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Why Trump Really Invited The Taliban To Camp David

The world is on fire. We can assign some of the blame to the frightening repercussions of the formidable crisis known as climate change because it’s impossible to escape the glaring evidence of dangerously erratic weather patterns, that are uprooting the once-solid foundations, that housed hundreds of thousands of scarred humans, who are presently repurposed zombies stuck in a pulverized existence.

Despite the trendiness of wellness and wellbeing that aims to provide the tools to perfected mental elevation, we as Americans, have to contend with the mammoth storm of the century that made landfall when Donald Trump became our polarizing reality.

It was all fun and games with the former reality TV star being able to leverage his very bad behavior with the boost of award-winning ratings, that signaled the profitably of casting an ill-mannered, incompetent and racist nincompoop for the role of Commander-in-Chief, instead of the boring and dull candidate, who had trained all her life for the job.

But the early days of the Trump presidency didn’t rely on modest means for the delivery of horrific fare that was furnished with the activation of White terrorism that hit Charlottesville, Virginia with the accompaniment of the newly-minted president’s confirmation that White people who kill on behalf of White power are “very fine people.”

Fast forward to the more than half-way point of this toxic administration, and the mood swings of a diseased nation is proof of how our worst days are ahead.

While the media is entranced by the spectacle of righteously staged debates that give the cluttered presidential hopefuls more opportunity to remind us of why we are truly fucked, Trump is freely utilizing his preferred platform of engagement as the weapon of mass destruction.

Why haven’t we bothered to really examine why it was so urgent to secretly arrange that ill-fated meeting between the Taliban and the U.S. president at Camp David, just days away from the profoundly somber event of the 9/11 anniversary?

The back and forth has been happening for awhile, and even if the meeting had been carried out without any interruptions there’s no way that it would’ve ended any differently than the other over-hyped scenarios with global disrupters like North Korea, where protocols were breached for the thrill of historic photo ops and the exchange of love letters that have yielded zero results.

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History will not be kind to this image

Four days before the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed more than 3,000 Americans, Trump sent out an unnerving tweet that illustrated why it’s almost impossible to concentrate on the task of an impending election cycle when our very lives are in peril.

The Taliban leaders were disinvited after they confessed to coordinating an attack in Kabul that killed 12 people including an American soldier. In a series of tweets about the cancelled meeting, Trump questioned “what kind of people would kill so many to seemingly strengthen their bargaining position?”

It appears that the president was in over his head when he demanded to bring a gang of terrorists to U.S. soil without properly vetting the pros and cons of such a high risk endeavor. Some have speculated that former national security advisor, John Bolton was unceremoniously fired because of his refusal to endorse the unfathomable recklessness displayed by his boss.

Regardless of what incited Bolton’s abrupt dismissal, we can absolutely assume that Trump isn’t being monitored by those around him because of the need to cater to the bullish wiles of a man-baby for the benefit of keeping those unsightly tantrums at a minimum.

But what exactly does that mean for vulnerable American citizens, who have to be prepared for the end of the world because of the likelihood that something nefariously vile is brewing in the “House of Horrors” under the command of an empowered renegade, who doesn’t have to follow any rulebook or apply common sense to his style of governing.

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey has pretty much made it known that attempting to regulate Trump isn’t an option worth considering. When previously asked about his reluctance to enforce the rules and policies on the world’s most popular user, despite the recognizable traits of online terrorism emanating from Trump’s dysfunctional account, Dorsey casually explained why it’s mandatory to have indisputable proof of the president’s method of engagement without interference.

The office of the presidency has been reduced to smithereens by a failed New York businessman who was ready to negotiate with terrorists at Camp David because of the desperation to exceed the excellence of his Black predecessor, Barack Obama, who achieved the amazing feat of orchestrating the series of events that led to the vengeful killing of America’s tormentor and mastermind of the 9/11 attacks — Osama bin Laden in 2011.

Trump has never hidden the emotional turmoil of realizing how he will always be unfavorably compared to a Black man, who was a natural born leader and scholar with the winning attributes that secures the halo of distinction everywhere he goes.

This is why he continuously lashes out without restraint, and with the levied accusations on the Obama administration that are founded on the principles of fake news, anchored by a screaming toddler who can’t accept the burden of his inadequacies.

The personal attacks began with the birther conspiracy, which was heightened by the transparency of a privileged White male with the blessing of White evangelists, who publicly condemned the Black man in the White House for not being the glowing representation of “Americanness” based on his skin color and the “Muslim-sounding” name that could be easily referenced as the mark of a terrorist.

And even after winning the title that used to be reserved for those who aren’t by any means perfect, but still possess the humility and humaneness that’s required to strive for the best possible outcome on behalf of those they swore to honor with their presence, President Trump is still committed to the pledge of weaponizing his office to serve his personal vendettas and corrupt agenda.

Trump invited the Taliban to Camp David on the down low because he wanted to prove his worthiness against Obama’s stellar track record. He wanted the chance to boastfully share his winnings with the assurance that no other president could come close to achieving the historic peace treaty, that would overtake anything that was drawn up before his epic revisions.

The lives of regular Americans don’t seem to matter when it comes to fulfilling the obligations of a criminalized establishment, and the supreme leader who won’t tolerate any hiccups in the form of spirited counsel from seasoned professionals, who seem to be inexplicably trapped in the role of shameless enablers.

Trump’s demonic obsession with former president Barack Obama is undeniably petty, but it’s also life-threatening because of how his motives are embedded in the unrealistic and ultra-dangerous assignment of brokering deals with a murderous group of militants, who thrive off of the global chaos that will take a hell of a lot more than high-stakes formalities at a guarded fortress to permanently conquer.

Roundtables that revolve with dizzying redundancy at prominent news organizations failed to link Trump’s latest exploits with his desire to distract from the ongoing lovefest for his sorely missed and beloved nemesis.

And now with the recent attack on Saudi Arabia’s prized oil supply, implemented by the Houthi movement that participated in the Yemeni Revolution of 2011, and also regards another major headache in the global realm, Iran, as staunch allies; we are once again besieged with the never-ending rants of an inefficient leader. Trump truly believes that documented his days in the boardroom with studio lights, and the supporting cast answering to his every requests has prepared him for the complexities of life and death negotiations.

Trump has been consistently dedicated to the annoying habit of not leaving much to the imagination of deadly detractors, who have to be quite amused at the blindingly tragic downfall of a former super power and world police, under the tutelage of White nationalism, and the supremacy that appoints an incoherent White male in the seat of power as the ammunition against ethnic cleansing.

The United States of America is a leaderless nation, and it will stay that way until the revolution that will sweep in with the commanding burst of a hurricane.

While Trump keeps tweeting threats to Iran without the backing of strategic planning while cursing out advisers and lawmakers who dare to challenge his criminality, we have to hold our breaths through the nationalized mayhem and hope that someone or something will overwhelm this season of terrorism, that’s escalating with each debate that warns of what we can’t expect in 2020.

As of now we don’t have a superhero, who diligently stands above the rest with the patriotism that alerts vandalized communities of the imminent arrival of their savior.

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Was it all a dream??

We just have a madman in the White House who is a self-professed White nationalist, and an array of Democratic contenders who are already worn out with the strain of over-exposure from the tools of our discontent that makes everything seem just as awful as it really is.

President Trump’s burning hatred for the first-ever Black president is the main ingredient in this cataclysmic affair that will erupt into the virus that will cost lives.

If you’re in doubt, just ask Jack Dorsey. He has all the receipts.

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