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Why Voting Against Trump is More Than Giving The Middle Finger

We see it and hear it now more than ever. And with the megaphone of A-listers and influencers, the emphatic orders to VOTE VOTE VOTE can come off as irritating, and even self-righteous, when you consider how “voting” in past elections hasn’t quite yielded the miracle cure for potent issues that have thrived for decades.

Not to mention the active nightmare of having an ego-maniacal terrorizer in The White House, who is doing the most to guarantee the coerced outcome of another four years of chaos and mayhem.

And even the ugly, open secret of decades-long tax evasion that delight his worshippers and horrify the rest of us won’t hamper Trump’s obsession with winning the upcoming election, by any means necessary.

There’s also Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, who is carrying the cumbersome burden of rescuing an ailing nation on life support from imminent extinction at the grasp of the Thug-in-Chief, who has turned the presidency into a criminalized family business that operates from the epicenter of white supremacy and the defacement of our democracy.

Biden may not be an exciting prospect, and in fact the former Vice President understands how his unplanned presidency may be a source of concern for those who rely on the theatrics of a worthy contender, who has the charisma and celebrity to be make election season an entertaining tradition.

But unfortunately, 2020 has been traumatic on every level imaginable, based on the brutality of Covid-19 and the systemic disease from police brutality with the injustice that leaves vulnerable communities weary and defeated.

It’s not that these polarizing items that threaten and kill Black and Brown citizens haven’t always been symptomatic during past administrations, including the eight years of the first-ever Black president, who tried but failed to get vital legislation approved by the racist GOP.

However, when you’re under the duress of a self-professed white nationalist, who weaponizes his absolute power to empower and radicalize white males into domestic terrorists, demonstrating the deadliness of #MAGA, that’s when the high stakes get dangerously higher with the promise of more lives lost to systemic savagery.

There’s also the national emergency of the Trump administration’s assault on the defining fabric of this country’s mission statement that gives permission to whole-heartedly sing “America the Beautiful.”

The revised immigration laws have hit too close to home, thanks to the bigoted motives of Stephen Miller, who has been given free reign to legalize the barred entry of Black and Brown migrants from “shithole” countries in favor of white dreamers from the approved list of territories, including Melania Trump’s homeland of Slovenia.

Environmental hazards will continue to invade our future because of the recent reversing of a 2015 Obama-era regulation by the Trump administration that was put in place to force coal plants to dilute wastewater with efficiency and more sophistication to lessen the chances of toxicity eroding nearby lakes and rivers.

The Liar-in-Chief has been shamelessly vocal about his mockery of the global crisis of climate change, and even went as far as to withdraw America’s participation in the Paris Climate Agreement almost as soon as he took office.

It doesn’t take scientists to raise the alarm about why erratic weather patterns that illustrate the wrath of Mother Nature, and the troubling evidence of ozone depletion are glaring signs of hellish years ahead as the earth unleashes fury from gross negligence.

But even with privileged access to the most advanced minds of seasoned experts presenting highlighted data, Trump and his henchmen are determined to reject what can’t be refuted in order to protect political prowess and sacrifice survivability of generations to come.

Things don’t improve when it comes to equality for ALL, as this administration roll backs Obama-era protections geared towards the security of the LGBTQ community, including those requiring health services with the added pain of facing discrimination, especially transgender patients.

And of course we can’t downplay this daunting climate of unrest and utter hopelessness, stemming from the graphic display of systemic contempt for Black lives that don’t matter with George Floyd’s horrific killing on the streets of Minnesota by a white racist cop.

Breonna Taylor’s slaying in her own apartment in the dead of night by plain-clothed Louisville police officers, who used a battering ram to break in, forcing Taylor’s boyfriend to try to defend himself and his girlfriend against invaders, has resulted in only one of the officers being charged with three counts of “wanton endangerment.”

The other officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor that left her fatally injured with six bullets hitting her body, escaped indictment by a grand jury according to Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron who delivered the stunning blow during a press conference, weeks after his shameful appearance as a Trump supporter during the Republican National Convention.

Protests have erupted in key cities across the country to honor the memory of Breonna Taylor, and collectively demand the justice that is rarely granted for Black victims of police brutality, regardless of the circumstances that usually showcases an unarmed Black target, who is considered a threat to officers who are trained to shoot first and never ask questions.

There’s clearly a lot of work that needs to be done to dismantle a system that was built to terrorize Black and Brown populations, and rebuild a landscape that conforms to the rule of law as it pertains to the equal rights of all Americans regardless of race, religion and sexual orientation.

The high hopes heaped upon Joe Biden and the historic pick of Kamala Harris as his running mate for the VP slot will have to shoulder the non-negotiable of a comprehensive and progressive Black agenda. It will have to achieve what no other presidency came close to fulfilling, when it comes to the mandates that will secure the future of Black families and the communities that need healing from centuries of terrorism.

Voting against Donald Trump is the “fuck you” he has more than earned and deserves but it’s also about ensuring that your future and the wellbeing of the ones you love, won’t be hampered by the devilish schemes of a racist president whose hate-filled rhetoric and gross incompetence as the worst to ever do it will surely get us killed.

The Trump presidency has already exacted irrevocable damage to our national security, and with the civil unrest gripping major cities, as thousands line the streets to fight against a brutish administration, we can’t deny this shit is way more serious than a popularity contest.

Donald Trump has to be voted out of office because we can’t afford to accommodate another four years of a national emergency.

It’s not about being forced to pick the lesser of two evils or feeling pressure to choose a candidate who doesn’t match the euphoric vibes of a rising Senator who became the anointed Black savior, operatically floating from the ruins of the Bush years.

In order to begin the recovery process from the past four years of destructiveness and increase in hate crimes, we must remove the Terror-in-Chief from close proximity to the supremeness that he utilizes to court and appease white evangelicals and white supremacists.

Electing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the catalyst for the movement that will eventually propel the shift towards what won’t be possible if the Trump years are extended.

Yes, Fuck You Donald Trump!

But more importantly, lets do this for the people!

Written by

Juggling Wordsmith. I have a lot to say!

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