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Why Trump’s Coddling of Saudi Arabia Needs To Be Taken Seriously

We are living in unprecedented times. I often ponder how historians will aptly lecture my young nieces, decades from now, about how we barely survived the tumultous era of the gangster Trump years.

  1. Obstruction of Congress.

We are never, ever going to regard the office of the presidency with the same sense of reverence that traditionally anointed the disposition of the honorary members of that distinguished club.

The United States of America is now the globally recognized punchline, thanks to the walking disaster, who is White enough to successfully evade the emergency mechanisms, that would’ve been initiated if the first ever Black president happened to be a seasoned criminal, who repeatedly discards the law of the land.

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Eight security council member states were represented but the ninth signature was missing.

This is obviously troubling when you consider the message it sends, and how frightening it is to realize that we are now citizens of a country that’s inconceivably aligned with the global disrupters, who are known to willfully endorse the mainstay of crimes against humanity.

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The lackluster response from the Trump administration was both disheartening and suspicious.

The talking points settled on the sentiment that a human life violently cut short wasn’t worth the severe consequences that would be amassed from the loss of “millions and millions of dollars” and the “tremendous” number of jobs that would be erased from the broken ties with an oil rich Muslim-majority country.

“Saudi Arabia is a longstanding partner of ours in the region.”

And even after this glaring warning that officially secures Saudi Arabia’s long-held pact of threatening behavior, that has spanned decades, with the inclusion of the 9/11 tragedy, that was spearheaded by Saudi-born Osama bin Laden, and his brothers in faith who also hailed from the same territory — Esper isn’t considering withdrawing US troops from the epicenter of global terror.

Money talks!

The Saudi Royal family can get away with murder in the same way that Donald Trump could escape legal consequences for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue in the town that no longer claims him.

Saudi Arabia isn’t an ally of the United States.

We are being used as pawns for Trump to casually move around, in accordance with what suits his palette as a wealthy trust fund baby, who enjoys being president for the health of his ego.

We need to take this shit seriously because it could get us all killed.

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