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Why Trump’s Coddling of Saudi Arabia Needs To Be Taken Seriously

We are living in unprecedented times. I often ponder how historians will aptly lecture my young nieces, decades from now, about how we barely survived the tumultous era of the gangster Trump years.

There’s also the clear and present danger of accommodating the mood swings of an incompetent and reckless “Commander-in-Chief,” who has scarily been allowed the authority to consistently break the rules and policies of his preferred platform.

These regulations are in place to protect vulnerable engagers from the wrath of terrorizers.

Trump’s one and only job is to fast and furiously produce hourly summations of how he really feels about the fact that he’s being held accountable for his “high crimes and misdemeanors.” And why all it takes is a thorough read and re-read of the damning evidence.

But aside from how the worst president in the soiled history of this country is faring in this hostile climate, that he orchestrated with his biblically hate-filled rhetoric, we must be more focused on how truly fucked we will be, if Donald Trump is gifted another four years.

The articles of impeachment were recently published for the world to see, and the House Judicial Committee, led by Chairman Jerry Nadler, are presenting two strikes against the president:

  1. Abuse of power.
  2. Obstruction of Congress.

Trump clearly violated his oath of office by conspiring with a foreign country like a mangy coward, on the hunt for the shit that could potentially destroy Joe Biden, in order to guarantee his re-election to the once-illustrious office that he has irrevocably defaced.

We are never, ever going to regard the office of the presidency with the same sense of reverence that traditionally anointed the disposition of the honorary members of that distinguished club.

The United States of America is now the globally recognized punchline, thanks to the walking disaster, who is White enough to successfully evade the emergency mechanisms, that would’ve been initiated if the first ever Black president happened to be a seasoned criminal, who repeatedly discards the law of the land.

And while there’s never a day that passes when “breaking news” doesn’t announce yet another jarring update, that verifies the enabled nefariousness of this toxic administration, we have to pay extra attention to the problematic nature of international affairs.

The love affair between America’s Liar-in-Chief, and North Korea’s ruthless dictator, Kim Jong-un has always been one-sided, even though the younger brat, has condescendingly hosted the cerebral wackiness of his much older opponent.

It appears that Trump has a soft spot and organic attraction to notorious leaders, who are prone to murderous tendencies as a way to assert their absolute power.

When “Rocket Man” insisted that he wasn’t aware of how American student Otto Warmbier ended up in the comatose state that killed him, Trump didn’t bother to challenge the validity of that statement, despite the prior invitation to the bereaved parents to attend the state of the union address.

And now things have gotten even more precarious as Kim Jong-un and his faithful aides publicly mock the stupid ass American president, who needs to be reminded about how dreadfully unprepared and incapable he is when it comes to playing chess with the masters.

North Korea is gleefully whipping the ass of a former super power by coercing the mandated allegiance that wasn’t so seamless back in the day when “world police” was still a thing.

Not only have there been more “long-range missile tests” with the latest one happening some days ago, there’s also been the effective dismantling of the enviable attributes that defined this nation as the negotiator for peace talks and treaties, leading to monumental deals worthy of historical achievements.

Camp David used to be the preferred location for these high-stakes meetings of noble minds, as opposed to the chosen venue for the wedding anniversary celebration of misplaced White House staffers.

Bet you had no idea that Trump dishonorably rejected the opportunity to embody the role that his more humane predecessors maintained during their terms, when it came to being the enforcer for human rights at the most basic level.

It’s been confirmed that at the last minute, Trump decided not to proceed with the United Nations Security conference, that could only commence after he signs the document that approves the much-needed investigation into North Korea’s proven track record of human rights violations.

Eight security council member states were represented but the ninth signature was missing.

This is obviously troubling when you consider the message it sends, and how frightening it is to realize that we are now citizens of a country that’s inconceivably aligned with the global disrupters, who are known to willfully endorse the mainstay of crimes against humanity.

Vladimir Putin is currently toasting his victorious takeover, as he surveys the ruins that serve as evidence of how he installed Donald Trump for the benefit of reducing the thorn in his side to rubble.

Donald Trump is merely a puppet in this very intricate scheme, and so far the rallied puppeteers are winning by a land slide.

We can definitely assign Saudi Arabia the crown for the routine attacks that are able to be carried out under the nonchalance of the American president, who is greedy enough to cosign the senseless deaths of American-based victims, who will never have the law on their side.

It wasn’t that long ago that Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi journalist, and Washington Post columnist was horrifically slaughtered at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by hired thugs who were carrying out the murderous directives of the Saudi government.

The lackluster response from the Trump administration was both disheartening and suspicious.

The talking points settled on the sentiment that a human life violently cut short wasn’t worth the severe consequences that would be amassed from the loss of “millions and millions of dollars” and the “tremendous” number of jobs that would be erased from the broken ties with an oil rich Muslim-majority country.

Rumor has it that Jared Kushner, the president’s diligent son-in-law, was the point person for the public relations clean up, on behalf of his bestie, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who has been labeled by the FBI as the instigator of Khashoggi’s plotted demise.

Of course the Crown Prince denies the allegations, and Trump readily supports whatever Saudi Arabia fabricates. His traitorous behavior proves his disdain and disrespect for his own intelligence community, which was on full display in Helsinki, when he infamously bowed down to Putin, despite that slight issue of Russian interference.

It’s also quite obvious that Trump hates journalists who fearlessly speak out against injustice, and the maniacal leaders, who fuel their narcissism as the vehicle that causes mass destruction and the caging of migrant children.

Jamal Khashoggi was adamant about exposing the criminality of the Saudi government, and the chaos and mayhem stemming from his activism caused him to seek asylum abroad.

Trump probably wishes he had the power to diminish the rights of the organizations that he calls “enemy of the people,” and in some sick, twisted way, he admires the stationed henchmen, who are able to silence the valiant voices in their midst.

The Trump administration also refuses to strongly condemn the tragic actions of Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a member of the Saudi military, who was training at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida, when in the early hours of the morning, he opened fire, killing three classmates, Mohammed Sameh Haitham, 19, Cameron Scott Walters, 21, Kaleb Watson, 23.

The launched investigation is ongoing, but while we wait, we can assume that the suspect from Saudi Arabia was willing to perish, while implementing a terrorist act against his gracious host country.

But Trump and his shameless helpers are desperate to stay neutral with the goodwill campaign that began prematurely with the damning tweets by the compromised president, who was quite pleased with the predicable response from the Saudi royal family.

But even more troubling is how even Secretary of Defense Mike Esper, is reluctant to admit what we all know is true. He doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. He prefers to allow the process to play out because Saudi Arabia is the ace in the game of valuable resources, that once again can’t be fucked with for the buzzkill of human lives lost.

“Saudi Arabia is a longstanding partner of ours in the region.”

And even after this glaring warning that officially secures Saudi Arabia’s long-held pact of threatening behavior, that has spanned decades, with the inclusion of the 9/11 tragedy, that was spearheaded by Saudi-born Osama bin Laden, and his brothers in faith who also hailed from the same territory — Esper isn’t considering withdrawing US troops from the epicenter of global terror.

Interesting that Trump and his storm troopers are aggressive about their coddling of Saudi Arabia, when you contemplate how swiftly the word “terrorism” would’ve been circulated if the radicalized infiltrator had been born in any of the Muslim-majority territories, that are on the Muslim ban list.

Money talks!

The Saudi Royal family can get away with murder in the same way that Donald Trump could escape legal consequences for shooting someone on Fifth Avenue in the town that no longer claims him.

We have to take this shit seriously because of how it affects our present and future.

We can honestly say that we don’t know if the Democrats will be able to legally remove Trump from office because White supremacy is a formidable foe that hasn’t be vanquished.

But we can agree that our precious democracy and targeted national security is at risk, and that has everything to do with the questionable conduct of a rogue presidency that was built on the premise of #MAGA.

Donald Trump is in love with the addictive formula of lawlessness and as long as he has access to the gatekeepers of that harmful virus, we can bet on the imminent danger ahead.

Saudi Arabia isn’t an ally of the United States.

We are being used as pawns for Trump to casually move around, in accordance with what suits his palette as a wealthy trust fund baby, who enjoys being president for the health of his ego.

We need to take this shit seriously because it could get us all killed.

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