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They’re like — WTF?!

Why We’re Allowing The Shameless Ego of Donald Trump To Fuck Us Up

White men are given a lifetime pass to unearned privilege

When Roseanne Barr was canceled from her career as a TV star with a penchant for exercising overt racism — the swift response seemed to support ABC’s decision to make right what they had gotten very wrong.

But — it wasn’t a surprise when after Full Frontal host Samantha Bee unleashed her deliciously snappy monologue — that included the word “cunt” being levied at Ivanka Trump — notable White women like the hateful Megyn Kelly and other replicants — immediately inserted themselves in the national dialogue by condemning the public demonization of one their own.

The reaction from White feminists who are silent when Black women are disgustingly pummeled with comparisons to primates — and only speak out when another White women is softly brought down a peg or two — prompted me to write about how the snobbery of White feminism actually helps to fuel the branding of White supremacy.

It was always there — even when we had a Black First Family in The White House and each member — including the darling daughters — were subjected to the vileness of mean-spirited White adults — who couldn’t resist the temptation to demean and degrade.

Michelle Obama spent eight years not only trying to shield her husband from the wrath of foul-mouthed politicians — but also taking hits from White men and White women in high places. From being labeled an “ape in heels” to other horrific jargon that sounded a lot like what Obama advisor — Valerie Jarret recently endured — there was no shortage of that special brand of evil that is reserved for the palette of Black America.

And as usual — White feminists never uttered a word to defend their first lady — and even now with the filthy tweet from a disgraced comedian — targeting a Black woman who has spent most of her career serving the interest of this country — the narrative quickly shifted in favor of the first daughter — and how her disposition was unfairly violated.

It makes sense that Ivanka Trump’s “c-word” controversy would overtake Valerie Jarret’s comparison to an ape. White women have the enduring history of being coddled by a society that values them above all else. Their tears of anguish are deadly weapons — and many innocents have died for the crime of being in close proximity to the trouble they didn’t seek.

Yet — we have to deal with how White women pretend to be feminists when they’re actually White feminists — which isn’t the same thing. And we also have to accept the fate of a White supremacist as president — with all the life-threatening symptoms that attack Black people on a daily basis.

Donald Trump is the over-sized toddler who is allowed to throw tantrums by hurling insults at citizens who are upholding the principles of true Americans— by exercising their rights.

Since the manifestation of his toxic administration — racially-motivated crimes have drastically increased — and that is undoubtedly attributed to his refusal to denounce the poison of White supremacy. When he remarkably supported the deadly agenda of #Charlottesville — it was absolutely clear — that Trump was endorsing the actions of White terrorists — who according to White America — are really softies with mental deficiencies.

Trump refuses to acknowledge how his very presence encourages White people to nonsensically call the cops when Black patrons are seated in an establishment or when Brown people commit the unforgivable sin of speaking their native tongue — out loud.

He’s a bully who never had to work hard for anything — and therefore has no patience for those who have to sweat for everything they have — while also dodging the threat of bomb packages or brutish White cops who shoot to kill.

The ongoing tension between the president and Black superstars of the sports world is the prime example of how a privileged White male who is used to bullying his way to victory — wields his power in an effort to downplay the dismal plight of the oppressed.

Black America is still under attack from gun violence and police brutality from law enforcement and White terrorists — and somehow the inherent need to take a knee when the anthem plays — as a salute to the Black lives that didn’t matter enough to survive their existence — is viewed as the ultimate insult to a country that is still rigged for our extinction.

Trump’s shameless ego is allowed to thrive despite the damning consequences because he’s a White man in the office of the presidency — who doesn’t have to deal with the level of pressure that his more capable Black predecessor had to weather.

He can abruptly alter traditions or break promises — to suit the tempo of his mood swings. He can attend global summits and then plaster tweets that undermine the interests of the country that he’s delightfully running into the ground.

He can say the unfathomable and throw his weight around without a care in the world — and we take it because White men have been taught to challenge the limits of their privilege for the benefit of proving that it is in fact — limitless.

It’s excruciating to watch President Trump enjoy the process of his recklessness with relished satisfaction.

As someone who was lucid during the Obama era — I still recall the moments when the GOP attempted to remind the Black man in The White House — that regardless of his above-averageness — he would always be regarded as a “house negro.”

Yet — we’re entertaining the exploits of a seasoned thug — who is not only turning this nation into a cesspool of corruption and disorder — but the world-at-large and its leaders have now been reduced to dented figurines — being used as pawns by an egomaniac — who is blinded by his motivation to protect his fragile disposition — rather than labor tirelessly for the betterment of our station.

White men are given a lifetime pass to unearned privilege — and the freedom to never tap into the gems of adulthood — because no matter how destructive those childish tendencies may be — there’s always a very good reason why they seize classrooms and spray bullets or give license to kill to those who need the approval from a supreme leader.

We’re giving Trump permission to fuck us up — and he’s the only one having fun.

In a way — having a racist as president has been the perfect illustration of how White supremacy holds us all hostage — because of the soldiers that are armed and ready to defend deplorable values for the sake of retaining the sanctity of Anglo-Saxon statutes — against all odds.

But — even scarier is the transparency of how White people are rarely held accountable for their actions — while Black people are constantly demonized and even murdered for daring to be Black in America.

Only time will tell how bad things will have to get before President Trump’s Whiteness isn’t White enough to legitimize his murkiness.

In the meantime — we’re all waiting.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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