What The Birther Attack on President Obama Was Supposed to Accomplish

If you can bear to examine the time capsule that unearths Trump’s tweets from 2012 and even earlier, you will be introduced to the very same pattern of ineptness, and endless rants, that seek to demean and destroy the targets that were groomed for his presidential campaign, some years later.

It’s fair to say that there isn’t a shadow of doubt in the minds of Americans and petrified observers around the globe, that President Donald Trump is the most disruptive and destructive personality to ever assume the once-dignified role of Commander-in-Chief, that used to be bequeathed with the great responsibility of funneling channels of world peace, with pursuits of humanitarian good-will on behalf of the vulnerable and victimized.

When Trump moved into the White House, there was the expectation that his rancid tweets that didn’t compliment the value of his station as a world leader, who shares affairs with notable allies, would be finessed accordingly to reflect a more sophisticated and knowledgable palette that isn’t overridden by the manic spontaneity of overnight jargon.

But now that we’ve been seasoned into this national nightmare, and based on the practiced recklessness on display, that has been allowed to dangerously flourish with the enablement of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, who is undoubtedly profiting from his platform of chaos, and the shamelessness of a lawless administration, that’s been commandeered by the stench of White nationalism — it’s hard not to be stunned by the audacity of our naivety.

Remember when Trump gave President Obama and his family a hard time for daring to take their annual trip to his “native” Hawaii for the Christmas holidays?

Notice the use of “native” which is meant to stir the pot around the fact that “Hawaii” isn’t the real “America,” just like Puerto Ricans aren’t Americans, which explains why the resources from agencies like FEMA were withheld until enough islanders perished.

It’s obviously hilarious to look back on Trump’s quest to shame the First Family for taking a vacation, and supposedly keeping the Secret Service from spending a Christian holiday with their families, when his own family members have willfully caused taxpayers to bleed out when it comes to the insane amount of money that’s been lavished for unnecessary personal expenses.

We can recall how Melania Trump, the newly-minted first lady took her sweet time to move into her new residence in DC, and decided to wait it out in her golden tower in NYC. Yes, we know she did it for the sake of her son, and how he had to finish out the school year.

And yes, we are also aware that if Michelle Obama had attempted to do the exact same thing for the sake of her daughters — she would’ve been publicly lambasted for it.

Oh, and of course, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, the two unqualified senior advisers, who are continuously breaking the law with the blessing of lawmakers, who are permitting the security breach that the president was insistent on enforcing at the risk of an entire nation — have both been atrociously negligent when it comes to squandering taxpayer dollars for luxurious excursions to exotic locales — that are always accompanied by the Secret Service.

White privilege allows a White president to freely turn his administration into a family enterprise that’s criminal beyond belief. Imagine that the Trump Family foundation that was posing as a charitable organization, was actually functioning for the sole purpose of writing checks to debtors, while funding extravagant purchases like Trump’s gigantic and unsightly self-portrait.

Criminals never stop smiling, until…

The President and his adult children (except Tiffany) who all participated in this charade have been banned from serving on the board of charities based in the state of New York.

These are the thugs who are channeling the seed of hate in America, by giving it the fertilizer to bloom, with the chanting of depolorables; the so-called “forgotten Americans,” who woefully suffered the worst form of abuse under the tutelage of a Black president. They needed to be swiftly rescued from the eight-year blackout with the assistance of Steve Bannon and his bigoted rulebook, which he and Roger Stone fed into the thick throat of a bullish imbecile, who was more than ready to claim the limelight.

The assignment to retrieve White America from the dirty clutches of culture mixing started when we really believed that “Yes We Can” meant all of us, and the echoes of the birther controversy was unleashed without any significant push back from the cowardly party that helped to initiate the history-making presidency.

Trump was at the forefront of the growing movement that was seeped in the tropes of overt racism, as he littered his twitter feed with non-stop falsities that were meant to give presidential candidate Mitt Romney the winning edge over his embattled rival, who was apparently a scammer who stole the office of the presidency with the prayer to Allah, that his forged birth certificate wouldn’t ever be discovered.

The only way to distinctively and dishonorably discredit Black and Brown Americans, is to disarm their connection to their birthplace with the queries about their heritage.

When I returned to the United States to begin my education at the university level after spending my childhood in Lagos, Nigeria, my foreign name was the conversation starter that prompted queries about where I was really from, despite my in depth explanation of how I was born in San Francisco, while my Nigerian-born parents completed their college education.

The ugly rumors that aimed to disqualify an American-born presidential candidate, who happened to be a man of color, may have erupted back when Obama was facing off with his eventual secretary of state, Hillary Clinton.

His imminent appointment as the Democratic nominee created the desperation to attack his Blackness with the “stain” from his Kenyan background.

This is another prime example of how Whiteness bands together to for the greater evil of emphatically retaining the hierarchy that depicts non-Whites as the inferior masses, who will never be regarded as true Americans, because of those unbreakable bonds to “shithole” territories that never recovered from the irrevocable damage of colonialism at the brutish hands of White supremacy.

After spending enough years fanning the flames of the birtherism era, with provocative tweets that were sealed in the outright fabrications that we’ve come to expect from the “Liar-in-Chief,” Candidate Trump was finally forced to gracelessly chow down on his own lies, when he publicly accepted that the first-ever Black president was indeed “American made.”

And now, years later, another presidential candidate, Kamala Harris, an American born woman of color, is presently facing the kind of scrutiny that forces us to wonder why we are so shocked by this return to political incivility.

If the most powerful man on planet earth, had to bear the insults and scorned rhetoric for the entire run of his presidency, coupled by the profanity that was ceaselessly hurled at his wife, the first lady, who was once described as an “ape in heels,” by a White woman who held office in her county — then how could we imagine that “America the beautiful” would astutely live up to that fantasy?

America is ugly — and it’s going to a lot uglier in the coming months.

Trump is using his supreme power to terrorize four women of color who were recently admitted into Congress.

Each of them possess the unapologetic tendency to be courageously outspoken and passionately motivated to stand up for the purity of justice, by fighting on behalf of wearied citizens, who are being smothered by the falsehood of a booming economy, and being silenced by police brutality and the grotesque normalcy of hate crimes.

At the KKK-themed rally in Greenville, NC, Trump triumphantly instigated more venom towards the four women that frighten him enough to encourage his choice to make them his centerpiece for his hate-filled messaging.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar happens to be his favorite because of her birthplace of Somalia, and the fact that her disposition as a Muslim-American is easy ammunition for demonizing her as the “anti-American” — who needs to be”sent back” to her basin of Islamic militancy, since her very presence is threatening, thanks to how Islamophobia in America has been normalized.

If America was divided before, it’s about to be crushed into several disjointed pieces that will represent the acuteness of why we can’t ever be united as the nation that is capable of overcoming our differences.

The supremacy of Whiteness has taken an even more volatile turn for the worse, and the definition of what it means to be a proud American is undergoing revisions that presently leaves that sentence blank.

I’m not ready to complete that test because of what it will cost me.

Are you?

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