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Why Trump Finally Wearing a Mask is Bullshit

Who is he fooling?

So after almost five months of a hellish existence, exacerbated by the notorious antics of a rogue presidency that has spent the duration of this global pandemic, dangerously downplaying the high risks of not social distancing and opting not to wear face covering — the mastermind behind our “code red” status has finally decided to wear a mask!

Donald Trump, the Idiot-in-Chief, who just weeks ago, infamously mocked presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and wife Jill for walking around in public with the required shield that protects the lives of cautious citizens — seems to have been forced into complying with simple rules.

It happened during his well-documented visit to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center , where he met with health care workers and their patients.

The dramatic footage of “Darth Vader” menacingly marching down the hall in the company of uniformed personnel also donning lifesaving accessories has been received with mixed reviews.

Some in mainstream media congratulated Trump on his “presidential gear,” while others slammed the praises heaped on a hypocritical, bullish oaf, who shamelessly flips the script to suit his nefarious agenda, which inspires packaged lies from White House communications.

Before his photo op display at Walter Reed, Trump gave an interesting answer about why he FINALLY decided to wear a mask, after months of showcasing his superhero skills, at the expense of foolish supporters, who gladly assemble at over-crowded rallies with the silly belief of God’s blessing.

“I’ve never been against masks but I do believe they have a time and a place.”

But back in April when it was emphatically enforced that wearing masks and social distancing was the only way to stand a chance at minimizing the spread of an out-of-control virus — Trump was adamantly against responsibly utilizing his powerful position for the betterment of citizens.

The messaging from The White House was and still is concentrated on politicizing Covid-19 by demonizing proven measures that were supposed to keep it from becoming what it eventually became with more than 136,000 dead Americans — and counting.

Trump is convinced that the reluctance by administrative officials to fully reopen schools without consideration for the complications involved is a devious political ploy that Democrats are wielding to threaten his reelection.

And that same mindset was used during the unfolding of the coronavirus across the nation, when the debate about the safety of wearing a mask was briefly in question.

The Terrorizer-in-Chief flat out refused to don a mask or practice social distancing while holding briefings in the Rose Garden. He publicly challenged the necessity to follow the rules set out by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and continues to denounce the validity of globally trusted experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

It wasn’t a shocker to witness one of the president’s henchmen following suit, as evidenced by Vice President Mike Pence, who apparently regrets the level of irresponsibility he displayed with that controversial visit to the Mayo Clinic back in May, where he was photographed visiting with patients and staffers without a mask.

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Reuters/Nicholas Pfosi

The optics were as bad as it gets, and despite the avalanche of earned criticism that targeted the recklessness of putting vulnerable live in potential danger, Pence and even his wife Karen, were both unapologetic.

But after the uproar got too loud to ignore, Pence cowardly offered his version of accountability that clearly wasn’t sufficient.

“I didn’t think it was necessary, but I should have worn a mask at the Mayo Clinic.”

Didn’t think it was necessary?!

Fast forward to months later, and we have reached the half-way mark of what has turned out to be a traumatic year for bereaved families, and displaced households that have lost their main source of income — indefinitely.

Donald Trump is a national terrorizer with maniacal tendencies that have become more polarizing, thanks to access to social media platforms that are equipped to boost the appeal of chaos and mayhem that consistently endangers our national security.

The United States is the only “industrialized country” with an excess of wealth and power, that’s sinking in the shit hole designed by a buffoonish administration, that would rather permit the senseless deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans, in an effort to save the integrity of the “booming economy,” and secure the second term of the Thug-in-Chief.

Dr. Anthony Fauci and other well-meaning public health experts have been sinisterly ousted by Trump, based on their combined assessment that raises the alarm on premature reopening, and how those actions could backfire in a detrimental way.

We’re already seeing the repercussions of following the damning rulebook of The White House “advisers” with rushed attempts to execute “business as usual.”

From Texas to Florida to California, and then some, the recorded new cases of Covid-19 is staggeringly high with record-breaking data that signals the worst is yet to come.

This national health crisis is officially a catastrophic failure with more casualties to come, and the blood is on the hands of Donald Trump and his soldiers of death, who spread fake news and cosign coerced information, on behalf of their supreme leader, who is determined to extend his reign of terror at all costs.

That’s why the propagandized dramatics around Trump’s decision to strut around with a mask on his face is utter bullshit!

This is the same guy who retweets conspiracy theories and hateful rhetoric from far-right accounts, and in this case, a former game show host, Chuck Woolery, who shares the same bad habit of dumping nonsensical tweets as another clueless Trump ally — James Woods.

Woolery recently deposited a messy pile of incoherency that interestingly hasn’t been flagged by the Twitter police even though the misinformation is jarringly offensive.

“Everyone is lying. The CDC, Media, Democrats, our Doctors, not all but most, that we are told to trust. I think it’s all about the election and keeping the economy from coming back, which is about the election. I’m sick of it.”

The actual president of the United States of America proudly reposted this for the world to see and marvel.

At this point, the only thing slightly presidential about Donald J. Trump is the white privilege that permits his ability to be exceptionally horrible at the job he stole, a feat that the first-ever Black Commander-in-Chief would not have been afforded.

Our white supremacist dictator is fooling no one!

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