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Why Trump’s Aid Package For Puerto Rico Is a Shameless Bribe

Trump isn’t the one to stealthily reveal his underlining motives, and now that November 3rd is fast approaching, it’s clear that the Thug-in-Chief will stop at nothing to claim another four years in The House that’s he and his henchmen have defaced beyond recognition.

The Trump administration’s highly-touted Israel-UAE-Bahrain deal, that has been declared “the dawn of a new Middle East” by the Liar-in-Chief,” who illegally smuggled his daughter, Ivanka and her creepy hubby Jared Kushner, who orchestrated this latest “feat” — into advisory positions that never passed the test of security clearances is basically the publicity stunt for the ages.

Yes, you can refer to the “deal” as historic based on the main ingredients in the brew that has been stirring for some time to no avail.

But to even raise Trump’s worthiness as a nominee for the 2021 Noble Peace Prize as per a not-so-secret admirer and fellow far-right enthusiast, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament is seriously demented, not to mention blatantly biased, when you consider the source.

Nobody said it better than Donald Trump’s very own sister, Maryanne Trump Barry.

The former United States federal judge didn’t hold back her contempt and distrust when discussing her brother’s attributes, during an unknowingly taped conversation with her niece and family troublemaker, Mary Trump, who has since released a bestselling book that graphically captures the celebrated exploits of her uncle.

Holy shit is right!

What a bummer that the two people responsible for bringing this national terror and global disrupter into a world they no longer reside in, are conveniently spared the dire consequences of their awful creation.

Trump’s estranged older sister was right on the money when she pointed out how her bullish brother is more committed to “appealing to his base,” regardless of how it exposes his racism and damning tendencies, as the world’s most dangerous influencer.

We’ve seen it in the way he radicalizes white males with murderous intentions that translate into hate crimes.

The unfortunate events of Charlottesville, VA and the same day terror that befell a Walmart in El Paso, TX and the shooting massacre in Dayton, OH two years later, will forever be a stain on the Trump presidency.

Trump’s campaign message was embraced by white America’s for its bold derogatory themes against Black and Brown citizens, migrants, Muslims both at home and abroad and basically anyone who counters the mission statement of #MAGA.

This explains the utter disdain Trump has for Puerto Rico, which was on wild display days after Hurricane Maria did its worst in 2017, and surviving islanders were left with a slaughtered landscape, a mounting death toll, and destroyed infrastructure that left most of the embattled territory in ruins.

Trump and his wife Melania, who infamously wore the jacket stamped with the words “I Really Don’t Care, Do You?” during her controversial visit to comfort the migrant kids her husband was torturing at the border, both managed to stop by the ravaged island to provide nothing that resembled empathy.

Instead of paying respects to the dead, and reassuring those who barely survived of his support and concern, Trump chose to engage the crowd in a nonsensical and demeaning game that involved tossing paper towels to those who evidently needed the freebies, while waiting for the tangible assistance that would take too long to arrive.

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Trump’s criminal response to the national emergency that he deviously downplayed, while meeting with government officials in Puerto Rico is something that should be thoroughly investigated with the examinations of how FEMA also enabled the gross negligence, that undoubtedly resulted in more senseless deaths in the aftermath of the mammoth storm.

We can’t forget Trump’s Twitter spat with Carmen Yulin Cruz, San Juan’s long-suffering mayor, who didn’t resist any opportunity to raise the alarm, while her home city was crumbling from the debris of neglect.

Yulin Cruz exposed the fraudulence of the white nationalist president who was forcing the federal government to only recognize Puerto Rico as an expendable sliver of the United States.

Trump publicly dismissed the updated death count of islanders, who had had either died from the deadliness of the storm or had succumbed to the consequences of being solely dependent on breathing machines or other vital hospital equipment that require uninterrupted supply of power.

The egomaniacal brute was more occupied with keeping his reputation intact, and accused Democrats of using the sobering data as a political weapon to invalidate his efforts to offer the bare minimum in financial aid to a dying island that he was tasked to restore back to life.

There was also the matter of the financial package that was eventually approved by Congress, and how Trump falsely boasted that he sent Puerto Rico, $92 billion to help repair the destruction from Hurricane Maria, when in reality, about $42.5 billon was allocated.

Trump doesn’t hold back his harsh criticisms of Puerto Rico’s political system, which he describes as “one of the most corrupt in the world,” with politicians labeled as “incompetent” and “corrupt” — descriptions that ironically define an American president, who embodies those very traits.

Almost immediately after Hurricane Maria, Trump proceeded to weaponize the vulnerability of an island that couldn’t afford the unfortunate event of weathering the debilitating recovery efforts from yet another natural disaster.

Puerto Rico’s outstanding debts took centerstage, thanks to Trump’s ability to live up to the scumbag he was raised to be.

“The U.S. will NOT bail out long outstanding & unpaid obligations with hurricane relief money!”

So when you take all the shit into account, and also consider the three-year sentence of outright rejection and scornful insults, that have been levied with the intent to brutalize the worthiness of Brown people, situated in a location that deems them a non-factor, it’s interesting to note Trump’s latest announcement.

After swearing up and down that he has denounced Puerto Rico’s corruption by vowing never to render aid, Trump has changed his tune with the recent $13 billion bundle in additional aid, as confirmed by Puerto Rico Gov. Wanda Vázquez Garced, who tweeted out the breaking news to her followers.

Of course it’s hard not to assess this timely gesture as Trump’s shameless bribe, merely weeks away from the most prolific election of our lifetime.

He is desperately making attempts to position himself as the Comforter-in-Chief, who cares so much for the citizens that he verbally assaulted and discarded not that long ago.

Trump actually blurted out that “Obama and Biden were a disaster for Puerto Rico” during his muddled news conference where he proudly verified his latest coup.


It’s hard not to smell the stench of disingenuousness, seeping through this latest ploy that was transparently orchestrated by a toxic administration, and Trump’s notorious campaign headquarters, with directives to sanitize the trashiness of their supreme leader.

Donald Trump is an acute threat to out national security, and as he freely weaponizes Twitter, by demonstrating the lethality of his absolute power through the daily flagged items, that are meant to deface our democracy and ridicule our voting power — a wearied nation has to brace for the stormy season ahead.

Puerto Rico needed the billions more in financial support after the wrath of Mother Nature reduced an already ailing island to rubble; and when vulnerable lives were hanging in the balance, due to loss of power, sudden homelessness, and the mental anguish stemming from the abrupt severing of access to basic amenities.

This grandiose offering in an effort to sweep away the historic atrocities commanded by a racist president with ulterior motives will not be nearly enough to right the inconceivable wrongs.

The bribery and corruption with the Ukraine president didn’t end in his removal from office, but Trump must sense the inevitable tide is turning against him.

Like they say, “payback is really that bitch!”

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