Why We Can’t Avoid The Truth Behind President Trump’s Killing Spree

After the brutal slaying of five employees at the Capital Gazette — nestled in Annapolis, MD, President Trump released a tweet where he acknowledged that he’d been briefed about the deadly massacre. He ended his message by praising the swift response of first responders who arrived on the bloody scene in record time.

Trump offered the empty standard of “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the slain journalists and didn’t say a word more for the rest of that day.

Hours later, a viral video began circulating, that showed the president walking across the expansive lawn as he headed back to The White House. Reporters were stationed in their usual positions, tossing out pressing questions that demanded answers.

How does President Trump feel about the senseless murder of five members of the very institution that he has consistently and publicly demonizes as the proprietor of dishonest journalism?

He dismissed the opportunity to once again shit all over “fake news” media, and instead chose the more appropriate walk of shame — as he headed to the shelter of the House that slaves built.

Trump should be ashamed. He should be very ashamed.

The businessman from New York who bullied his way to the presidency with the pathetic support of the crippled GOP — has unleashed chaos and mayhem on a nation that’s too fragile to withstand the erratic tantrums of a spoiled brat — who is resentful that his political aspirations require his ability to read and write.

He would rather apply his hilariously limited vocabulary to his polluted social platform, where he spends a disturbing amount of time verbally assaulting his targeted enemies while setting the stage for new ones.

We already know he abhors the media’s relentless coverage of his incompetency. He lies about wanting to solve the maddening issue of gun violence, which explains the repeated gesture of “thoughts and prayers.” He also has a soft spot for murderous dictators who run their countries with the reflexes of ruthless gangsters.

And he’s the celebrated hero of the White nationalist movement. These fucks got him the top job, and they’re working really hard to make sure that he stays there.

He’s also buddies with alt-right Commander-in-Chief, Steve Bannon, and that brief squabble that supposedly ended their affair was just a minor stumble.

They’re back in business, and we’re fucked.

The latest massacre at the Capital Gazette newsroom, was performed by a White dude who has a rap sheet that will make your skin crawl. His privilege allowed him to freely create a Twitter bio, where he apparently expressed his deadly motives, and somehow that didn’t serve as a red flag to those policing the platform.

The killer who’s in custody was vengefully determined to punish those who’ve been assigned the task of exposing the truth — matter how ugly or controversial.

His mission was accomplished and now that five people have been removed from this earth and the bosom of their families — there’s the unavoidable realization that Trump’s war against the principles of journalism will continue to put the lives of those who are invested in those practices — at high risk.

His allegiance to White supremacy has heightened an already explosive climate and he’s keenly aware of what he’s doing when he publicly declares that White supremacists are also “very fine people.”

His ongoing battle with the media, who are just as obsessed with the yellow-aired oaf with the mouth big enough to swallow us whole, as he is with them, — has taken many detours.

The viral offerings of NBC staple, Saturday Night Live continue to fan the flames — helping to secure the narrative of how we can laugh ourselves silly over life-threatening conditions.

It may have been funny back when we wanted to believe that our worst fears wouldn’t be revived— but we can no longer deny the truth behind Trump’s killing spree.

The bomb packages being left at the doorstep of Black families. The audacity of police officers to legally turn the streets of America into makeshift graves that are expanding to receive Black bodies. The rhetoric that intensifies the stereotypes assigned to immigrants that elevates the notion of their criminalized label. The intentional neglect of Brown Americans who’ve been regulated to the fate of perishing under circumstances that should be considered a national emergency, that should be immediately remedied if only their lives were worth a damn in the eyes of their White President.

Donald Trump is the White man who has the power to proudly weaponize his privilege without restraint.

His esteemed bravado and willingness to incite the passions of disorder through rallies that rile up the crowd into a frenzy, as they swear to do his bidding by attacking the outlets of his discontent — is a characteristic that can’t be tolerated any longer.

Trump’s America

Trump later issued a more depth response to the tragic event at the Capital Gazette, seems to indicate that he’s fully aware of the importance to detail, and it’s obvious that he was handed the words to say in an effort to prevent a volatile situation from getting more heated:

“This attack shocked the conscience of our nation and filled our hearts with grief.” “Journalists like all Americans should be free of the fear of being violently attacked while doing their jobs.”

It’s been a couple of weeks, and right on queue, the horrific episode has faded into oblivion — with the same brashness that heralded the reception and extinction of previous tragedies, that we all swore would alter us for good.

Trump has reverted back to his habitual abuse of anything or anyone that rejects his platter of silliness. And while we’ve accepted the presence of this diseased maniac — we can’t downplay how his existence is spurning a deadly revolution that is seeped in the thorn of hatred.

He’s a hater, and those who hate what he hates feel empowered enough to use their leader’s foulness as the blueprint for mass destruction.

It shouldn’t take a massive body count to force our eyes wide open.

The growing trend of domestic terrorism has to not only propel action, but also initiate the long overdue assessment that will figure out if President Donald J. Trump is really worth the gamble on the lives of citizens, who are in danger of succumbing to the effects of gun violence, and police brutality based on his brutish and biased beliefs.

As a Black woman in America, I can certainly attest to the never-ending stress of having a White supremacist as president, and couple that with the duty of being a journalist, and — well — you get the picture.

America has become the potent version of the Wild Wild West, and nobody seems to give a damn.

Republicans and Democrats are too busy keeping up appearances while rejecting the responsibility of upholding the very principles that were meant to save us from extinction.

Trump may not be running around in full gear but he’s armed and ready for war, and unless we treat him as the enemy — sooner rather than later — there will be more bloodshed and this time “thoughts and prayers won’t suffice.

There won’t be anybody left to pray for.

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