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Why Trump’s New Immigration Laws Are Outrageously Racist

As the impeachment saga plays out, with the full assurance that the Cult of Donald Trump will swoop in and save the day, for a criminalized administration that pledges allegiance to the rulebook of white supremacy, some of us are seriously grappling with another national emergency.

A few days ago, the suspicious announcement of an extended travel ban aimed at adding more non-white nations to the established list of territories that conveniently boast a Muslim-majority hit too close home.

That’s because unsurprisingly, my home country of Nigeria has been mentioned as a potential contender for the ongoing mission of keeping out Black and Brown immigrants from threatening the purity of whiteness in America.

The other countries that are at risk of permanent banishment are: “Belarus, Myanmar (also known as Burma), Eritrea, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Sudan and Tanzania.”

Trump infamously expressed his disdain for “shithole” countries in the early days of his presidency, and even though he casually denied he said those words after they leaked out, we readily assumed he did, based on how he triumphantly claimed the presidency after running a deplorably offensive campaign.

Candidate Trump understood what needed to be done, even before he secured the nomination to run for the highest office in the land. The aggressive support from white evangelicals, shepherded the urgency to boldly declare why 8 years of Obama was a catastrophic era of white supremacists.

That major setback had to be drastically redesigned.

And so we were bombarded with nonstop displays of overt bigotry at nationwide rallies that were akin to KKK meetings in the wide open.

Mexicans were relentlessly abused with insults that embraced the damaging stereotypes, that were endorsed by a privileged white man, who was hellbent on moving into The White House. Muslims were condemned for their instinctual tendencies as global terrorists, and shortly after the newly-minted nightmare of Trump’s victory, the controversial Muslim ban was activated.

Trump’s ardent supporters are in love with his unapologetic stance when it comes to elevating white power, and demonizing populations both at home and abroad, that don’t reflect the requirements of #MAGA.

And based on the problematic philosophy of this administration’s policy makers, like the notoriously racist Stephen Miller, whose religion as a white nationalist was detailed in the damning emails, that were publicly exposed last year, we can expect a violent shit storm on the horizon if soldiers for Trump are given four more years.

The governmental condemnation for “shithole countries” that don’t reflect the perfect whiteness of more civilized nations like the president’s favorite, Norway, has been in effect for longer than most realize.

It depends on whose directly affected. As a Nigerian-American, who was born in the States and raised in Lagos, I expectedly have a ton of relatives who are based in my homeland. The disheartening prospect of accepting the inevitability of how they could be banned from coming to visit, due to the crime of hailing from a former British colonial territory, that was willfully left in shambles, is incredibly outrageous.

During this past holiday season, a Nigerian woman, who is a family friend, was tragically denied entry to attend her own father’s burial in Los Angeles, despite possessing a valid travel visa.

These are the heartbreaking human stories that will eventually become the norm, thanks to the evilness of white evangelism that spews out hate speech as bible verses.

The Trump administration is on an ambitious quest to prevent the daunting reality of the extinction of white America. Building the “big, beautiful, tremendous wall,” is one way to shut out the caravan of Brown migrants, who plan on polluting our shores.

Another method of ethnic cleansing, is the recruitment of KKK members to the police force to successfully enforce the brutality that’s disproportionately levied on Black and Brown communities.

The other route that has been recently approved by the Supreme Court is the enforcement of a law that rejects green cards to otherwise qualified immigrants, who fail to prove that their wealthy enough to not be dependent on government-funded programs.

Okay, the official language presents it as ensuring that those seeking green cards are financially stable, and not in danger of relying solely on federal assistance.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, and acting deputy secretary, Ken Cuccinelli, who is best known for unpatriotically rewrote the Statue of Liberty poem, the goal of this proposed law is to reiterate “the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility, ensuring that immigrants are able to support themselves and become successful here in America.”


Interesting that this enforced mandate is mainly targeting vulnerable territories, that are typically known for never-ending strife, that in most cases was manifested by the plotted invasion of white supremacists, who weaponized Christianity for the benefit of a lifetime supply of poached resources — at the expense of terrorized natives.

There’s no attempt to police the influx of white people from the western world, despite the foul history of how most of the wealth was gathered. And how the victimized nations that are being punished for the repercussions stemming from white invaders, are unfairly vilified by the gangsters who are guilty of crimes against humanity.

How is it that a country like America, that is comprised of a high percentage of immigrants from” shithole countries,” who are thriving above modest expectations, is willing to validate stigma against foreigners from trouble spots around the world. The bigotry takes precedence in ways that seek to kill the the dreams of applicants, who aren’t white enough to be American.

This hateful approach of elimination that’s focused on shaming Black and Brown people for daring to leave their less-desirable territories for the comfort of “civilized” environments, is allowed to flourish because of the venom of white power, under the tutelage of a spiteful administration, that gained worldwide attention for caging migrant babies.

Things are only going to get worse after impeachment hell is behind us, and we have to contend with the vengefulness of an incompetent, bullish oaf, who is constantly a threat to our national security.

We also can’t downplay the strong likelihood of his additional term, and if that happens, even God can’t help us.

In this time of national duress, this is worth another look:

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