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Why Trump Should Get His Bloody Wall

President Donald Trump should get his bloody wall. A nice firm structure that’s dripping in blood red. He needs to get what he promised his base, so that we can go back to being the only country in the world that can handle violent deaths of citizens at the behest of gun violence and nationalized endorsement of domestic terrorism.


Maybe risking it all to come to the un-United States of America isn’t actually a worthy venture when you consider how you not only have to contend with life-threatening encounters, (two migrant children have perished at the borders), but once you get here, the fight to survive the odds are still imposingly against you.


But, wait, there’s more.

From the bomb packages that were delivered to predominately Black residents in Austin, Texas, to the knife attacks on Black women in transit at Metro stations, to the gruesome cold-blooded murder of two African-Americans at a grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky to the heartbreaking mass shooting at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Draylen Mason (center) was just 17 when he became another casualty of domestic terrorism in America
White men of America

Trump should get his bloody wall

He’s more than earned it. He’s had quite a ride on our watch, and the enablers that are behind the scenes and in front of the cameras are doing the most to ensure that White supremacy reigns without threats to the republic.

We are already dead.

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