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The divine image of St. Ivanka, courtesy of The Atlantic

Why We Can’t Allow White-Owned Media To Separate Ivanka Trump From Her Evil Complicity

White media strikes again, and this isn an attempt to shame White feminists writers who spend way too much time uplifting the exploits of one of their own, instead of exploring the real world of a Muslim-American Black woman who is more deserving of the overly-long articles that should be humanizing her assaulted disposition.

Ever since the Trump administration became the nightmare reality that will most likely stay past the 2020 expiration date, there has been the habitual practice by specific media outlets to assign White women editors with the task of conceiving unappetizing fluff pieces, that aim to sanitize the questionable reputations of both Melania Trump and Ivanka Trump — and the reasoning behind this notorious exercise is seeped in the traitorousness of White feminism.

During Donald Trump’s inauguration festivities, the spotlight on Melania was less harsh due to the assumption that her Whiteness and the fragility that it evokes, would save her from the critics who loath her husband, by garnering her empathy for being enslaved by dire circumstances beyond her control.

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Tricks were used to illustrate that Melania was bravely bearing her nightmare

Melania held up her end of the bargain with the demure shyness and temperate mood that seemingly validated the suspicions of her allies, who needed to believe that she was privately writhing in disgust, while publicly playing the role that she was selflessly enduring for the sake of her beloved son and all Americans.

In the months after that tragic day in history, the fluff pieces from and other White-owned media outlets, have so far focused on Melania Trump’s enviable attention to detail as it pertains to utilizing her pricey style choices to illustrate her non-verbal responses to her husband’s criminal acts of violence against migrant children, and other vulnerable Americans who aren’t “American” enough in the eyes of a regime that adheres to White nationalism.

And who can forget the catastrophic tour of Africa, where Melania misguidedly sought inspiration from the colonial era when planning her wardrobe, and how the media dutifully downplayed the serious implications of that awful choice.

Melania Trump is just as thuggish as her partner-in-crime, as evident during the occasions when she publicly echoed the sentiments of the birther conspiracies without hesitation.

Ivanka Trump is her father’s daughter to the core, and her lethality surpasses the man who sickeningly calls her “Baby” in public, because of her well-packaged exterior that is enhanced by the viability of delicate features, and the whispery voice that serves as the functional currency, that will always prevent her from facing the repercussions of her inactions and actions.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is presently fighting for her life, as a Black Muslim-American woman who is being hoisted as the plastered image of what terrorism looks like when you recall 9/11, and how her fellow Muslims curated that horrific day of infamy.

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They are trying to wipe away that smile. They won’t succeed.

The President of the United States has a pinned tweet that should by all intents and purposes get him removed from office, and his Twitter account permanently shit down, when you consider the highly-offensive nature of the content that essentially destroys the reputation of a law-abiding citizen, while also placing her in clear and present danger, as she continues to battle threats from Trumpsters who kill on his behalf.

There are not nearly enough enlightening essays about Omar by reputable mainstream outlets, that counteract the avalanche of blasphemous hit pieces, that conservative media uses to pummel the precarious existence of a Black woman, who has been abandoned by her own community and political party due to her controversial religion.

Instead, we are feted with additional trash that centers around the blissful White bubble of Ivanka Trump, who already enjoyed first-class exposure from another tormentingly wordy article, in The New York Times, that was co-authored by political reporter superstar and CNN’s most-trusted source, Maggie Haberman.

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Just like the latest offering in likeminded rival, The Atlantic, the main themes border on how “Javanka” have managed to seamlessly avoid the messiness of the administration that they are willingly participating in, despite the glaring illegality of their insertion, which can be viewed as a security breach.

White-owned media has developed a nasty fetish for Ivanka Trump that has evolved into a disturbing trend that’s seemingly laying the foundation for her future presidential run.

This is how White feminism works, and why mostly White women voted for Donald Tump in 2016, and will certainly do so again in the next election.

It also explains why White women opt to curate stealthily flattering pieces about a privileged White woman who is just as guilty as the father that she fiercely defends, and idolizes, despite his roster of crimes against humanity that she clearly cosigns as his “senior advisor.”

The article in The Atlantic reads like a generically bad novel that contains the flowery descriptions of Ivanka’s “princess status” that began from birth, and flourished through childhood into adulthood, as she developed into a statuesque beauty, who was always the apple of daddy’s eye.

You would think that an article that long would boast clusters of juicy elements that unveil the layers of deceit, that empower the falsehood of Ivanka’s disposition as she enjoys the swooning from White feminists, and unwavering loyalty from employers, who pay staff writers to keep White victimhood alive.

But disappointingly, we are faced with the rehashing of Ivanka’s jet-set lifestyle, and mundane upbringing, that led her to a prominent education and the eventual career trajectory that prepared her for the ambitious corridors of The White House.

The most unappealing and harmful portion of the piece revolves around the endearing relationship between father and daughter, who are both drawn to each other in ways that affect the mood swings of this toxic administration.

We are treated to prime examples of how inefficient Ivanka Trump is when it comes to challenging her father’s questionable policies, and why she’s able to guiltlessly remove herself from the volatileness around her, that menacingly hovers beyond the treacherous walls of the Oval Office.

The piece is set up to highlight the key episodes in Ivanka’s life that shaped her into the White woman that she was going to be regardless of her parents divorce or all the other stuff that can’t be categorized as unique experiences by any stretch of the imagination.

At the end of the day, it’s clear that White-owned media is committed to playing both sides of the aisles under the guise of hard-hitting reporting that really shapes up to be an homage to the valuable currency of Whiteness.

Ivanka Trump is built to last as the favored mascot of White feminism, who will surely inherit her father’s political legacy for better or worse.

She is touted as being strong enough to accommodate the relentless attacks directed towards her, her father and her husband, while also being fragile enough to deserve recognition for possessing the uncanny ability to survive the hefty burden of her station without completely falling apart.

This method of societal coddling from so-called truth-tellers is rarely bequeathed on those who honestly deserve that particular treatment, like Ilhan Omar, who is suffering the triple strikes against her as a Muslim, who is Black and also a woman.

When we talk about issue of inequality and why it matters, the mainstream media ravenously searches for click-worthy editorials that match those trends.

But while Ilhan Omar was being battered and bruised by The New York Post’s trifling cover and Trump’s unforgivable act of violence that served as a pinned tweet, that still remained after being reported, the trending item happened to be Ivanka Trump, and the shallow essay that will undoubtedly satisfy the White women who adore her father’s nefariousness.

We absolutely can’t let White-owned media to separate Ivanka Trump from her proven complicity in this hellish era of chaos and mayhem, that she has helped to enforce with her very presence in a position that she stole, and is now maximizing for her own political and financial gain.

One of CNN’s prized reporters, Dana Bash, proudly added the president’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway to the list of “Badass Women of Washington,” which is another ode to White feminism, and how Whiteness unites women who share in that privilege, regardless of major character flaws or contributions to criminal activities.

Olivia Nuzzi, a well-known political reporter, who writes for New York Magazine once said this about Conway:

“Kellyanne Conway Is a Star, Not your star, perhaps. But that’s the point”.

We keep hearing the stories of the notable White women in Trump’s cabinet of disorder, who are living life like it’s golden, because of how they’ve miraculously escaped the cursed existence that should be levied, based on the relevant roles they continue to play in the president’s devilish schemes.

But who will publish the inspiring essay about a Somalian refugee, who narrowly escaped death when she left her war-ravaged homeland, and was blessedly embraced by the bosom of a country that pledged to protect and furnish her with the tools necessary to build her version of the American Dream?

We can bet our bottom dollar such an offering won’t appear in The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Atlantic or

When it comes to American women who prosper against the odds — only Whiteness applies in the curation of media outlets that are primarily driven by that supremacy.

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