Why “Thoughts and Prayers, and God Bless You” Is Really an Ungodly Response

It’s time to dispense with the “thoughts and prayers” and the blessings from God that are supposed to cleanse the nefarious behavior of vile characters who are committed to the religion of greed and the beautifying of corruption.

The past week has been nightmarish, although as a Black woman living in a country that is programmed for the societal extermination of those who don’t fit into Trump’s America, the days and nights don’t ever signal the imminent end of a normalized existence of terror.

Growing up in a household that adhered to the teachings of the bible and mandated Sunday church, as well as house fellowships in-between — there was a restlessness that accompanied the forced morsels that never tasted good enough to swallow without the threat of barfing.

Perhaps that explains why I asked the family tailor to create the dress for my Confirmation in the likeness of Madonna’s pure White explosion at 1985 “The Virgin” tour.

The ability to find ways to rebel against a lifestyle that was formed from the loins of a murderous king with a terrific sex drive — who instituted the Church of England when the Catholic Church wouldn’t allow a formal exit from a dead end marriage — was the mission of an imprisoned young Nigerian girl — who spent her childhood evading military coups and the brutal dictatorship of boarding schoolmistresses.

Incidentally enough, the Catholic Church is totally okay with sexual abuse against those who weren’t faithful enough to escape the demonic swaddling of robed heathens who helped themselves to a blasphemous buffet.

There’s also the realization that Christianity was used as the badge of authority by colonial traitors who were motivated by the need to paralyze the progress of brutes — who didn’t deserve to possess the riches that they deemed more proficient for the Crown.

And so my relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost has been a tumultous one, as I reconcile how we as humans try to find avenues to overpower each other with permission of God — and all the verses that seem to interchange for the value of assassinations — and the glory of dousing evil with evil in reaction to the independence of those who’ve been released from the chains of falsehood.

When you consider the sliminess of historical figures — past and present — and how their allegiance to the man in the sky seems to elevate their status with the population that sport brains that are out of commission — you can’t help but wonder how God really feels about his pathetic army of worshippers — who don’t even see him for who he really is.

When it comes to the response to unfathomable events that leave us scarred and with the task of managing what should be inhumanely impossible to internalize — the prayer requests and promise to keep the violated in our thoughts while asking for the blessing of a faceless God — is basically an ungodly act.

It illustrates the lazy mode of relying on an aged tradition that’s known to yield zero results.

We already know that asking God for shit, while not doing shit about the shit — is like screaming for the sky to turn red on command and hoping that our high will come through before we fall into a deep sleep.

Religion isn’t about the angels and archangels or the plight of Lucifer and how his banishment from the kingdom matches my trajectory with the Lord. It isn’t about whether Jesus is White with silky blondish-brown hair — and eyes that are blue or green depending on the lighting of the artist. It isn’t about Christmas Carols or the ability to juggle Sabbath with the Redeemed Church of Christ.

Religion is about the qualities of the NRA and the practice of mainstream media to delicately pit us against each other with the backdrop of “fair reporting.”

It’s the choir that sings about the gloriousness of saying the right things and doing the wrong things under the crest of Christ — and how White evangelicals are the offspring of demons who cavorted with robed men with crosses that were never to heavy to bear.

God isn’t in the business of blessings and thanksgiving because those attributes no longer exist.

What we’re entertaining is the climate of kill and be killed and the sickening measurement of what lives matter — and which part of the population is allowed to systematically die out without issue or the privileged mention by over-paid anchors who don’t believe in the most revered religion of all.


Thoughts are for those who have time to spare and prayers are for those who believe in the wizard behind the curtain of betrayal.

I’m against being blessed and would much rather beg the curse to teach me how to be spared for my sake and others who resemble my template.

That’s my religion.

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