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Why We Don’t Care That Black Women and Children are Being Extinguished

Yeah, I said it

When Diamond Reynolds held it down without flinching — the consensus among Black men was that she was being dumb and ignorant for calling the White cop that shot her man in front of her toddler daughter — Sir.

Imagine that.

Why is that hard to believe? Every time Black men prove why they don’t deserve us — we somehow manage to be stunned when our worst fears are realized. This woman — who basically managed a crisis in a way that quite frankly no woman of any other color could navigate so astutely — got no love from her community.

She got nothing.

How many publications that claim to cater to the Black community gave this woman editorial props for accommodating the death of her boyfriend and the prolonged emotional demise of her toddler? None. Not one publication celebrated the spirit of this Black woman — as she continues to tread the currents of our time with spiritual direction that only she can attest to.

But, hey, whenever Taylor Swift missteps or Kanye and Kim become Kimye for the fuck of it — we are all at attention. Right?

A black woman named Korryn Gaines was shot and killed in her home after it was stormed by heavily armed men who looked like they were on their way to Syria to pick up the burnt and turnt bodies of innocent women and children who paid the ultimate price — hours earlier — for being citizens of a region that the world could give two fucks about.

Except that is not quite accurate. The world does care. It’s the oil. Spilling over into the borders — which complicates things, so the dictator must go because he’s a very bad man.

But what about the leaders of the free world who are even badder?

Korryn was a gun toting mercenary who was forced into the circumstances of her fate in the same fashion that rich motherfuckers are born into prosperity without the the stagnation of their privilege. They are able to rob the poor and rule Wall Street as they utilize their acquired wealth for getaways to Nice and Munich. I worked at one of the most disgustingly foul financial institutions in the world. I was literally handed a front row seat to the inner workings of the Private Bank at JPMorgan Chase.

Yes! Me.

The shit I saw the credit team instigate is beyond belief. They expertly spent their time in the filth of dishonesty and outright financial debacle. It was fascinating and sickening at the same time. They did what they could to guard the interests of rich folks who need to stay that way at all costs.

These thugs of Wall Street were spared the stones of punishment in 2008 when their crimes became too much to bury under the coerced sheets of due diligence which I managed to the best of my ability — in order to secure the Upper East Side apartment that I knew I didn’t deserve once I signed the lease.

I felt dirty.

My time served as a slave to White men in well-fitted suits makes me gag with retribution. I lived in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I needed a job and it had to be better than average.

So, when out president bailed out the henchmen that are responsible for your current predicament — I was elated. That moment can’t stretch into what I am now trying to manage.

So many thoughts. Too many. Let’s see, where to begin.

I am going to be homeless in a couple of days — even though I am the smartest person I know — but it be like that sometimes. I am rambling but I won’t lie about my disposition. I am pissed beyond measure that you could be reading this and have the audacity to call yourself an American.

You absolutely don’t care that Black women and children are being eradicated. I know why. Our very own community rejects the notion of unity. We don’t have a strong foundation. Fuck that! We have no foundation. We are aimlessly strewn in the wind — as we delegate ourselves to the trends that uphold us.

What happened to Korryn Gaines is a serious offense.

There is no way on this earth that most of you claim God built — that a White woman would have been shot dead and her perfectly blond baby with ringlets obscuring his view — injured — during a gun fight that even Scarface would’ve avoided with no shame.

We ask no questions and tell multitude of lives.

We act like #BlackLivesMatter but it’s only a certain kind of black. The kind of Black that makes sense apparently. The kind of Black that White people can surface empathy for because — again — it makes so much sense. Yes! You as a community should be bereaved and angered. She was truly a victim. She did everything right and still got fucked over.

Oh really?

How about the daughters of politicians that remove shit they didn’t pay for from department stores and are escorted like Royalty by men in uniform. What about the White guys who are bonafide felons and are given the chance to shamelessly brag about the bad ole days. What about the Hamptons crowd that gather in multi-million dollar homes with their wives and mistresses — vying for attention as the crowd of friends chuckle at the expensive irony.

Yes, bad people who deserve to die in front of their kids have to be Black women with everything to lose.

Black women pay the price for their desire to be seen as women by their men. Their men don’t care at all. This regimen has been in effect ever since they watched in horror as White men raped their women in full view back when cotton picking and metal chains were in vogue.

Those days are gone — you say? Hell no. Mental slavery is beyond saving.

Here we are. We are citizens of a nation that mandates the utter destruction of Black women and their precious children but how dare I complain. We are bombing the hell out of Syria and the casualties fit into the lookbook of the ages. Women holding their tattered babies for dear life as death befalls them.

Why would I expect America to protect its own citizens when we are murdering families abroad?

Carry On people. Carry on. I get it now and I will never question why.

Black mothers hide your children. The poison is more potent than we figured. Nobody will protect you. Not even the ones that were made for your protection.

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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