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Jabin Botsford for Washington Post

Why Trump Needed To Test Positive For COVID

Don’t be afraid, he says!

I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from the mind-blowing spectacle, featuring the Terrorizer-in-Chief’s televised departure from Walter Reed Medical Center on Marine One.

He was adamant about staging his heroic return to his infected battleship, where he will continue his attacks on wearied families, who’ve sadly lost loved ones to a disease that’s being recklessly categorized by their terrorizer as a slightly worst version of the flu.

So let’s backtrack to Donald Trump’s admission that he and his beloved Melania were indeed stricken with COVID-19, and how that became the expected ripple effect that would expose a growing list of infected members of a toxic administration and scandalous party.

From former Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway to current White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, there’s the expectation that there will be many more unfortunate announcements to come, although it has been reported that a White House memo allegedly forbids staffers from publicly declaring their positive test results.

But Donald Trump was more than willing to tweet out his potential health crisis in the wee hours of Saturday morning, and thus began the wild saga about the “sick” U.S. president who didn’t seem nearly as bed-ridden as UK’s Boris Johnson, who also contracted the deadly virus and barely survived that life-altering encounter.

While the media spent countless hours picking the brains of medical experts to dissect and confirm the seriousness of Trump’s health condition, given his disadvantages of advanced age and obesity, the Thug-in-Chief was busy strategizing the more efficient ways to capitalize on his deflection tactics.

It was a silly mistake for the Biden campaign to graciously pull those negative ads in response to Trump’s sudden and timely update, because of how scarily high the stakes have been since the Oath of Office was recited by an unstable reality TV star.

You have to go full throttle when dealing with a formidable beast, who can’t be thwarted by a deadly disease that he refuses to recognize for what it really is because of his obsession to win a second term. The momentum to the finish line can’t afford the unnecessary detour.

So…Trump needed to test positive for COVID-19.

We can speculate all day into the night about how mild or severe Trump’s symptoms were or still are. But what can’t be disputed is the gross negligence on display by this rogue administration, that has spent months under the guidance of a supreme leader, who mocked coronavirus from Day 1 — relentlessly downplaying lifesaving measures of wearing masks and social distancing.

What is unfolding at ground zero, also known as The House Of Horrors is anything but shocking, when you consider the recent high-profile events that have taken place at that location, including the closing festivities of the Republican National Convention and the formal ceremony to introduce SCOTUS nominee, Amy Coney Barrett.

Donald Trump needed to test positive in order to remerge as the hailed hero by his idiotic supporters, who will soak up the narrative of how their supreme leader beat the unbeatable, thereby further reducing the acute lethality of COVID.

It will now be shopped as the non-threatening illness that can be easily cured with high-tech drugs that the Trump administration readily approved for the benefit of the elite who are able to afford those luxuries.

That was the plan all along, and Trump hasn’t lost any time assigning himself as the selfless mascot, who bravely weathered the easy peasy period of a deadly virus, that’s still a mystery to those who are tasked with solving the riddle that apparently an incompetent oaf has mastered, to the point that he has added extra years to his appalling existence.

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Testing positive for COVID was the best thing to happen to Trump because of how he has been gifted with superpowers he didn’t know he had, until he was hit with the same illness that killed over 200,000 Americans, who died from the botched response that should elicit criminal charges for gross negligence.

Upon his discharge from Walter Reed, Trump ceremoniously arrived at ground zero and proceeded to walk up the grand staircase with all the strength he could muster. And then he triumphantly removed his mask, as the grand gesture to reaffirm how his “sickness” won’t revise the dangerous messaging from White House communications.

Following CDC guidelines with unwavering consent is not part of Trump’s agenda, and even after his evidently bothersome vital signs at the peak of his bout with COVID, the Terrorizer-in-Chief felt compelled to reiterate his stance against maximizing his superpowers for the overall safety of an ailing nation.

Even worse are the series of unsightly tweets that serve as the traitorous proof of why Donald Trump’s brief entanglement with the virus of our discontent will get thousands more killed, while he’s allowed to bounce back and thrive, thanks to the blessings of his distorted title.

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Far less fortunate citizens who can’t seamlessly coerce the IRS to permit the privilege of decades-long tax evasion are being bamboozled by a con man, who has tragically hijacked the national narrative with the pollution that falsely devalues the mightiness of COVID.

It’s really a terrible case of the flu, he says! Look how many people die from the flu every year! We just have to learn to adjust to this monstrous virus that has killed more than 200,000 on my watch, because we can’t protect ourselves any longer!

And if we need to be convinced of how harmless COVID really is, all we have to do is look at the celebrated buffoon, who successfully ended the active conversations about how his unwillingness to denounce white supremacy, and the fact that he paid only $750 in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017.

The unrested souls of the dead, who didn’t stand a chance against the potent tyranny of the Trump administration deserve justice.

Voting for Joe Biden may not sound all that appealing, but I beseech you to consider the unfathomable alternative, and settle on whether or not you can tolerate what that looks like.

The death toll from the deadliness of Donald Trump, including lives lost to the rapid rise of hate crimes since 2016 is sobering and senseless.

He will not stop until more of us are dead — so what’s the alternative?

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