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God chose the wrong one

Why Trump Is Getting Away With Global Lawlessness

Donald Trump was the perfect solution for what White conservatives with evangelical ties, desperately needed after enduring the infamy of a Black man as president, in the White House.

When you’re orchestrating the complete overhaul of traditionalized sensibilities in a bid to reinitiate the supremacy of White power, on the heels of historic residency that was supposed to be used as the perfect cover-up for behind-the-scenes schemes, the obvious method of coercion is to identify key components that can be easily broken down into the blinding confetti of destruction.

Christianity has always been the source of evil on earth, and it’s mostly due to the robed conspirators, who are able to turn the word of God into poisoned hooks of theories that exalt Whiteness under the premise that Jesus Christ was the untouchable White man, who was tasked with ritualistic schedules, that can be passed on to men who were created in his image.

Evangelicals are notorious for weaponizing their positions by exalting their ordained dispositions, and demonizing the various groups that don’t fall under the righteous umbrella of Anglo Saxon tendencies.

We can go back centuries, and highlight the criminalized institutions of the missionary system, and how that was used to shame Black and Brown territories, that were immersed in structural forms of worship that didn’t replicate the Church of England.

That questionable institution was ironically formed to satisfy the lustfulness of King Henry VIII, a raging bulldog, with a murderous appetite, and the audacity to truly believe that the world revolved around him.

Sound familiar?

Fast forward to the modern age, and we are being feted by the brutality of an updated version of that infamous English monarch, who beheaded human irritants for fun, and treated women like utter shit because he was born that way.

His Royal Highness was also pompous enough to be the founder of a whole new belief system, that secured the jeweled crown on his large head, and made him invincible.

President Trump has something else on his head that we all try not to focus on, but when it comes to his absolute power, and how he has been able to wield it in favor of Americans who are White enough to withstand the repercussions that their Black and Brown counterparts can’t evade — the true religion of old seems to vigorously defend the indefensible with the end goal of retaining the attributes of White supremacy — at all costs.

We are now embedded in Trump’s presidency, and the rap sheet of unforgivable acts continues to unfold with the blessing of those who are shamelessly providing the endorsement that secures the systematic extermination of populations, that remain prime targets of White terrorism.

Republicans are relying on the Church, as the staple of faith that converts into a massive missile that can strike without warning, and accumulate heaps of debris that symbolize how God was never consulted about the deadliness that He’s apparently hosting, with the robotic appendage of “thoughts and prayers,” as fitting memorials.

There’s no need to remain in limbo when trying to assess the meaning of what we’re enduring during these turbulent times because the answers lie in White evangelism; the purveyors of our existence who are currently carrying over their ancestral ties to the enslavement of bodies and souls.

There was never the abolishment of anything because you can evolve dysfunction into better functional keys that produce exactly what was meant to be dismantled, but has grown even more formidable with the wings of the Holy Spirit and the biblical vices that promote falsehoods that give oppressors the authority to blissfully oppress.

Trump was called to his station because of his stupidity, and the fact that he’s the scumbag salesman, who gives pastors of megachurches a run for their money in the realm of misleading followers who are paying dearly for what should be free of charge.

Looking back, we can examine the timeline and efficiently gauge the ascension of Candidate Donald Trump, which began with the heralded delivery of the birther conspiracy that was waged against President Obama.

That was the precursor to the current climate that has temperatures set within the scope of vilifying Americans who don’t represent the totality of what that means for the anthem of #MAGA.

And then it was onward to the folds of the kind of rhetoric that used to be reserved for casual laughs in the company of like-minded bigots who eventually get exposed through published recordings that reveal what was already assumed.

Candidate Trump didn’t want to reduce his showmanship skills to the echoes of modest venues.

He demands a gigantic megaphone for his grand performances, that feature certified hits, elevating the worth of Whiteness above all else with the praises to Jesus Christ, the original White dude, who started the religion that gives White people the valued currency that can’t be diminished by the threats of culture mixing via immigration laws that are now being reworked accordingly.

President Trump became even more primal in his quest for global dominion, with the swift initiation of the Muslim ban, and the “unverified” comments about “shithole” countries, as the next batch to escape the halls of a toxic administration. And then of course the endearing assessment of the White supremacists that terrorized Charlottesville was the unfiltered messaging, that would later be correlated to the moment that Trump proudly declared that he was indeed, a White nationalist.

But even as the devilish trajectory of the man that White evangelicals liken to the long-awaited “Messiah,” played out with fury in the months after our nationalized nightmare came to fruition, it was the blasphemous act of violence against Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, that left me speechless and frightfully aware of the sinister establishment holding the strings that can only move through the erratic brain cells of an empowered renegade.

We tend to welcome the aura of paranoia when it’s presented with reasonability, but I’ve become much more reliant on the notion that everything means something. And with the loss of control that forms from being an active user of the tools of engagement, it can’t be a fluke that social media platforms have evidently played a vital role in the grooming of White terrorism — both at home and abroad.

The disease of White supremacy is addictive, and there are more than enough Soldiers for Christ, who are ready to implement horrifying acts of martyrdom in the same fashion that incites Islamic militants to assemble for war.

The difference is that the President of the United States is now the supreme leader, who has turned a former world police into the epicenter of the deathly gallows, where online terrorism flourishes to keep crimes against humanity — activated.

Trump can’t be thwarted because of the designated White men in suits, holding their crosses around him, as he exacts his reign of terror using his preferred tool of manipulation, and with the complete assurance that breaking the rules and policies won’t result in his banishment.

The disgusting vile content that Trump deposits on his Twitter page is an affront to what ordinary users view as the basic right to a safe and civil atmosphere on platforms that are supposed to prevent the very worst from occurring.

And yet, the president can willfully post a graphically violent video that aligns Congresswoman Ilhan Omar with the horrifying events of 9/11 in a way that confirms the misleading narrative of how her status as a Muslim-American automatically translates to her inherent capability of becoming a future terrorist.

Those actions definitely qualify for an immediate disabling of the account responsible for stepping outside those boldly drawn lines, but Trump is still actively sharing venomous content from far-right groups, that are committed to entertaining terrorists-in-training with trashy fare, that’s distorted for the unreality that supports what their Commander-in-Chief, openly co-signs.

It’s always been about assuaging the fears of his base of deplorables, who elected him based on his promise to suffocate the wellness of Black and Brown citizens, with cultural ties to shithole territories, and the desperate migrants, who are overpowering border patrol with over-stuffed caravans of diseased Brown bodies.

When four Congresswoman of color, including Ilhan Omar, received the demeaning remarks that encouraged them to dismiss their American citizenship for their lowly stations as non-Americans, who are lucky to have been able to claim a heritage that only White people are privileged to amass — the world heard that announcement and only the God we know can divulge the extent of those damages.

But even this latest exploit that extends the narrative of why two Muslim women of color are barred from entering Israel on the strict orders of a U.S. president, who laid down the foundation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, is just another ploy to illustrate why fear and loathing are the fundamentals of White evangelism.

Imagine these crazy times that unleash the unfathomable in the form of a White privileged male, born with the sliver spoon that continues to spoon-feed his unregulated misdeeds that are allowed to prosper for the sake of preserving the potency of White supremacy.

Trump is demonizing two women of color, who made history with their admittance to Congress because of what they both represent to the establishment that hired him to take them out.

Donald Trump is the typical privileged toddler, who only believes in what will guarantee his wins.

He doesn’t even give a damn about religion. That explains why he’s besties with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, to the point that he refused to accept the blatant truth behind the slaughter of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi, because of how it would affect trade deals and cost America and the Trump family business, “billions and billions of dollars.”

But when it comes to #MAGA, all bets are off.

The plan is to maximize weaponry against “the squad” by assailing them with the repertoire of hate speeches that vilify their patriotism with fabricated allegations of how their fight for justice that encompasses ALL Americans, and those around the world that are suffering from methods of terrorism, is the standard default for enemies of Whiteness, who are polluting the godliness of a sovereign nation.

It’s a damn shame that Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are being treated deplorably by the administration that has rejected the honorable mandate of dutifully upholding the Americanness of the two hampered citizens, who have now been allocated as expendables by roving terrorists, who are noting why Muslim-Americans should be labeled as “enemies of the state.”

Trump is using his presidency as the ultimate killer machine, and tech CEOs like Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg have outed themselves as willing participants in the demise of the vision of America, that was meant to withstand this hellish era of systematic extortion.

The road that has brought us to this dangerous checkpoint with most of us lacking bullet-proof gear, was paved by the percentage of Whiteness that can afford to pay for the ability to harbor a fellow felon, who can operate his regime with the ammunition of hate that couldn’t possibly have fared this well without the global gems of usernames and passwords.

We are engaged in this battle for supremacy against the supremacist who is preparing the world for his second-coming in 2020.

As long as we scroll past the marks of our being with scanned indentations, there will be nowhere to hide.

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