the loud and defiant naysayers who are understandably concerned about the media mogul’s bold statement, which can be readily interpreted in the manner that best suits earned preferences.

But regardless of your assessment, we can’t dispute the fact that Diddy knew exactly what he was doing when he said that shit the way he said it.

He undoubtedly meant to evoke episodes of spirited debates about election 2020, and how once again Black people are expected to heroically save the day without any concrete plans for a future that remains frustratingly uncertain.

Aside from the touted plans to hire a woman of color as his appointed running mate, there really aren’t any encouraging updates that reassure us that Joe Biden is currently strategizing ways to uplift the currency of Black lives, with the cemented definition of how we matter enough to combat societal ills that continue to devalue and terrorize.

You can visit the sprawling page on Biden’s campaign website that’s set up to provide more information about the Democratic presidential nominee’s itinerary when it comes to convincing Black voters about his heartfelt pledge for better tomorrows under his command.

If you ask me, there’s not much to see when you take the time to read the arranged words that dutifully fill up the space, but leave you with the empty feeling that comes from devouring a whole lot of nothing.

It’s the same generic narrative that comes through whenever presidential hopefuls are desperate to make their lofty dreams come true with a lot of help from Black and Brown citizens, who are historically fucked over when push comes to shove.

Check out the nauseating data from the voting patterns of notable groups back in 2016, when Hillary Clinton was almost certain her victory was in the bag; because how on earth could an embattled, reality TV star and alleged sexual predator with no political history, overshadow her formidably stellar trajectory.

Donald Trump emerged the winner because White women were enamored with a racist, uncouth bully, who appeared to be the perfect antidote to the dignified efficiency of the Obama years.

The traitorous presidency of an incompetent oaf with inhumane tendencies, that have been on shocking display during this horrifying period of COVID-19, as we watch an eccentric man-baby throw tantrums over his dissolving reelection bid, thanks to a ravaged economy — has alerted our determination to witness his sweet defeat.

Trump’s active threat to our national security, and our very own lives should ordinarily be an obvious obstacle to our general wellbeing and safety. But we also can’t downplay the truth of how white privilege makes allowances for what mostly hampers the existence of non-white Americans.

Fox News is at the top of the food chain of daily nourishment for loyal and misled viewers, who are thoroughly entertained by the disruptive antics of their ruthless supreme leader, who by the way has no issue crafting their deaths with dangerously unfunny “jokes” about swallowing gallons of disinfectant as lifesaving measures.

Biden has managed to finagle his way into the lane that could return him to the now-dented corridors of The White House, but that’s mainly due to the magic touch from the Black Messiah, who found a way to overlook how his VP distastefully weaponized his whiteness to help shame the Black womanhood of Anita Hill.

We can’t dismiss the bad behavior of a white man in power, who refused to leverage his ammunition in favor of the persecuted Black woman who was counting on him to simply do his job to the best of his ability.

Anita Hill still rightfully holds a grudge and basically attacked the long-overdue apology from Biden, which conveniently arrived when he needed her forgiveness as the permission to confidently proceed with his nationalized martyrdom, particularly during this era of #MeToo and #TimesUp.

“I cannot be satisfied by simply saying I’m sorry for what happened to you. I will be satisfied when I know there is real change and real accountability and real purpose.”

Yes, the stakes are high up there because of what will essentially be the death of us if Trump is granted four more years.

But in all honesty, vulnerable populations have been weathering the fate of expendability for centuries, and for those of us who apply, this isn’t just about the swift removal of a toxic administration and it’s woefully unfit Commander-in-Chaos.

It’s really about adhering to the rules of conduct and not reaping the benefits of staying true to the unwavering mantra of the Democratic Party.

P. Diddy’s controversial comment about holding the Black vote hostage shouldn’t be received with the resentfulness that takes precedence over what can be categorized as documented truth when you consider the glaring evidence.

The Breakfast Club’s Charlamagne tha God is occasionally the standout when it comes to making sense as sensibility continues to be obnoxiously rebuked. His recent assessment of Diddy’s passionate ultimatum absolutely mirrors my personal take on the matter.

I don’t mind what Diddy said about voting while Black because he isn’t dissuading the notion of participating in the upcoming elections. He’s simply stating and reiterating how much the Black vote matters, and why that should inspire Joe Biden’s pledge to be the president who sets the high bar for how our community will be looked after for years to come.

Remember when we had the first-ever Black president, and the systemized violence against Black and Brown communities tragically escalated?

It was the sobering message that confirmed how and why President Obama’s power of persuasion was systematically limited.

Nobody is ordering Black folks to withhold their voting prowess until the arrival of an imagined savior because that’s the stuff fairytales are made of and we can’t afford to discard the realness of these trying times.

Joe Biden will challenge Donald Trump for the highest office in the land and while we must prepare for the likelihood of Biden’s defeat, we also have to be prepared for his miraculous win.

Holding our votes hostage is a necessary tactic for the benefit of initiating the phase of high-stakes negotiations with the goal of walking away with the mutually beneficial agreement that gives both parties cause to celebrate.

We can’t head to polling stations like desperate cattle making appearances for the scheduled slaughter, which commences even before we choose the next leader, who will spend his presidency being grossly negligent to the terms and conditions of the targeted population that has gifted numerous legacies to no avail.

We have to refrain from being so dismissive and eager to furnish award-winning threads on Twitter or viral blog posts that cater to the appetite of readers who enjoy “cancel culture” way too much to take the time to explore beyond coerced headlines.

Holding Joe Biden accountable by forcing him to sweat from the hard work of earning our allegiance based on his cohesive schedule of events, when it comes to ensuring that Black Lives will Matter in the face of police brutality and the biased justice system that must end its reign of criminality isn’t an unreasonable request.

Abusive situations thrive from the dependability of victimhood, until those who won’t take it any longer are able to find the strength to uphold their durability with the demands that set them free from bondage.

It’s time for us to win and that has little do with Donald Trump and everything to do with what Joe Biden has in store for Black people on his way to The House that may not even grant him admittance, due to the mechanisms of white supremacy.

Fighting for what we deserve should never be contingent on what can’t be controlled because either way, we’re screwed if we don’t ask for what should be basic requirements for survivability.

I’m not crazy for Joe Biden, but if he’s the contender in the ring, then what’s in it for me?

Or you?

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