Why Twitter Will Continue To Be Trump’s Trusted Megaphone

Not too long ago, Jack Dorsey received a heartbreaking plea in the form of a letter directly addressed to the Twitter CEO.

Timothy Klausutis, passionately pleaded for an immediate takedown of the disgusting tweets posted by the President of the United States where he repeatedly accuses longtime MSNBC anchor and vocal critic Joe Scarborough, of murdering his 28-year-old intern, Lori Klausutis, back in 2001.

Trump’s signature moves have always relied heavily on hitting below the belt, even when such actions have potentially deadly consequences.

When the GOP followed their supreme leader’s example during that abominable period of relentless harassment geared towards the first-ever Muslim-American woman to be elected to Congress, Ilhan Omar, even high-ranking Democrats couldn’t provide much protection from the avalanche of false accusations that were propelled from xenophobic and Islamophobic tendencies.

The horrific event of 9/11 seemed to give rattled Americans automatic permission to harbor an approved disdain of Muslim-Americans that could be justified by the extremism of cowardly bandits weaponizing the Islamic faith for the lure of absolute power.

Having grown up in a country with a large Muslim population, my exposure through friends in primary and secondary school didn’t alert me to the themes of brutal violence and murder that’s been assigned with settled permanence.

And of course Donald Trump is never sheepish in his approach when it comes to utilizing the tools that uplift white supremacy and the white evangelism that should be branded for the evilness that rivals any cultish exploits for the greater bad.

In the heat of the slanderous insults bestowed on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Trump took the liberty of tweeting out an appallingly terrifying video that was meant to encourage the coerced sentiments of those who view Omar as a Muslim infiltrator, who possesses the same DNA as the mastermind of 9/11 — Osama bin Laden and his soldiers.

The viral video did what it was supposed to when it comes to securing the demands of white power, and the dangerous perpetrators who take the unfortunate actions of their white nationalist president, very seriously.

Omar admitted that she was getting death threats as a result of Trump’s unforgivably threatening and offensive display of abuse of power at its most lethal.

Days later, Trump was asked by a reporter whether or not he regretted sharing the venomous tweet that was packaged by far-right outlets that excel at spewing out messaging that caters to the raging appetite of domestic terrorists-in-training.

It’s no surprise that Trump rejected the notion that his inappropriate and unlawful tweet by the standards of the platform that inexplicably allows him to perform in ways that go against the rules and policies that everybody else has to conform to, was putting the lives of Omar and her family in grave danger.

Twitter has been Trump’s trusted megaphone even before he took the oath of office on that impossibly dark day in our history.

But the difference between the collage of gibberish from a private citizen and the incoherent rants of the supposed “leader of the free world” is illustrated in how those implications can have far reaching ramifications when they emanate from the most famous House in the world.

It was hard to fathom the damning casualness and nonchalance of Twitter’s representatives when it came to the brutal attack levied on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who plainly stated how and why the president’s harmful tweets were causing fear and frustration in her household.

Twitter’s long-held method of dealing with Trump’s outrageous behavior has been to offer up a feebly senseless defense that embraces the outlandish theory of how the president’s hate-filled rhetoric and weekly threats against mainstream media, private citizens, foreign leaders and government officials is exempt from the disciplinary measures that are in place to maintain law and order for the safety of engagers.

It’s beyond disturbing and tragic to observe the cowardice of Jack Dorsey & Co. as they resort to the historic role of coddling the maniacal and treacherous nature of a bullish oaf, who will stop at nothing to defeat his detractors with public humiliation and the aggressive circulation of idiotic conspiracy theories.

Trump was embroiled in another heated controversy of his own making, as he reserved the right to torture yet another American family with the blast from a painful past. His end goal of deflecting from his proven crimes as Commander-in-Chief during the global pandemic that has killed more than 90,000 citizens who didn’t stand a chance under the gross negligence of a toxic administration never fails.

And we have the over-privileged creators of Twitter to thank for the apparent cosign that gives Donald Trump the audacity of his orneriness as the national terrorizer and global disrupter who can’t ever be challenged and if need be disciplined for his atrociousness, even when innocent lives are literally at stake.

It makes zero sense that Trump can be given free reign to tweet about a tragedy involving former Republican congressman from Florida, Joe Scarborough, who is cohost of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and Lori Klausutis, his former intern, whose tragic death from a preexisting condition crudely become the catalyst for a crude narrative borne from baseless claims.

Widower Timothy Klausutis is understandably inconsolable over the unexpected and unwarranted resurrection of the sad circumstances that led to his wife’s death.

He was forced to ask Dorsey & Co., for the restoration of human decency through the swift removal of Trump’s tweets of accusations that aim to implicate Scarborough as the murderer who got away.

“Please delete those tweets … My wife deserves better.”

In a world that makes sense, Trump’s deplorable actions would be readily assessed with the understanding that Silicon Valley’s best and brightest will endeavor to make the wise and obvious choice to set the standard that applies to members of the human race.

Unfortunately the cult of Donald Trump extends past the griminess of Republicans and white supremacists, and into the enclaves of tech geniuses who are not prepared to pause this bloody horror show for the thrill of finally doing what needs to be done to silence the megaphone they’ve supplied for our never-ending torture.

White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany who promised never to deceive the press corps has sealed her fate with her uncanny ability to not only lie like a professional, but also master the art of blaming everyone and anything, even those who are victimized by her supreme leader, in an effort to keep Trump guilt-free.

Back in October 2019, former presidential contender Sen. Kamala Harris publicly called out Twitter for not bothering to censor Trump by suspending his account when the president was tweeting out threats and insults that were meant to endanger the life of the whistleblower, who exerted his patriotism by reporting the “perfect call” that led to the impeachment inquiry.

“Twitter is not holding Donald Trump accountable for abusing their platform to threaten people and incite and inspire violent behavior.”

For their part, Twitter’s “trust and safety teams,” issued a bogus and thoughtless response to the letter Harris sent, that confirmed that the president’s Twitter account would operate without disruption, and that their decision-making process is a lot more complex than the “yes/no” model.

“We reviewed the Tweets you cite in your letter, and they do not violate our policies against abusive behavior, targeted harassment, or violence on the service.”

Twitter also went on to say that it would take action against world leaders who tweet out content that promote “terrorism or include direct threats of violence made against an individual.”

Interesting, because Donald Trump has repeatedly performed those very offenses throughout his lawless presidency without a single action taken against him in the form of revoking his privileges as an engager on the platform that hosts his unsightly addiction.

And the newly established #TwitterFactCheck that’s meant to be the first step of censoring Trump’s erratic persuasions will undoubtedly be dud. He’s still able to post whatever he wants, and his cultish crew actually love the fact that their supreme leader lies all the time.

Not to mention the fact that the only effective way to silence the voice of destruction is to literally shut him down.

It’s a damn shame to witness history playing out in ways that make us frightful for what lies ahead in terms of how future generations will thrive in a diseased society that’s become a slave to the formidability of social engagement that bows down to the dictatorship of an obscene asshole, who relishes the authority to authorize our expendability with threads of tweets.

As a user, I’m also ashamed at my own hypocrisy as someone who values the difference between right and wrong, and yet opts to engage on the same platform owned by over-powered heathens, who are responsible for normalizing the dysfunctional vibes of Trump’s favorite pastime.

Jack Dorsey has no regrets, and conceivably, when you reach that level of god-like appeal based on your global contribution to daily existence, it’s hard to feel like the bad guy when you do very bad things that negatively impact the consumers who made you filthy rich.

But Twitter can’t run from its waning and tainted reputation forever. These over-populated apps, including embattled Facebook will have to eventually answer to the higher power that will be assigned to demolish the diabolical cells that are making us very sick.

Until then, Trump’s megaphone will continue to rely on Jack & Co. for the high volume that hurts more than our ear drums.

The war never ends:

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