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Why We Won’t Survive Trump’s Impeachment?

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the activation of formal impeachment proceedings against President Trump, there was a strange but very familiar vibration that began to spread across all channels of communication, with leverage of the historical implications, and how the United States of America would endure more cracks in the systemic division that’s wider than ever.

I was mature enough to remember the salacious scandal that caused President Bill Clinton to get impeached in 1998, for “high crimes and misdemeanors,” thanks to details in the Starr Report, courtesy of the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr, who was essentially the star of a nationwide spectacle, that ended with the acquittal of the embattled Commander-in-Chief in early 1999, after the Senate rejected his conviction.

Back then it was a drastically different climate when it came to seamless access to breaking news and the monitoring of unfolding developments. Social media was in its infancy, and so the only way to keep abreast on the national news cycle was via television and the media outlets that still had the power of printed words as well as the burgeoning online offshoots.

There’s no doubt that almost 20 years later, we are enjoying the major advantage of expressive avenues that allow the congregation of like-minded users to delve into the crevices of open wound infections, that are rapidly crippling the sturdiness of our nation’s pillar of strength.

It took a mighty long time for Pelosi to finally give her constituents what they’ve been craving for months. Actually the pressure was mounted after that revolting episode in Helsinki, when Trump traitorously downplayed the relevance of his intelligence community in favor of validating his endearing loyalty to Vladimir Putin, a murderous dictator, who ordered the violation of America’s democracy during the 2016 elections.

Nevertheless, I can’t deny that I prefer this timed outcome, mainly because of how it was perfectly orchestrated by a bullish buffoon, who predictably fucked up his own shit in ways that can’t be disputed, even if Fox News reporters and cowardly Republicans try in vain to stand up for their visibly weakened supreme leader.

And now that the damning transcripts from the infamous call that transpired earlier this summer between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Trump have been released, with the stunning evidence that proves how a roguish twerp was reckless enough to break the rules of conduct, by recruiting the assistance of a foreign leader to paralyze the election campaign of his arch-nemesis, Joe Biden — we have to brace ourselves for the hurricane of our lifetime.

Of course we can’t ignore the brutal truth of Trump’s inconsistency when it comes to urgent situations, that demand the demonstrated patriotism of a well-respected and highly-capable leader, who has been groomed to exhibit the required attributes that are non-negotiable when the world is your stage and innocent lives are at stake.

When it comes to our broken national security, we can identify the Trump Family Business as infiltrators.

These key players have dominated the epicenter of absolute power with security breaches that were granted for Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, with the polarizing presence of a White male terrorizer and White nationalist, who was woefully unqualified for his inexplicable ascension — is a serious and willful act of mandated dysfunction.

The GOP relied on the revolt of White supremacists for the audacity to knowingly endorse a failed business tycoon and reality star, who had a knack for making bigoted talking points a normalized movement that would Make America Great Again.

And three years later, the boiling pot is rattling with the accumulated shit fest that’s only going to get stinkier as the weeks fly by.

Donald Trump never imagined that the US presidency would be his reality, and his fateful victory definitely fucked with his head. It was empowering to know that he could literally get away with doing and saying the most offensive shit, and still have the unyielding support of his disgraceful party members and legions of racists White folks.

When you have a child-like mentality, or the misfortune of never having developed brain cells past the age of six, you tend to accept the logic behind your ability to surround yourself with advisors who are willing to watch you set yourself on fire.

That explains the garbage that flies out of the mouth of the world leader of a so-called super power, who publicly admitted back in June to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that he would readily examine information from a foreign country that claims to have to dirt on political opponents — because why not?

“I think you might want to listen, there isn’t anything wrong with listening,” Trump continued. “If somebody called from a country, Norway, [and said] ‘we have information on your opponent’ — oh, I think I’d want to hear it.”

Imagine if President Obama had uttered those same words during an interview. Imagine how Republicans would be beyond incensed at the notion that a Democratic president, who is also the first-ever Black man to call the White House his residence, would have the nerve to confirm his willingness to threaten our national security for political gain.

As much as we want to believe that impeachment is the only appropriate weapon to wield against the worst president in US history, we also have to be prepared for the deadly battle of wills that will make our nation’s temperate unbearable to accommodate.

Trump’s reaction to the release of documents that showcase his “high crimes” hasn’t deviated from the norm, as he ravages his Twitter page with strategically coerced clips from the usual suspects on Fox News, who shamelessly stick to the script that embodies the falsehood of White victimhood, on behalf of a White man who is privileged enough warrant the allegiance.

Rudy Giuliani has been actively making the press tours that depict him sweatily delivering the troubling incoherent rants that only help to contradict the messaging of a diseased White House, that is undoubtedly bracing for the avalanche of debris from the wrath of an out-of-control man-baby, who truly believes his actions don’t deserve the reasonable reaction from those who comprehend the basic description of a criminal.

It’s hard not to be freaked out by the current wave of bribery and corruption that’s playing out in real time, and with the ironic potency as Trump continues to mingle with world leaders at the UN headquarters in New York.

Donald Trump is a lethal future felon, who doesn’t know what it means to proceed cautiously, and even worse, he has no concept of the dignity of his station, and how his lack of decorum and outright disrespect of the highest office in the land, inadvertently dislocates historic relations with allies.

He’s hellbent on encouraging the likelihood of imminent attacks from riled up global disrupters, stemming from his ill-advised and unfiltered tweets.

Trump has been given a vast landscape of freedom that is unprecedented, and we can verify that the monster that was created by White America’s pathetic need to retain sovereignty above all else will eventually cost the rest of us more than we can afford.

The unstable faculties of this nationalized beast of burden is going to pose a direct threat to the vulnerable communities that he regularly targets on Twitter, with vile retweets from far-right accounts.

And the divisiveness that Democrats and Republicans are obstinately staging won’t make this nightmare less staggering.

At the end of the day, there are no winners.

We have lost the blueprint of civility that managed to sustain our sanity through the notable episodes of imploded dramatics.

And once again, the supremacy of Whiteness will prevail.

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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