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Why We Need To Thank Bette Midler For Dramatizing The Blatant Toxicity of White Feminism

The Divided States of America, has always been consistently spurned on by the tentacles of White privilege, and how that grip is wound tightly to form deadly knots of discontent that don’t loosen up for the benefit of those who don’t apply.

As the hostile climate of White supremacy overwhelms with the placement of an enlarged oaf in the seat of immense power, as he wields his diseased agenda against non-Whites— a national crisis has been waging since the beginning of time — when White men and White women conspired to keep America the Beautiful — divided and ugly.

When it comes to the valued currency of Whiteness and the insultingly invasive way it offends with ceaseless authority, the currently sold out show of masterpiece theater is entertainingly grotesque in presentation.

We’re all stuck in the first row, with an epic view of how White American males are inconsolable at the notion that the privileged station of youthful lawlessness could be upstaged by the dare of accountability.

When it comes to the valued currency of Whiteness as it pertains to White women, the narrative is much more engrossing.

As a Black woman who writes as much as she talks, there’s never an end to explaining the various ways in which White women seamlessly prove the dangerously toxic mechanisms of their cowardly brand of feminism.

From the stoic nonchalance of the First Lady, to the blunt negligence of the First Daughter, who ironically serves as the “advisor to the president,” a position that was afforded her, courtesy of her own political aspirations, which she uses her Twitter page to faithfully document — there has always been a systematic coddling of the women who represent the betrayal of power.

White feminism is the resistance that’s growing steadily — with the full anchor of shameless ignorance, that never has to acquire the knowledge that breeds empathetic instincts — that make it impossible to downplay the societal attacks on Black women and their children.

The toxicity of White feminism arms White women in media, like the disgustingly vile Megyn Kelly, with the audacity to use her station as the weaponry of choice — as she wields her menacing fury with pungent appeal.

Kelly was one of the golden girls at Fox News, and during that time, she managed to irresponsibly harass the Black children of America, with the falsehood of their irrelevance when it comes to the ownership of Jesus Christ and Santa Claus, and how that Whiteness can’t be vanquished for the sake of maternal decency.

It’s absolutely unfathomable, that an adult woman, with a high-profile gig that pays her way more than she’s worth, would be determined enough to display her transparent bigotry for the world to see — in order to secure the supremacy of two figures of folklore.

But then when you consider her crusade to ceremoniously shame Sandra Bland, the Black woman who was pulled over by a traffic cop, and had to endure being violently yanked out of her vehicle, and pummeled to the concrete ground before she was carted off to her death — it makes total sense that Kelly would celebrate her privilege at the expense of a young woman who died for the sin of being Black in America.

Megyn Kelly was wooed by the bag of millions from NBC, and the promise that the Black woman standing in her way, would be eventually shifted out of focus. That gamble did not pay off, and the peacock network is presently battling the curse of risking it all, for the prize of owning one of the most disliked women in the industry.

White feminism arms White women like Kelly with the reckless pursuits of centering their pain above all others.

The #MeToo movement, which was hijacked by a White woman from the Black woman (Tarana Burke) who founded it in 2006 — is a good example of how the issue of sexual harassment by men in power, who reduce the women in their midst to coerced objects of desire — has evolved into the activism that specifically addresses the needs of victims of a certain background.

Kelly herself detailed her experience at Fox, at the hands of the late Roger Ailes, and that story will be dramatized by actress Charlize Theron, once production begins on the untitled movie — starring a bunch of White A-listers, who are undoubtedly up to the task of bringing the harrowing details of abuse against career women at the top of the chain — to the big screen.

Despite her need to garner public sympathy for her personal testimony of harassment, Kelly refuses to extend that same gesture to other women, who have also bravely stepped forward to share their truths. She prefers to mock and dismiss the stories that don’t quite fulfill her standards of validity.

This outright betrayal against the dignity of womanhood, is the basis of White feminism, since it’s embedded in the righteous adherence to the supremeness of White men, and how that religion of loyalty, can’t be mismanaged with the threat of degrading that privilege.

It’s the explanation behind the rapid ascension of Donald Trump to the presidency, and it’s the stabilizing force that keeps this sickening administration activated, with the additional ammunition that won’t be easily thwarted.

There is also the brand of White feminism that isn’t so potently showcased, and that’s the kind that deals the fatal blow.

After the legendary Bette Midler, shared an ill-fated tweet, that basically demonstrated her lack of savviness when it comes to effectively communicating the critically jarring state of affairs, that gives every woman in America, permission to be very concerned — the avalanche of disapproval was swift and passionate.

Due to the incoming missiles from well-positioned naysayers, Midler had no choice but to delete her viral mistake and replace it with an explanation that only worsened an already weighty situation, as the actress fell into the traditionalized trap of refuting the “race factor” in her messaging.

This method of deflection, that contains items of mockery and elitism in the form of referencing the quote from a woman whose iconic status automatically endorses her words of wisdom, along with channeling the oldest trick in the book that requires devaluing the activation of the “race card” — is the standardized delivery of a White woman who purposely calculated her worth above those she inherently deems as inferior.

As a longtime fan of Bette Midler, it was disappointing to witness her terminated allyship, that was apparently going to make its appearance eventually. And even as her intense schooling resulted in the forced apology that contained all the necessary ingredients for a dutiful pardon — the damage at this point is irrevocable.

First off, it’s almost unforgivable that a White woman who inconceivably uses the “n-word” in a public forum, would decide to defend that glaring mishap by insinuating that her usage of a word that carries the burden of historically torturous consequences — wasn’t meant to evoke the issue of race.

Midler’s harsh ignorance is essentially the fundamental reason why White feminism will always be ineffective in the the desired realm of intersectionality.

Her primed quote from the vault of Yoko Ono, rejects the systemic brutality that Black women have been subjected to for centuries, and that includes the years— 1972 as well as 2018. Using the “n-word” to advance the narrative of how all women fall into the relatable category of oppression is both criminal and insufferably negligent.

And while it’s never a pleasant experience for Black women to be blindsided by the stark differences that separate White women from the rest of the bunch, we have to be thankful for Bette Midler’s perfected adherence to her Whiteness — because of how it blatantly dramatizes the ruthlessness of her station.

When Midler attempts to reassure her commitment as the ever-faithful “ally,” by supplying the over-wrought monologue that aims to absolve her of guilt — based on her fake empathy for the “suffering of Black women,” and how she has always been accessible as a staunch supporter — it only magnifies the disconnect and her pathetic need for redemption.

There’s also the slight insult in the apology with the insertion of the word “enraging,” which seems to be an homage to the damaging rhetoric that validates the mislabeling of the “angry Black woman,” and how that somehow victimizes White women who are never viewed as the aggressors in the problematic scenarios they create.

As Judge Brett Kavanaugh, revels in his political win, with the pride of how his confirmation is finally our reality, the calamity ahead will not be the unifier of women from every race, religion and creed.

White feminism has intensified the level of danger for non-White women, who are vulnerable to the chains of White supremacy and how White men are able to remain a domineering force — with the privileged support of the women who love them enough to reject the principles of humanity for the glory of white nationalism.

Feminism and the securement of allyship that surpasses the performance of disingenuousness in favor of the unwavering devotion to sisterhood — that never tries to downplay the privilege that won’t ever be used to purposely weaponize — is the dream that will never come true.

The time has come to accept the drawn lines in the side, and the separation of ideals that have to remain apart because of the lives that depend on this agreement.

The Divided States of America will not be able to function — otherwise.

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