Elijah-Al-Amin (l) Image: KVOA, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office

Why We Need That Outrage When Hate Crimes Are Wrongly Labeled

Not a day goes by in America without the nationalized chaos, stemming from the cumbersome accommodation of the ruthless thug, currently occupying the White House. The blazing headlines that bequeath anxiety on weary citizens always contain the main ingredient of normalized lawlessness that has been allowed to flourish, thanks to the traitorous tools of engagement.

This past weekend was soaked in the inflated boastfulness of Trump, who stormed the podium with the confirmation that the “number one terrorist in the world” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed in a planned raid.

There was also the over-sharing of graphic details that sounded more like an ambitious pitch for gamers, who are in the market for products that showcase more violent versions of what’s available.

It’s obvious that the Commander-in-Chief isn’t capable of embodying the qualities that his more dignified predecessor seamlessly exhibited for those memorable moments, that were celebrated as wins for all Americans, as opposed to the songs of praise for an egomaniacal bulldog.

Be that as it may, we can’t borrow from the playbook of errand boys posing as Republicans, who are more Trumpian than American, by minimizing the flawless execution by trained warriors, serving their country, and relying on the gathered intel from Kurdish forces, who were mercilessly abandoned during their time of need.

Naturally, media outlets both at home and abroad were competing for attention with curated headlines that screamed newsworthy fare.

Unfortunately The Washington Post received the wrong kind of viral recognition due to the troublesome headline seen around the world, that described a renowned terrorist as an “austere religious scholar.”

It was a notable blunder that very quickly turned into the main theme for a plethora of memes and and award-winning threads that popped up with swift vengefulness.

As expected, soldiers for Trump were quick to jump on the prime opportunity to relish the online battering of a famed American newspaper, that was recently banned from the White House, because of the less than favorable coverage of a thuggish president, who is bitterly weathering his impeachment inquiry.

Press secretary, Stephanie Grisham is more interested in being a Twitter troll, rather than actually doing the job of holding press briefings, and facing reporters from the news organizations that she constantly berates on behalf of her boss. It didn’t take long for her to admit what we already know when it comes to her lack of words for anything other than retweeting from the accounts of her equally gross colleagues.

The best has to be “senior adviser to the president,” and first daughter, Ivanka Trump, who prefers to stay out of her father’s gauntlet when it comes to the national crisis of crimes against humanity, involving migrant babies and mothers.

But she can’t hold her tongue when the Washington Post fails to call out a “terrorist” for exactly what he is.

Imagine that the same woman, who cruelly tried to rescue her father from the public outcry over his refusal to denounce White supremacy before radicalizing White terrorists into carrying out directives that led to the shooting massacre at El Paso, TX, this past summer, has the audacity to pompously pass judgment.

It wasn’t that long ago that Ivanka admitted to a crowded fundraiser that she gets her “moral compass” from the same man who loudly declared White supremacist, “very fine people.”

That must explain her signature move of deflection hours after that bloody weekend of back-to-back shootings when a series of questionable tweets that disgustingly capitalized on Chicago’s ongoing embattled and complicated status, drew ire from Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who immediately called out the deviousness of those actions.

Ivanka Trump thought it was a wise decision to conveniently remind critics of her father, that violence in America can’t just be restricted to the increasing rise of hate crimes that began when Trump’s presidency became a reality.

She needed to draw attention to the dramatics of a “crime-ridden black city” in the hopes that those Black lives lost will help to shift focus away from her father’s track record of encouraging deadliness against Mexican-Americans, who endured the campaign trails that featured them as the main attraction in the worst way.

But the favored first daughter isn’t the only one guilty of devaluing the lives that never seem to matter enough for the due diligence that adequately vilifies their killers.

Clearly the round of criticisms levied at the Washington Post over that honorable death announcement, attributed to a global terrorizer who orchestrated the brutal slayings of countless victims was spot on.

But the only exhaustingly nagging issue has to be the glaring fact of how the same thunderous fury that seems to link the activism of both parties, doesn’t gather for the similarly hideous headlines, that woefully fail to deliver that much-needed punch.

Take for example the horrific knife attack by the White male who slaughtered 17-year-old Elijah Al-Amin outside a convenient store this past July in Peoria, AZ.

This hate crime was manifested from a White terrorist, who allegedly told the police that he felt threatened by “rap music” playing in the car of the victim, and based on previous, unprovoked attacks from people “who listen to rap music,” the killer was motivated to take the life of an innocent young man of color to save “the community” from danger.

The White terrorist was also recently released from prison, and his rap sheet matches the blueprint of a career criminal, and predictably, his lawyer assured the local newspaper that his client would’ve been spared his first-degree murder charge if only he had access to resources for mental stability.

Elijah Al-Amin was butchered to death because of the actions of a terrorist who wanted him dead based on his race and the stereotypical appendages that made him the ideal candidate.

If he had been a White 17-year-old male, blissfully listening to his favorite rap artist in his car, he would’ve been able to go into the convenient store and walk right out without having his throat sliced open.

Not only did we have to contend with the terrifying end of a young life, we also had to contend with the bizarrely and irresponsibly worded headlines that disrespectfully misdiagnosed what was blatantly a hate crime, by using “rap music” as the main culprit, without the mandatory description of “terrorist” assigned to the perpetrator.

It got much worse when you dared to google the name of the victim, and noticed the searches littered with “rap music,” and missing the accurate depiction of what led to the bloody stabbing of a teenager, who died as a result of a hate crime, and certainly not because of a genre of music that most White teens openly worship

If you’re pissed at Washington Post for that soft headline about al-Baghdadi, but weren’t just as aghast about the way Elijah Al-Amin’s killer was humanized at the expense of the slain teenager, who was unceremoniously mistreated across the board by the degrading practice of blaming his demise on the controversial path of “rap music” — then you might want to check your hypocrisy.

Terrorists come in all forms that apply, and hate crimes are devised by monsters who are radicalized by authoritative figures, weaponizing their massive platforms and absolute power for evil purposes.

It’s time for the media to correctly assign labels accordingly, without cowardly replacing the truth with awkward headlines that turn a tragic event into comedic fodder.

The lives that matter deserve that much.

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