Why We Can’t Trust The Media or Our President

Back in the day — news bulletins were rehearsed and vetted thoroughly. The very thought of releasing an article that could possibly contain untruths was unimaginable.

As a reporter — the duty was to maintain the highest level of accuracy. This was demanded by your office and the readers that pledge their allegiance to notes on the pages they paid for.

Those were the days.

From the Dallas shootings to the recent tragedy in Baton Rouge — every media outlet and even ignited journalists — have managed to fail the test of producing cohesive reporting that is unbiased and dependable.

Even the President got screwed.

What is that you say?

Then why don’t I feel protected by the men in blue? Why am I not sympathetic when they’re gunned down?

Because when a man gets shot in his car and moans and groans with the remaining breath in his lungs as a little girl quietly watches — you don’t care.

#BlackLivesMatter is under attack.

Now it’s a Lone Ranger.

I think the media enjoys stirring the pot to get users riled up. There is no loyalty to the prestige of journalism.

Race bait is hot as fuck!

By getting the leader of the free world to buckle under pressure and deliver a statement that reeks of manipulated fodder.

President Obama was restricted from announcing that this wasn’t a racial attack. He wasn’t permitted to acknowledge the lies that are currently blotting out the mission of #BlackLiveMatter.

He has been propped to be the ultimate sellout with a million dollar smile.

Jesus! Please tell me that you know we’re being bamboozled. It’s all a rouse to get us hyped and denied our right to embrace the truths of our existence.

A race war was initiated by the media for clicks and kicks. The president was advised to follow through and elevate the police force with gusto because that’s how American we can be.

I can be American.

Admit that nothing makes sense anymore which is why we are scavengers searching high and low for the evidence that is buried under the stripes of red, white and blue.

We need the onesie that is adorned with the faces of the victims that can’t speak out without us.

Race wars being waged in our honor will include you the minute you refute the garbage decimating your timeline.

I’m ready to go. Are you?

Update: Gavin Long, 29, was the shooter. He was a black male from Kansas City and a Marine veteran. You breed hate and it will wreck havoc in ways that are imaginable.

He fought for this country — and yet, his people are being pummeled to death by cowards who most likely couldn’t withstand the shit he had to duck from.

Violence is a motherfucker — but so are racist White men with badges.

What now?

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