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This is how Trump courts the Press Corps

Why We Can’t Tolerate The Trolling Duties of The White House Press Secretary

Let’s face it, our democracy and national security is under assault, and the only reason why Donald Trump is able to revel in this horrific state of dysfunction is due to the willful antics of his loyal soldiers, who have been assigned the task of guarding and defending the nefariousness of a celebrated outlaw to the death.

This is why the lack of a press secretary who comprehends the relevancy of her job on good days and bad is systemically dismantling our power center.

Take for instance the breaking news about the viral video that was finessed by Trump supporters, following the blueprint of the domestic terrorist who sent bomb packages to high-profile people and organizations, that Trump frequently vilifies at rallies, and how Grisham swiftly acknowledged its unlawful existence with the empty promise that Trump would promptly denounce those actions after watching it.

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