Why Watching The Impeachment Trial of Donald J. Trump is a Terrifying Experience

When President William Jefferson Clinton was undergoing his own impeachment trial in 1999, I was in hustle mode as a twenty-something New Yorker, who was trying to achieve the impossible dream of being an employed writer.

I wasn’t influenced by the worrisome state of our union, mainly because of how little it affected the day to day schedule of keeping my head above water.

Fast forward to two decades later, and I’m too old and too aware to not give a damn about the impeachment trial of an incompetent and dangerously reckless white nationalist, who is a direct threat to our national security.

My personal investment is drawn from a level of fascination and disgust, and not because I’m convinced that not having President Trump in The White House will somehow overturn the precarious circumstances of my daily existence.

The active issues that plague working Americans, who are living close to the edge of no return, due to stagnant jobs that don’t provide salary increases, or the inability to find work that matches basic expectations, will continue to hamper afflicted populations, regardless of which candidate wins.

Police brutality will continue to be the lawful method of decreasing Black and Brown populations and white terrorism will not suddenly come to a screeching halt.

America was always a fucked up country, but now things are even more fucked!

Our national emergency stems from the horrors of an empowered terrorizer, who is the epitome of white privilege on a scale that constantly puts innocent lives in danger.

Donald Trump was impeached because of the crime he committed and repeatedly boasts about like an out-of-control toddler, who exhibits the early signs of future felonies.

He willfully intimidated the newly-minted president of Ukraine, by withholding funds in an effort to coerce a foreign country to interfere in our election process on his behalf. He needed dirt on his political rival Joe Biden, and so Trump’s henchmen under the direction of slimeball and personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, pursued the avenue that led to bribery and corruption.

His high crimes and misdemeanor tainted the “perfect call” and the glaring evidence is documented all over the damning transcript that Trump hasn’t read because he wouldn’t be able to comprehend his lawlessness.

Watching the House Impeachment Managers passionately and energetically present their arguments for the removal of a rogue presidency, for the worthy attention of a wearied nation is a terrifying experience. Primarily because of how straightforward this case is, if you happen to be a law-abiding citizen.

House Intelligence Committee Manager, Adam Schiff has been on Trump’s shit list for almost a year. The bullish oaf’s Twitter page is periodically dedicated to his unrelenting hatred for the former federal persecutor, who is on a valiant mission of ending an illegal presidency.

Trump won’t stop publicly attacking those who refuse to remain silent and cowardly cower to the egomaniacal tendencies of man-baby, who will go down in history as the worst president ever elected to the once-illustrious office that he has irrevocably defaced.

But the real tragedy has to be the sinking feeling of watching impeachment managers like Hakeem Jeffries, coherently provide the indisputable proof of why we shouldn’t be forced to accommodate the criminality of a roguish administration, while accepting how their efforts are in vain.

If Barack Obama was the timely messiah for Black and Brown Americans, we can assume that Donald Trump was indeed chosen by God to rescue White Americans from threatening extinction.

The Trump Family Business isn’t relocating from D.C. anytime soon.

And “Javanka” otherwise known as Ivanka Trump and her robotic hubby Jared Kushner, have become this country’s version of Prince William and Kate Middleton, with their strategic and lavish existence in the nation’s capital.

Ivanka is definitely her father’s daughter in every way, as she touts out her phony accomplishments and retweets misleading information from the official account of The White House.

There’s also the outright nepotism of hiring unqualified family members, whose unlawful addition to White House staff is still regarded as a security breach based on their exposure to highly classified documents.

Ivanka is also allowed to take expensive trips abroad with daddy and his entourage of fools. Her latest jaunt to Davos, as the random attendee at the annual World Economic Forum, racked up an impressive bill of $34,000, which is the price of chauffeuring the so-called “senior advisor” around town.

Interesting how Trump’s favorite child suddenly takes her unexplained role very seriously when she gets to enjoy the splendor of dreamy locales. But when the nation is reeling from the domestic terrorism that’s orchestrated from the gun violence that her father inspires, Ivanka Trump is nowhere to be found.

Watching the impeachment trial is unbearably torturous because this isn’t simply a matter of right or wrong, like it was 20 years ago, when both parties shared the responsibility of putting the health of this country above all else.

The GOP is now Trump’s Party, which means that the white dude in The Oval Office, who is polluting the air we breathe, will get another opportunity to finish us off.

Republicans are purely motivated by racism, and the desperation to uphold the statutes of white supremacy. Donald Trump is beyond gross, and his stupidity surpasses understanding, but his whiteness and wealth cleanses him from the burden of being held accountable.

Republicans are racist bastards who have nothing to lose in this dire period of chaos and mayhem.

Their cultish allegiance to Donald Trump is so obviously mired in the belief that their supreme leader can do no wrong because of his anointed ascension to the throne of white power.

The impeachment trial of Bill Clinton was about moral conduct, and our present nightmare is the official activation of race wars on the national stage.

The badly behaved white man will win again.

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