Why Trump’s Pledge As a “White Nationalist” Was The Activation of Lethal Supremacy

A horrible event went down recently and it involved what can only be described as a “modern-day” lynching of a Black gay man, who was exiting an eatery in the early hours of the morning, when he was brutalized by the deadly antics of two White males; who badly bruised his ribs, doused him in bleach, and threw a noose around his neck.

The unfortunate victim of this heinous hate crime is Empire star, Jussie Smollett, and it’s literally a miracle that he survived his attack. Smollett told Chicago Police that the White supremacists who gave him a vicious beating, also yelled out racist and homophobic slurs that ended with the words of our existence.

This is MAGA Country!

The hope is that the perpetrators will be caught and swiftly brought to justice. And it’s no shocker that the #MAGA crowd has tried to sell the false narrative that’s meant to discredit the severity of Smollett’s harrowing ordeal.

But those of us who have the bullseye on our backs, thanks to Trump’s America — are equipped to know better.

The ascension of White nationalism in America has been normalized to the point that even the media has a difficult time outrightly labeling a “hate crime” for exactly what it is, which is the main reason why Donald Trump has been able to flaunt his bigotry without hindrance.

Republican Congressman Steve King was in hot water some weeks ago when he questioned why terms like “White nationalist” and “White supremacist” are considered “offensive.” His colleagues publicly denounced his actions, and there was talk that he could end up being tossed out of Congress.

President Trump was briefly questioned about King’s overt racism, and expectedly, there was no effort made to distance his administration from the stench of bigotry, by firmly chiding a member of his own party for his habitual race-baiting.

Trump claimed that he had zero knowledge of what practically all the news outlets, including his beloved Fox News, were occupied with at that moment.

It’s not surprising that a man who turned his presidential campaign into a racist cell with the persistent demonizing of Mexicans, Muslims and migrants from “shithole” countries — would instinctively opt to remain silent about an issue that he’s helped to elevate to national emergency.

During the midterm elections, Trump enhanced his hateful rhetoric by issuing monologues that were filled with the blatant lies about the “caravan” of criminal migrants, that were threatening to crash their way past the borders, and into the sovereignty of White America.

During a campaign rally for “Lying Ted” Cruz, Trump took it a step further by ceremoniously announcing his newly-minted status as a White nationalist.

“You know, they have a word, it sort of became old-fashioned. It’s called a nationalist.” “And I say, ‘Really? We’re not supposed to use that word?” “You know what I am? I’m a nationalist. OK? I’m a nationalist.”

And as the crowd went crazy over the re-activation of a word that carries racially-divisive themes, the toddler-in-chief encouraged the swirling energy of celebrated prejudice by chanting:

“Use that word. Use that word.”

Weeks after rebuking the notion that being a White nationalist was essentially akin to being a White supremacist, the president was given the prime opportunity to explain why he was motivated to take such a controversial and offensive stance, especially since he was well aware of how it would be received and processed.

But instead of expanding on his confirmed allegiance to White nationalism, Trump proceeded to berate the Black female reporter, for daring to ask him what he inexplicably described as a racist question.

It’s so interesting how racists have no issue saying and performing the vileness that proves their practiced bigotry beyond a doubt, but when they are faced with the cold hard truth of what they represent — based on the incriminating evidence — they weirdly claim White victimhood and turn the victimized into the bad guys.

The media had a field day with the “White nationalist” snafu, and there was the usual roundtable fiesta with political pundits from both sides, hashing it out with star anchors — for career goals and ratings gold.

But when the dust settles — it’s on to the next item on the never-ending list of misdeeds by the incompetent man-baby.

Illustrious members of the GOP chose to be loudly silent when Trump outed himself as the “nationalist” we all knew he was because they couldn’t risk rocking the boat during a very contentious electoral season, and when the midterms were over, that cooled down heated debates, and saved Republicans from facing the music.

So why was Steve King subjected to a public shaming and low-grade punishment for doing exactly what President Trump has ordained as the religion of White America, without the condemnation of the same Party leaders, who just weeks ago, gave one of their own a verbal lashing?

The nonchalance around the deadly potency of Trump’s administration, that permits the “leader of the free world” to perpetually give the middle finger to a world that’s dying a slow death, as he fuels the nationalized climate of hate, that inspires the murderous rage of White males — is costing way more than we can afford.

When a privileged White man occupying the seat of absolute power, uses his anointed station to classify all Muslims as natural born terrorists, you can expect an marked increase in targeted attacks that focus on communities that host a majority of residents that practice Islam.

When you have a Commander-in-Chief commanding the wrong kind of attention for his gross negligence, during a national crisis involving White supremacists, who terrorized an American city, right after he took the oath of office — you can pretty much bank on the fact that domestic terrorism against non-White Americans will become the frightening norm.

Trump won the presidency by polluting the environment with his diseased anthem, that features a roster of reasons why Making America Great Again, can’t ever be realized until the wall that’s supposed to keep filthy Brown migrants out of sight is completed.

Trump won the presidency because of his endearing commitment to screw up the immigration process in an effort to keep Black and Brown “shitholes” from entering the country, and derailing the schedules of those who are successfully assimilating.

There’s no way to restore the power of Whiteness without exaggerating the infinite dangers of cultural mixing.

Trump won the presidency because of his prowess at inciting the systemic execution of marginalized communities, who are powerless when it comes to escaping the dire consequences of White supremacy, and how it becomes the language of choice for a nation that has succumbed to a terminal diagnosis — that has begun to take effect.

White privilege means the freedom to recklessly design the death sentence of those Americans who aren’t considered “American” enough to survive the wrath of White America — under the threatening leadership of their supreme leader.

When Trump identified himself as a White nationalist, with the full support of his enablers, that was the activation of a lethal form of supremacy that is currently ravaging the existence of the supremely oppressed.

The GOP and the monster they created are floating in a rising flood of blood.

And God willing — they will drown in it.

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