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Why Trump is Getting Away With Murder

Hate crimes are rapidly rising across the nation

It shouldn’t be shocking that President Donald J. Trump was not only able to stand next to a murderous dictator and sing his praises by reiterating his confidence in Putin’s “extremely strong” denial of attacking America’s democracy — but he also undermined the capabilities of the U.S. intelligence agencies on foreign soil.

Trump hates America.

His anthem of “Making America Great Again” coupled with the promise to put “America First” no longer holds any value after his disastrous European getaway, and while his remaining supporters will continue to shield the truth from their eyes, under the veil of Whiteness, the rest of us who don’t factor into the equation of being “Great Again” will have to settle for unfiltered mayhem.

As the gasp heard around the world continues to elevate the conversation about the man-baby who was rich enough to buy his presidency despite being woefully unfit to lead anything except his gold-plated gold carts — the terror at home is getting more terrifying by the day.

Cable networks have remained committed to the atrocities of Trump’s toxic administration, and while valid items like the immigration crisis and governmental inefficiencies continue to stay active — there’s also a broader spectrum of events that are even more vital — and yet they’re being systematically swept under the rug of gross negligence.

Trump is getting away with murder.

He ran a campaign that’s still in full swing, as his damaging rhetoric continues to rely on generic buzz words, and the sound effects of tag lines, that are aimed at demonizing non-White Americans and those who dare to seek refuge from unlivable circumstances that force a mass exodus.

His derogatory remarks about Mexicans, that contained labels like “murderers” and “rapists” were part of his playbook of hits that paved the way for more missiles to hit other vulnerable communities — who were already buried in the debris of hate and bigotry — stemming from an intolerable climate that shackles them to the chest of terrorism.

The Muslim ban was one of Trump’s first assignments on his blotted agenda, and he followed through with unabashed sincerity as he proudly enforced the law that would prevent future terrorists from threatening his impeccable plan to uphold the principles of White supremacy.

When it comes to Black America, the work is minimal on the part of the president, since his allegiance to law enforcement has granted police officers and reckless White citizens — the authority to terrorize and kill Black people — at will.

We talk about the disease of gun violence and how the cure will never be initiated because of the NRA’s account of notable supporters who sleep very well at night — even if there are empty beds that are missing the bodies of young victims who are currently six feet under. Right after the Parkland High School shooting that left 17 students dead — President Trump met with the survivors of the massacre as well as bereaved parents — past and present — and during the session — there was every reason to believe that absolutely nothing was going to be accomplished.

Trump is a murderer. He may not be pulling the trigger, but the bullets bear his trademark.

He killed America during his ill-fated trip abroad. He killed the fabric of our democracy as he accepted the “honorable” embrace from deplorable dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin — while condemning the character and grace of our most valued allies. He killed the spirit of patriotism and unification that have been sustained by the fiber of the very dream that America is no longer able to summon on queue — due to the venom of a Commander who is Chiefly responsible for its demise.

Trump is able to get away with murder because the dead, the dying and those waiting to be slaughtered, fall under the category of America’s expendable.

It’s a fact that hate crimes are on the rise, and the rapid climb in the number of deadly incidences is the glaring proof of how normalized these disturbing headlines have become, as we settle into the comfort of viral videos — depicting crazy White people creating nonsensical scenarios with the aid of police officers — as Black and Brown Americans are chased away from their right to exist.

In the midst of our state of emergency — our national crisis is encrusted in the maze of disillusionment, confusion, acute disorder and the dismemberment of racial relations — that will surely continue in its quest to accumulate a devastating body count.

Hurricane Maria was the storm that debilitated the island of Puerto Rico, and it has been confirmed that the response of agencies on the heels of President Trump, who did his best to not only downplay the mass destruction and the heavy loss of lives, but also campaigned to withhold the level of assistance that was needed at the critical point that could’ve prevented those deaths — was direly ineffective.

As the official death count from Hurricane Maria continues to undergo tragic revisions, there’s also the matter of domestic terrorism and how the fact sheet presents alarming data that needs to be thoroughly examined.

It has been reported that as of 2017, at least nine mosques situated in major cities across the country, are targeted monthly, by the virus of terrorism, through forms of vandalism, threats or arson. We’ve seen this happen to a mosque in Ypsilanti, Michigan, after it was gutted by a bomb blast. Another incident happened in Tucson, Arizona, where a mosque was vandalized by a man who destroyed several copies of the Holy Quran.

And then the bomb blast that exploded in a mosque in Minnesota almost a year ago — after a homemade device was deposited at the Dar-Al-Farooq Center. The building was badly destroyed, and despite the explosion being timed to coincide with morning prayers — there were thankfully no casualties.

The most jarring aspect of this obvious hate crime is the fact that at the time of the incident, law enforcement flat out refused to confirm whether or not the mosque explosion would be investigated as a hate crime. This remarkably reckless thought process has also been assigned to the grazed mosque in Michigan, as law enforcement and the F.BI. refuse to charge the teenage boy who was finally apprehended — with a hate crime.

This righteously offensive stance by those who are tasked with keeping American citizens safe and secure both at home and abroad — is one of the reasons why the number of hate crimes paralyzing America’s largest cities — has spiked — substantially.

According to USA Today:

Hate crimes have seen an increase in cities across the USA. In California alone, the number spiked 44 percent between 2014 and 2017, up to 1,093 hate crimes last year, the state’s attorney general’s office reported last week.

The total number of hate crimes in the 10 largest cities in America jumped in 2017, marking four straight years for an uptick in such incidents.

Having a president who publicly endorses the pursuits of White supremacists in the midst of a terribly hostile climate, has also helped to endanger the lives of Black and Brown Americans. White privilege dictates how Whiteness is the currency of the streets — and in order to maintain his loyal base — Trump must adhere to the rules that got him a first class ticket to The White House.

He must continue his murderous streak of spewing out damning language that plays to the orchestra of the illiterate and ignorant — who truly believe that White America is almost close to extinction — because of the filtering in of filthy immigrants from shithole countries — and of course the threats from Muslim-Americans who are terrorists-in-training.

There’s also this from USA Today:

The rise in hate crimes in late 2016 was linked to a growth in Russian Facebook ad purchases designed to promote stereotypes about Muslim communities in the U.S.

And so we come back to Russian meddling in America’s democracy and the trust that has been broken between the man who killed his country — the moment he meekly backed out of the opportunity to put “America First” — in the face of great calamity — that is still infecting the motherboard of a country that has become dismally unrecognizable to panicked historians — alike.

As Black pain remains the top commodity for demand and supply, and Muslims continue to be berated by incoherent passersby in random places, like hospitals, while fearing for their lives each time they attempt to commence morning prayers —and while long-suffering Puerto Ricans — ravaged by the aftermath of a thunderous storm, continue to languish among the evidence of their disposability — the President of the United States will retain control of his murderous regime because of the validity of White privilege.

Trump is able to get away with regulating the country he’s supposed to be overseeing to autopilot status — as we drift through the climate of disorder — as the inevitable crash stays on the horizon.

That’s what White Privilege gets us. And we just have to take it. Accept that a White male is allowed plenty more fuck ups.

Black lives don’t matter and everyone else that can’t possibly sign up for the privileges of White America is just as screwed, and the system has been transformed into a 24/7 viral market — that thrives off of the brutal nature of crimes against humanity.

President Trump has blood on his hands. From the shores of Puerto Rico to the slippery streets that contain the DNA of souls that won’t rest until justice is served. The blood is a river of red that the GOP bathe in everyday without conscience — while the liberals are getting splashes of it that won’t wash off.

And until the murderer is captured — nothing will ever Make America Great Again.

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