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Why We Need White Allies With Power To Speak Up

White mothers with Black kids take note

A seven-year-old Black girl was shot to death in the car that her wounded mother was driving in the early hours of the morning in a suburb of Houston, Texas.

It was initially reported that a White man pulled up beside the car carrying a young Black family, and opened fire without warning or provoked incentive.

He allegedly just did what he did and drove off in his red pickup truck — leaving behind bleeding bodies and a shocked mother who witnessed the bloody death of her baby girl.

This is Trump’s America.

And Jazmine Barnes has just made her untimely exit from a toxic society that’s mandated by the lawful implementation of domestic terrorism against Black children.

LaPorsha Washington had her four daughters in the car. Four Black girls driving with their mom on a normal day that turned deadly because of the White male with a gun, who couldn’t stand the sight of Blackness.

In Trump’s America “a caravan” of filthy migrants is much more of a threat than the White supremacists who are born and bred to torture and kill Black people without issue.

President Trump has an ocean of blood on his person for all the lives lost on his watch. He’s responsible for the deaths of the Brown bodies during Hurricane Maria, and he’s responsible for the murderous rage of bigots, who are merely following the directives of a White nationalist, who described White supremacists as “very fine people.”

We can assume that if a Black man had brutally attacked a White family in the same way — he would’ve been apprehended minutes later.

We can assume this because Black lives don’t matter, and a chaotic scene involving Black bodies — no matter how small — just doesn’t evoke the same level of empathy that White bodies tend to inspire.

We don’t have to assume who murdered Jazmine Barnes because the suspects have been apprehended.

It wasn’t the White man that had been sketched to perfection based on the descriptions provided. They were young Black men who had recklessly chosen the wrong victims.

Despite the big reveal and the comments from White folks who mockingly provoke with insults about how we don’t need their help killing off our own — we can’t deny that racially motivated crimes are on the rise.

Greeting 2019 with this glaring and tragic reminder of how Black lives will continue to be slaughtered with the endorsement of the president with a familial affiliation to the KKK — makes the stakes even higher when Black children are becoming sacrificial lambs for a system that’s formulated for their demise.

We also have to tackle a mystery that many try to ignore; but it can’t be neglected any longer.

Why are White celebs with Black children downplaying their influence in activated situations that personally affect the wellbeing of the ones they would supposedly die for?

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Where are the White allies when Black children like Jazmine Barnes become victims of senseless violence?

White A-listers like Angelina Jolie, Madonna, Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron to name a few, have chosen to adopt Black children. That’s an honorable and personal commitment that shouldn’t be analyzed or judged — but there’s a level of curiosity that shrouds the nonchalance of White mothers who don’t seem motivated enough to lend their voices to a national crisis.

The impression is that these wealthy and privileged White women are blissfully nesting in La La Land. They’re convinced that the vulnerabilities of their Black offspring are within their control because of the power they wield, and how they can afford the preventive measures that guarantee the security of the ones they love.

That might be accurate to some degree, but it’s also quite telling that in the age of political correctness and the pressure to illuminate the pending items that can’t wait any longer — there’s a general unawareness that allows White celebrities with massive platforms to casually scroll over the heartbreaking headlines — that center around the violence that leaves Black children mercilessly victimized.

When will White allies with Black kids of their own finally speak up and against the climate of domestic terrorism that’s terrorizing Black mothers all across the nation?

Why is it okay for White mothers of Black children to have the luxury of chilling; without the nagging fear of what Black mothers are plagued with 24/7 all through the year?

The disconnect is flabbergasting, and not at all tolerable when you consider the biting venom of White feminism. That poison seeps through the veins of motherhood, as Black mothers are weaponized by the reality of how their pain is flawlessly finessed by the codes of White motherhood, and the Black kids that unfortunately dwell in fantastical elements.

There’s the silent but anti-climatic appeal of unwanted Black children being systematically rescued by suspicious White women who may or may not drive over the cliff with drugged little Black bodies, securely fastened for the deadly drop.

It’s deplorably traitorous that potential White allies, who’ve made the decision of mothering Black children, have cowardly rejected the responsibilities that come with that status.

You can’t perform those functions and blindly comply to the preference of shutting out the noise from the chaos and mayhem of the communities that birthed your Black babies.

From the mountains of Angola to the shores of Stateside enclaves — you can run but you can’t hide. You imagine the character study of White mothers who can survive the fate of Black children that will one day leave the nest, and assume the Blackness you tried and failed to suppress.

More importantly, White celebrities with everything money can buy and then some — can’t sleazily hide away from the truth of their station.

They owe Black mothers the support and allyship that comes with the privilege of calling our children — yours.

Jazmine Barnes will not be the last Black child to be gunned down in cold blood by gun violence— and that’s a fact that Black mothers have to contend with every second of everyday.

It’s time for White mothers of Black children to lift their voices and maximize the power of Whiteness in the name of justice and intolerance for the terror that they’re not exempt from — regardless of how many golden statues they accrue.

Do it for the ones you swore to protect with your lives. Do it for their sake of what they are and always will be with or without you.

Speak up!

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Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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