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Where’s the lie?

Why Trump’s Rage Against Mainstream Media Isn’t Completely Unfounded

There is gross negligence and operational inconsistency

Listen, what’s happening in this great nation of ours or what used to be a bearable country to inhabit depending on your threshold for pain, is abhorrent.

Domestic terrorism in the form of bomb threats, that has been exacted against former presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton; including former Vice President Joe Biden and a handful of political and agency notables — is unleashing a terrifying climate.

Bomb packages were also delivered to CNN and the Tribeca office of actor Robert De Niro, who has been quite illustrative about his disdain for President Trump’s tactical misdeeds. In fact the summation of this still active event advises that the suspect(s) are targeting high-profile individuals who are known for giving the president a lot of grief over his refusal to be sufficiently presidentially.

His inability to govern showcases how his run for the highest office in the land was a ploy to be historically victorious without the burden of actually having to lead the country — that he’s currently running into the ground.

In response to the alarming series of events that threatened the lives of past presidents and hard-working journalists as well as other citizens of higher standing — President Trump verbally condemned the acts of violence during a weirdly staged address that featured the First Lady — who delivered the opening remarks before lovingly introducing her husband to the stage.

Considering the severity of the situation, Trump’s speech was brief and unmemorable without the adherence to formalities that would require acknowledging those that had been personally affected by a potentially deadly attack.

Hours later, while attending a rally in Wisconsin, the president expectedly addressed the present crisis, but cowardly called out those that he deemed responsible for the nation’s great divide — particularly the media.

That point of view was on display a day later, when the Commander-in-Chief who callously refused to reach out to the Obamas or Clintons as a show of solidarity — posted an early morning tweet — that was once again evidential of the deeply contentious relationship between Trump and the mainstream media.

It’s noteworthy that President Trump didn’t ever mention the fact that CNN also had a bomb package delivered to its offices in New York City, in the heart of Manhattan, and in a building that houses shopping centers and apartments.

If the unthinkable had occurred it would’ve yielded catastrophic results.

Trump’s reluctance to back down long enough to demonstrate some level of support for CNN at a time when such a thing is mandated, is solid proof of how much the president abhors mainstream media’s relentless quest to hold him accountable, for those actions that are deemed grossly inappropriate for the position he embodies.

And while it’s acutely unacceptable for Trump to place the entire blame for this current chaos on those who diligently do their jobs by tracking his numerous blunders — there’s also the nagging realization that his unwavering rage isn’t completely unfounded.

Mainstream outlets like CNN, The New York Times, and others in that realm have exhibited symptoms of worrisome dysfunction that reveals the urge to have it both ways in a landscape that can’t afford that privilege — especially now.

Take for instance the blatant foolery over at NBC and how the epic pay out that’s scheduled for delivery to a White nationalist who continues to garner impressive wealth from her practiced bigotry, is symbolic enough to question the liberal stamp of a bipolar network.

Megyn Kelly is reportedly negotiating her exit from NBC after leaving her home base a year ago to profitably venture into unfamiliar territory, which made perfect sense when you consider that she was offered the deal of a lifetime.

The three-year package worth $69 million dollars was granted to a White woman who had spent over a decade at Fox, extolling the principles of White supremacy, without issue, and due to her heroic combative episodes with candidate Trump during the 2016 elections — she became a hot commodity.

The truth is that Kelly enacted the principles of White feminism and it appealed to the White women who ended up electing her tormentor. NBC peeped her skyrocketing popularity and figured she would be the well-adorned cash cow for daytime TV.

The peacock network didn’t give a shit about the fact that Megyn Kelly was a proud racist, who wasn’t about to conform to the more liberal point of view. Even after her hire, Kelly still splattered her timeline with retweets of her former colleagues at Fox as well as other narrow-minded conservatives.

She never planned on toning down her rhetoric or discarding her hatred for Black people, and when you think about it in that way, it’s hard to blame her for assuming that she could just be her authentic self without any push back.

NBC royally fucked up in this scenario by greedily wooing a media personality who was so obviously the wrong fit based on her damning track record. But the obvious need to capitalize on Trump’s historic win by slyly catering to his substantial base of White women — was too overwhelming to resist.

It’s amazing the difference a year can make as we witness the imminent downfall of a woman who was the bedazzled darling of the circuit not too long ago. Kelly inexplicably touted the benefits that can be amassed from White people donning Blackface during her already flailing morning show, and the immediate backlash forced NBC to swiftly shutdown production.

At first it was leaked that network executives were working out a more viable option for their weighty liability, but as the hours passed it became clear that the only option was a legal and very expensive separation.

NBC shouldn’t have hired Megyn Kelly, but the need to break away from tradition by committing to self-detonating scheme that involved betraying loyal members of your tribe who deserved way better treatment — is the glaring issue that’s giving mainstream media a bad name.

And with Kelly’s exit which will gift her the remainder of her lucrative contract with bonus, and the likelihood that she will end up back at Fox after taking a nice long hiatus — there’s the annoyance of witnessing how deplorable behavior on the authority of Whiteness— is rewarded with the promise that bad deeds can actually go unpunished.

The power of White privilege engages with White supremacy in the form of entertainment and how virtually nothing is off limits if it can be translated into winning skits.

Trump is well-aware of the cash flow bestowed on SNL at his expense as once flatlined careers are resurged and the ratings that used to be lackluster due to unoriginality and unfunny material are now through the roof — thanks to the rewards of “Keeping Up With The Trumps” — and how soberingly crippling it will be when the worst president in our history will no longer be the prized occupant in The White House.

There’s even the desperation of CNN and how anchors utilize these times to their benefit by unveiling nightly shows that feature the likes of Rick Santorum, Anthony Scaramucci and even the unsightly former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, who do an immaculate job boosting the morale of a woefully incompetent leader.

What’s the point of delightfully sparring with the “enemy” if the goal is click-worthy engagement that gives idiotic talking heads the exposure to boost their personal agendas, at the expense of infuriated viewers, who are left with nothing tangible to show for their indulgence.

Frankly, Trump’s hatred for CNN and The New York Times is confusing when you take the time to assess the way his inner circle is feted by outlets, that are supposedly dedicated to holding his administration accountable to lengthy crimes against humanity.

The New York Times and CNN’s online portal have published a plethora of articles that give Melania Trump the praises she hasn’t earned, and the neutral treatment that avoids shaming her for abandoning her duties as First Lady. Mrs Trump remained silent as migrant children were separated from their parents — and initiated an ill-fated campaign that skillfully avoids highlighting the bullish actions of her husband — who incites violence with tweets and verbal abuse.

There’s also the First Couple of Washington D.C. and how the carefully crafted op-eds don’t give any indication of how the nefarious activities of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are being ceremoniously sheathed by the falsehood of meaningless titles — “senior advisors.”

The Times is obsessed with the duty of giving the couple props for expertly evading the debilitating virus of the administration by operating with enviable precision in an environment that should break them — but instead elevates their status.

There’s no desire by mainstream media to shame Ivanka Trump for willfully rejecting the responsibility of keeping that promise that she shared with breathy sincerity — that included keeping her dangerously unpredictable father — manageably coherent.

And Jared Kushner has been able to enjoy the freedom that he doesn’t deserve as CNN unsuccessfully assigned the very bland, and dreadfully clueless Van Jones to interview the president’s son-in-law, which turned out to be exactly what his father-in-law would approve of — based on the furnished clips that reveal Kushner gushing about working with his wife and how “pap pap” has a stuffed candy drawer.

It’s outrageous to witness notable outlets cower to the pressure of vilifying Trump while also leaving enough wriggle room for nonsensical clickbait and programming, that depicts affectionate banter between Chris Cuomo and Scaramucci that ends with the anchor scheduling a summer visit to the former Trump henchman’s Hampton’s mansion.

What the fuck is that about?

The gross negligence and operational inconsistency makes it easier to comprehend why Trump is annoyed at the prospect of being used and abused without any recognition for his immense contributions to the ratings bonanza and high traffic.

Mainstream media needs to pick a side and stay there, without erratically moving around to accommodate the showmanship of a loose canon by discarding talented staff to bring in a ticking time bomb to explode on cue — and inviting pundits who aren’t adding anything durable except the lure of pointless debates.

If Trump’s America is truly toxic, then outlets need to attack by highlighting hate crimes, the migrant crisis, pending items from Hurricane Maria, the water crisis facing Detroit’s school system, and plight of the LGBTQ community.

And that doesn’t even cover the gamut, but it’s a start, and the best way to go about the task of coverage would be to stop hiring White bigots and cease utilizing the soldiers for Trump.

Diversify prominent newsrooms by populating them with talents of color who actually know what they’re talking about, instead of relying on set visits and temporary seats around the ever-evolving table.

Make the effort to cover stories that need exposure like the tragic shooting that happened in Louisville, Kentucky that took the lives of two Black shoppers — who were gunned down by a lone gunman. Gregory Alan Bush, is a fifty-one-year-old White man who has been charged with two counts of murder — and he’s also a racist bastard who allowed another White man to live when they both had guns drawn by declaring:

“Don’t shoot me. I won’t shoot you. Whites don’t shoot whites.”

Stop using President Trump as a goldmine and go back to the fundamentals of your valiant pursuits of truth and justice.

The nation’s health depends on it.


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