This is how Trump courts the Press Corps

Why We Can’t Tolerate The Trolling Duties of The White House Press Secretary

Let’s face it, our democracy and national security is under assault, and the only reason why Donald Trump is able to revel in this horrific state of dysfunction is due to the willful antics of his loyal soldiers, who have been assigned the task of guarding and defending the nefariousness of a celebrated outlaw to the death.

We never could’ve predicted the terrifying consequences of the Obama years, and how White nationalism would evolve into a man-made disaster that has been gathering debris from nonstop attacks on the Americanness of the first-ever Black president and his family.

Looking back it’s almost laughable that some of us were caught off guard by the potent clap back by the fury of White supremacists in positions of power, who were equipped and ready to strike back with a vengeance.

The United States of America has become the “Death Star,” with “Darth Vader” strangling the freedom of the press to express the extent of his murderous rage that incites White terrorism and other forms of violence against the institutions that were designed to hold criminals accountable for their crimes.

The Storm Troopers are bullied idiots like Mike Pence, Rudy Giuliani, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Fox News, and the host of errand boys of this fractured regime, who’ve willingly sold their souls to the devil for the mission of keeping America White, at all costs.

Our hopelessness at the audacity of a spoilt toddler, who throws his weight around with the recklessness that delivers the domino effect, that has irrevocably destroyed the almost pristine reputation of a former super power is warranted, but also indicative of how White supremacy never fails to reduce once-towering pillars of mightiness to the debris of defeat.

Historically, White men have fought to retain the superiority of their race by cowardly and shamelessly poaching from the key ingredients of Black culture with the fieriness that mandates the urgency to exalt their insufficiencies with luxuries that weren’t bequeathed for reasons that are blatantly obvious.

If we examine how Donald Trump was created, we can’t be mystified by the valves of enablement that set up the current landscape of disorder that’s been allowed to thrive without issue.

Notice how we were bamboozled into embracing the mechanisms of being violently social with media tools that continue to kill off the fragile-minded, who can’t cope with the diseased rules of engagement, that encourages the dangerously threatening tendencies of high-powered users, who are virally ordained, based on their particular brand of inflammatory deposits.

CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey and his fellow comrade-in-crime, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, have both successfully created the towering inferno that burns with the fuel of divisiveness and unfiltered hate.

Donald Trump understands his position all too well, which allows him to freely weaponize his absolute power by constantly breaking the rules and policies that were labeled for renegades, who reject the restraints that are supposed to protect the innocent and vulnerable.

Social media has become the preferred haven for troublemakers, who enjoy spewing out utter shit that gets the attention from the flock of worshippers, who enjoy the daily dosage of harmful rhetoric, via the platforms that were actually formulated for these unsightly episodes.

Imagine how disabled Trump would be if he didn’t have the companionship of Twitter to elevate his curse-laded rants and temper tantrums. Imagine if we could go back to the days of old, when we didn’t have the anchor of the keyboard and screen as devices of mass destruction.

But alas!

Those days have been replaced with the packaged fare that presents the heart attack of a day for an assaulted nation of Black and Brown, who have to contend with a litany of harrowing scenarios on a daily basis.

But this is really about the hijacked narrative by a toxic administration that has been formulated with the gunk of lawlessness under the tutelage of a thuggish dictator, who hired the best of the best to stand at the podium and dutifully deface the integrity of White House communications with fabricated jargon, mercilessly tossed at readied reporters, who were hired to uphold the traditions of their station.

Sarah Sanders, who transitioned into the open jaws of Fox News was undoubtedly groomed for the immense responsibility of constant deflection and venomous rebuttal.

And in a way, the abrupt demise of daily press briefings could be viewed as a positive when you consider how that institution will be protected from the immense damage that would be amassed from another soldier of Trump, who possesses the exact level of utter disrespect as her predecessor, when it comes to the channels of connection between the White House and well-informed citizens.

So I guess it makes perfect sense for the successor of Sarah Sanders, to comfortably follow the hollow pursuits of the Liar-in-Chief, who predictably decided that he would take over duties of vomiting baseless claims as facts, for the viewership of the hapless Press Corps, who congregate on the South Lawn, begging for photo ops and captions that illustrate the direness of our state of affairs.

Stephanie Grisham is supposedly balancing the nightmare of being the spokeswoman for the flatlined FLOTUS, who really thought she was on to something with the pathetically orchestrated #BeBest initiative, that woefully failed in its attempt to demolish the monsters of online interaction due to the slight issue of her marriage to Shrek’s evil twin.

Grisham was definitely a last minute decision, based on the hurried announcement, and how her alignment with Melania was set up to assuage the appetite of “White Women For Trump,” who definitely needed a high-positioned mascot to settle their nerves.

The demise of press briefings had already been plotted weeks before Sander took the final bow. It was clear that the loud echo of non-conformity was the direct hit at mainstream media for the punishment of insisting on the truth when it comes to our national security and the non-negotiables.

I will never relent when it comes to my criticism of the Press Corps, and how that fateful day almost a year ago after the acutely distressing mid-term elections, when the press conference a day later took a volatile turn.

Yamiche Alcindor, who covers the White House for PBS Newshour, bravely questioned Trump’s self-professed declaration of his White nationalism as the instigating tactic for bigoted voters.

Trump aggressively turned the tables on Alcindor and evilly shamed her by accusing her of being a “racist” based on her determination to corner a racist president.

That moment passed without much of a ruckus by her badged colleagues, who didn’t seem to catch the signal that was supposed to usher in the long-awaited “fuck you” to Trump’s debilitating regime.

In the good old days, the Press Corps would’ve gathered in unison to decry the blasphemous attack on one of their own, by staging a coup until order was restored.

But in late 2018, the story was traitorously altered with the mandate to valiantly accommodate the bullishness of a wild animal, who has successfully manipulated the strings for his available use.

That explains our present disposition with a non-working press secretary who is vehemently opposed to the duties of keeping tax-paying American duly informed during this climate of unrest, that features the abusive tweets of a so-called “Commander-in-Chief,” who is cursed with the Whiteness that dictates his threatening stance against global detractors and homegrown enemies, who publicly challenge his perpetual wrongdoing.

Grisham, hasn’t held a press briefing since she took office, and somehow this has been stealthily endorsed. And those who were hired to tackle outstanding issues that deserve the podium and traditions that add more substance to the messiness of Northern Syria, and Kurdish forces who were abandoned, have also accepted the unacceptable.

We’ve all heard about the horrific fake video, depicting Trump as the character from a popular action flick, stabbing his staple critics like the late John McCain, Bernie Sanders, Maxine Walters, and Hillary Clinton. There was also the setting on fire of media organizations like CNN, NPR, and Washington Post, that dare to denounce the waywardness of a roguish president.

The video was mounted by a pro-Trump group, that assembled at his National Doral Miami resort, and the presentation was ironically titled, “Church of Fake News,” according to the The New York Times, and the premise seemed to be the bloody festival of death, implemented by Donald Trump against his most vocal and ardent detractors.

So much for the evangelical sensibility, that tries to embrace the sainthood of elitism that breathes hell fire on regular humans, who are more blessed than the robed cowards using bible verses as the canon for sparring.

President Trump still hasn’t commented on the grotesque film that uses his likeness as the demonic assassin who massacres the good guys, who are patriotically adamant about their quest to topple his evil empire.

But he doesn’t need to fess up to his shit when he has his press secretary, erected to cosign his deplorable status.

Grisham has settled into her role of Twitter troll, right behind her vile boss, and her seamless adjustment to this revised method of briefing the press shouldn’t be tolerated, under any circumstances.

The murkiness of this hostile climate dictates that pretty much anything goes when the gangster top dog is permitted to tweet about shit that could result in cyber attacks that Russia is already perfecting ahead of our 2020 elections.

Take for instance the breaking news about the viral video that was finessed by Trump supporters, following the blueprint of the domestic terrorist who sent bomb packages to high-profile people and organizations, that Trump frequently vilifies at rallies, and how Grisham swiftly acknowledged its unlawful existence with the empty promise that Trump would promptly denounce those actions after watching it.

Of course we’ve been trained to predict Trump’s gross negligence when it comes to upholding the law, and how he will never talk shit about the groups who are ride or die for his abhorrent behavior with extra love for the stuff that boldly goes beyond the lines of basic decorum.

Apparently her boss is taking his sweet time digesting the contents of the video because there has been no mention of it or even a steadfast assurance about how those themes of violence don’t reflect the temperament of this administration.

But how could we ever expect Trump to condemn the horror flick in his honor when he’s always demonstrated his hatred for the media with damning labels of “Enemy of the People,” and the rally cry that reporters should get beatdowns from members of his government, who subscribe to his brand of troublemaking.

The Liar-in-Chief decided to spend the day extending his unfailing attacks on the political dynasty that outshines his already crippled legacy.

There was also the homage to media personalities who write books to profit from the deadliness of this historic era.

And then we were treated to the egomaniacal tendencies of a man-baby, who won’t rest until he sorts out the temporary glitch in the polling that rendered him in a position that he was glad to triumphantly refute.

There has been no mention of the doctored video featuring the bloody sowrd attacks against the president’s endangered foes, and his press secretary was well aware of the fact that her boss had no intention of addressing the matter.

And yet Grisham consistently spends her time on Twitter, berating those who rightfully take her boss to task for his openly vicious instigations that go unchecked, by tweeting out drafted responses that replicate the antagonistic themes of an embattled White House.

The Press Corps must take action when it comes to depleting the power of the press secretary who is dubiously enjoying the best of both worlds.

If Stephanie Grisham can’t even hold an introductory press briefing, then why the fuck does she retain the title of a role that she’s evidently not qualified to foster.

She spends her days and nights, retweeting Trump’s unsightly jargon, while issuing her own threats after her appearances on Fox News, where she sounds the alarm to draw attention to the reasons why she’s woefully unqualified for the role that she continuously shits on with casual pompousness.

If she were a Black woman under Obama, in the exact same scenario, the Press Corps and the media-at-large would conspire to shut her out until further notice.

White House communications has been regulated to the noisy background of propellers and vibrant insults by a president who is White enough to maximize his supremacy with the enablement of the paralyzed federal government.

The only thing to do is to make Stephanie Grisham irrelevant until she has no choice but to show respect to the office that she’s defacing with her insulting presence.

Taking back the power of the people starts with the illustrious responsibility of securing the upper-hand when it comes to the official messaging of our designated narrative.

We can’t tolerate anything less.

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