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Why Viola Davis is a Superstar with a Boulevard and the Skin Color to Match

The esteemed actress Viola Davis accepted her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on a rainy Thursday that did nothing to curtail the energy — swarming through the bevy of industry types who were assembled for the glory of a woman who humbled herself through independent means to become a star.

Digging into the past of your favorite celeb isn’t a difficult feat — in fact it’s absurdly easy. Davis is the cousin of Mike Coulter who is the star of the hit show — Luke Cage.

Imagine that!

But, lets get to the core of things. Viola Davis is the American Dream come true that gives racist assholes like Donald Trump the incentive to carve out ways to make this country great again — through the high-powered dosage of ethnic cleansing.

Luckily, humans have a funny way of bypassing the rules — especially when the activity is pleasant and orgasmic. Unfortunately for the Americans who believe the role they play is being inhabited by unwanted emoticons with expressions that don’t match the blueprint of hate and hopelessness — the darkies are here to stay.

The funny thing about the dream that Americans like to sing about is that it’s never out of reach — even when the cradle of your creation is infested with remnants of an era that was supposed to solidify your complete eradication.

Davis was cuddled into poverty with all the odds highly stacked against her while anything that she may have imagined as a kid was strewn above the clouds — waiting for the right moment for the reach.

She aimed high but it was too high — which is exactly how it should be when you blissfully overstay your welcome.

Welcome to the world of a superstar who now has the stretch to prove it and the skin color of a woman on a mission to stealthily dominate without the accompaniment of salivating studio heads and clueless casting directors who only recognize the symbols of Emmas, Jennifers and Jessicas.

Violas can be dope too!

It doesn’t have to require assigned body measurements and wind-blown tresses plastered against creamy statues. It never was about the stationed ingénues that drop off with precision and then regain steam when male co-stars with enough head of hair signal a level of tolerance that initiates the green light.

What it boils down to is the fundamentals of a dream that saw the light of day despite the well-suited detractors that work tirelessly to remind us why the darkest soil never fades into a success story.

Viola Davis has a star because she is one.

She has paid her dues and she did it without fanfare or the residue of assumption that the likes of Anne Hathaway and others politely stash away as if nobody would notice the private privilege — that lurks in their eyes every time they utter the lines they know will position them for the throne.

Royalty expands and now we welcome another heiress who looks and sounds like the gem she believed would develop even when the bleak times threatened to derail all that she could muster to stay pure and above ground.

The bottom gave in and what replaced the foundation is the most beautiful structure that Hollywood types perform for when the cameras and shouts for poses dominate.

When she was in the spotlight — her performance was a genuine catalog that recalled everything from The Help to Doubt to Fences and back around to why she absolutely looks the part.

She’s validated and the stars align in formation for the spirited predecessors in view. Don’t blink from the light, unless you’re not dark enough to take it.

Viola, Thank you being a superstar.

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