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Why Trump Should Get His Bloody Wall

President Donald Trump should get his bloody wall. A nice firm structure that’s dripping in blood red. He needs to get what he promised his base, so that we can go back to being the only country in the world that can handle violent deaths of citizens at the behest of gun violence and nationalized endorsement of domestic terrorism.

Trump needs to get the funding for that wall because the humanitarian crisis only happens when Black and Brown lives collide with White people.

The 9-minute shit show, that networks readily agreed to broadcast because we can’t ever get enough soundbites from a White supremacist on the throne of power— included nothing new — except for the fact that we desperately need this bloated felon to finally receive the prize that will keep White America #TrumpAgain for 2020.

The nauseating telecast wasn’t a complete bust, especially when he dropped this gem:

“How much more American blood must we shed before Congress does its job?”

That’s an excellent question, Mr. President!

It’s also an interesting query from a supposed world leader, who is currently gassing the border in an effort to flood out migrants. These desperate and vulnerable beings are being demonized with buzz words and phrases, that are meant to criminalize them into expendables.

We’re not supposed to visualize the reality of helpless mothers, clutching their babies as they run for cover as the terrorists in uniforms carry out deadly orders — directly from their Commander-in-Chief.

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We’re not supposed to imagine what it’s like to barely escape the mayhem of war-torn territories that are unlivable — in search of peace and comfort in places that don’t condone the authority of a violent existence over the safety and livelihood of its citizens.


Maybe risking it all to come to the un-United States of America isn’t actually a worthy venture when you consider how you not only have to contend with life-threatening encounters, (two migrant children have perished at the borders), but once you get here, the fight to survive the odds are still imposingly against you.

Gun violence is a major crisis that fits the slot of American blood being shed for the sake of the wealthy and powerful, who aren’t ashamed to sacrifice tiny limbs to the NRA for the glory of retaining their high-profile statuses.

Are you ready to sober up?


2018 was by far the very worst when it comes to mass shootings in the very same country that boasts a nefarious leader, who isn’t at all interested in tackling the pending items that pose a bigger threat to the citizens that he cares nothing about.

Based on the data gathered from the US Naval Postgraduate School:

There were about 94 incidents of gun shootings in schools across the nation. This is notably a “record high” since data started being collected and officially reported in 1970. That horrifically high number is also 59 percent higher than the record high of 59, that was logged in back in 2006.

President Trump enjoys touting how illegal immigrants are committed to the assignment of snuffing out the lives of White Americans and stealing the jobs that would ordinarily be assigned to African-Americans and Hispanics.

We also can’t avoid what isn’t getting much play by the media, or Democrats, as we’re faced with a toxic administration that’s swiftly drafting up proposals, that will make it challenging for legal immigrants to claim green cards or citizenship.

Trump’s narrative has to be immersed in self-interests, and not distracted by the task of dutifully raising awareness of how gun violence ultimately destroys the lives of Americans — young and old — with a death count that should never be uttered out loud.

Again, 2018 was a bloody year of bloody deaths that surpassed expectations with the debilitating crisis that will not go away, even after the bloody barrier is erected for the betterment of the White bigot, who will gladly welcome undocumented Norwegians to help offset the disease of mixed races and shithole migrants.

Last year ended with the damning proof of the destructiveness of guns, through the brutal truth of how 55 lives were taken as a result of school shootings. The same institutions that are supposed to provide spiritual fulfillment and physical security to impressionable minds that are unfortunately set up for episodes that are calculatingly tragic.

The second-highest death count as a result of gun violence in schools was 1993 with 40 lives lost.

At this point, as we organize the landscape of chaos with the intent of cohesive interpretation, we can own the fact that we’re embodying an era that produces at least one mass shooting a day.

Based on the findings of The Gun Violence Archive:

There were about 328 mass shootings in 2018. This explains the death count of 365 Americans, with about 1,301 injured.

The United States is the only developed nation that is being crippled by the dire effects of weak gun laws. Background checks are barely enforced, and while President Trump is obsessed with getting the billions needed to create the barrier that will save White lives, he and the GOP aren’t at all concerned about erecting the barriers necessary to prevent weaponry from ending up in the wrong hands.

And so the leader of a nation that rivals war-ravaged wastelands like Yemen when it comes to boasting the “highest number of civilian firearms per 100 residents,” basically wasted valuable airtime by spewing out the senseless rhetoric about “illegal drugs” and thousands of phantom terrorists; overrunning the borders with maddening speed, with goals to overpower heroic border agents with gas masks securely fastened.

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But, wait, there’s more.

From the bomb packages that were delivered to predominately Black residents in Austin, Texas, to the knife attacks on Black women in transit at Metro stations, to the gruesome cold-blooded murder of two African-Americans at a grocery store in Louisville, Kentucky to the heartbreaking mass shooting at a Jewish synagogue in Pittsburgh.

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Draylen Mason (center) was just 17 when he became another casualty of domestic terrorism in America

Hate crimes have been rising steadily since we elected a White supremacist as president, with a notable 17 percent increase in 2017, as evidenced in the 2,013 attacks aimed at African-Americans, while 938 were directed at Jewish Americans.

In 2016, law enforcement logged in 6,126 reported hate crimes, and in 2018 that number increased to 7, 175.

And for those who aren’t convinced that domestic terrorism at the hands of White male terrorists is a real issue that remains untouched, due to the gross negligence of a system that continues to thrive under the banner of how Black lives never matter, pay attention to these numbers:

59.6% of “hate crime” incidents were motivated by bias against race, ethnicity or ancestry.

Crimes motivated by a victim’s religion constituted 20.6% of attacks, and crimes against a person’s sexual orientation made up 15.8%.

As a Black woman with Black relatives, living in a country that has ready-made hashtags as the flag to drape over the coffin that contains either my bullet-ridden body or the knife wounds that illustrate how hard I fought to survive my attacker — it’s incredibly offensive to hear a White bigot with the title of “president,” indulge in the privilege of hijacking precious time for the quest of sharing misleading information.

Trump is able to incite fear in Americans, as if being afraid isn’t already a well-learned trait that’s automatically branded to our fragile station.

The dude who sounds and acts like a mob boss who is on the verge of losing his grip, doesn’t give two fucks about American workers, who are currently navigating the treacherous waters of discontent without paychecks, and the daunting possibility of missing out on life events — due to the bruised ego of a man-baby.

White males in high places are coddled beyond comprehension in a society that willingly engages in this practice, at the expense of those who can’t afford to die in order to maintain the status quo, that dictates the supremacy of Whiteness above all else.

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White men of America

President Trump was actually flexible enough to consider the wellbeing of others above his own, but then reverted back to character when Fox News hit him hard in the face, and the venom-laced tweets from Ann Coulter, blasted his ego to bits.

So here we are, feting the vengeful wiles of a cowardly lion, who uses the vulnerability of Black and Brown lives as bait to encourage White male terrorists to engage in domestic terrorism.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was 100 percent accurate in her assessment during the 60 Minutes segment with Anderson Cooper, where she answered the question about whether or not she would classify the president as “a racist.”

“When you look at the words that he uses, which are historic dog whistles of white supremacy, when you look at how he reacted to the Charlottesville incident, where neo-Nazis murdered a woman, versus how he manufactures crises like immigrants seeking legal refuge on our borders, it’s — it’s night and day.”

The media and power-hungry politicians on both sides may feel the need to condemn the brutal honesty of a young woman, who doesn’t give a damn about prettying up the facts — but no matter where you fall in the spectrum of truths — there’s no way to ignore the indisputable facts.

Trump should get his bloody wall

He’s more than earned it. He’s had quite a ride on our watch, and the enablers that are behind the scenes and in front of the cameras are doing the most to ensure that White supremacy reigns without threats to the republic.

Vice president Mike Pence is an utter disgrace as he grapples with the final years of an administration that he’s sleepwalking through, with eyeballs that are glazed over from the lies — oozing out of every pore of his slimy template.

The disgusting women of Trump’s cabinet, who represent the mission statement of White feminism, that instructs the tolerance of watching Brown babies caged under lock and key, while others breathe in poisonous chemicals, or simply succumb to curable symptoms of festered diseases — will have to atone for their sins after history vilifies their names.

The first lady is a shitty human, who hides in the castle of ruins, while pretending to be useful to faraway children, through her laughable ploy of the #BeBest initiative, that only serves as the ironic nail in the coffin to a legacy that future generations will mock to shreds.

The wall needs to be funded because that money will not be delivered to the lives at stake, that are bordered in a country that releases innocent school children to classrooms that are staged for gun battles. The funding for our lives will not be used to train law enforcement officers to take extra precaution, when dealing with mentally-ill citizens, who are unarmed, and not deserving of death by Taser or multiple gun shots.

The wall needs to be funded so that the ignorant fucks that voted for Donald Trump will finally comprehend how and why the border crisis can’t compete with the activated national crisis, that could end their lives the minute they make the ill-fated decision to stop by Walmart on their home from work.

The wall needs to be funded. We don’t need the money for anything else. We already had Charlottesville, and the outing of the president as a White nationalist.

We are already dead.

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