Why Twitter Will Continue To Be Trump’s Trusted Megaphone

Not too long ago, Jack Dorsey received a heartbreaking plea in the form of a letter directly addressed to the Twitter CEO.

Twitter has been Trump’s trusted megaphone even before he took the oath of office on that impossibly dark day in our history.

But the difference between the collage of gibberish from a private citizen and the incoherent rants of the supposed “leader of the free world” is illustrated in how those implications can have far reaching ramifications when they emanate from the most famous House in the world.

Not to mention the fact that the only effective way to silence the voice of destruction is to literally shut him down.

It’s a damn shame to witness history playing out in ways that make us frightful for what lies ahead in terms of how future generations will thrive in a diseased society that’s become a slave to the formidability of social engagement that bows down to the dictatorship of an obscene asshole, who relishes the authority to authorize our expendability with threads of tweets.

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