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Blacker to Black

Why The World’s Youngest “Self-Made Billionaire” is An Insult To Legit Self-Made Stories

Kylie Jenner is the “Kardashian” of the moment, and this week in particular has flawlessly demonstrated how transforming into the ideal version of a Black girl, can yield epic returns.

When E! launched what has now become the lifeblood of the the former entertainment network, it was hard to imagine that Keeping Up With The Kardashians would survive past the two-year mark — especially since the genesis of the show came at the heels of a salacious scandal involving a sex tape that was viciously made public.

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The beginning of the beginning

But it was late 2007, and gossip blogs like PerezHilton were enjoying dominance on the web — thanks to the heightened climate of celebrity worship, that was spurning a new era of arming online fans or non-fans, with the ability to praise or mock A-Z listers, who were rapidly losing their ability to protect reputations from the maddening crowd.

There was also a swelling of fascination in the open transparency of celebrities or celebrity-wannabes — who were willing to grant unlimited access to every facet of their lives, in ways that propelled the notion of how recognizable faces are easy bait since their livelihood essentially depends on the on the energetic adulation of the public.

It began with the success of shows like The Hills, which followed the empty pursuits of the deliciously wealthy young crowd who were still under the care of parents — who didn’t miss the chance to dazzle the cameras with material proof of how much they loved their White privileged kids. As the show evolved into the mandatory spinoffs — we were able to track the seamless progress of the cast as they landed enviable jobs with brand name companies — while quickly adapting to the competitive nature of demanding cities like New York and Los Angeles.

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The beginning of the end

It was just a matter of time before The Housewives of Orange County joined the fun, and helped to initiate the plethora of versions situated all over the country, and with the exception of D.C.,which in my opinion is the most memorable of the lot — even with one and only crazy-filled episode — The Housewives are still reveling in the gloriousness of being famous for for being famous.

But — The Kardashian/Jenner clan are definitely unmatched in the prowess of turning an episode that should’ve had them taking cover under the shield of Calabasas — into a full-fledged project of endless opportunities in every lucrative avenue imaginable.

The business instincts of celebrated matriarch and gold-star momager, Kris Jenner is a case study of how to emotionally distance yourself enough to allow your under-age daughter the freedom to undergo a series of surgical procedures — that are aimed to produce the winning template to sell cosmetics to target audiences.

Kylie Jenner is going to be twenty-one in less than a month and when she was thrust into the small screens of gawkers, she was a decade younger and seemingly in the shadow of her much older half siblings. There was very little indication that she would become the young CEO she is today, but that’s why Kris Jenner is one of the richest women in the world.

Her motto lies in the adherence to the rule of how you can never have too much of a good thing — and nothing is considered too taboo or even deplorable because the hustle can’t be curbed for the sake of the decency and sanity of the ones who may need your motherly love to overtake the love for greed.

And now, we’re being treated to Kylie’s lip-stained world, which is bedazzled with enough bling to blind naysayers, who have surrendered to the wiles of Instagram and the assault of “influencers” — spending all their time posting images that validate the euphoria of being able to “live your best life” without lifting a finger.

Well, that’s not entirely accurate — they do lift the bags of privilege and resources that comes so easily, compared to regular folks like me, who could’ve been something if only that trust fund had cleared in time.

That brings us to the way pop culture has shaped up after a decade worth of prized debuts. We’ve been treated to the pursuits of talentless stars who get paid to expose how life is just one big party — that needs to be captured on film for the benefit of less lucky viewers — who may never fully recover from the economic crisis — that bequeathed them with time and interest to worship fame and wealth through the lenses of “unreality.”

Of course Kylie had to follow in the footsteps of her Black sisters by matching the blueprint of White rappers and other notables, who comprehend the requirements of their preferred market — and are willing to do whatever it takes to divide and conquer.

Unlike her siblings — Kylie’s transformation literally happened over night and it was disturbingly severe. She went from a normal looking teenager with the battles of insecurity, that are necessary badges of honor to a version that resembled a weathered Jersey Housewife, who stubbornly refuses to reveal her real age.

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Regular White chick

Her inflated lips were the stark difference from before, and while her best intentions may have been to pay homage to the one thing that Black people have historically been mimicked for by White people, it was hard to believe that none of the adults around her had the good sense to reel in long enough to allow the “growing pains” to dissipate.

Her body also got the boost of a more rounded and protruding derrière — as well as other “improved” body parts that basically robbed her of the stage in life — when you’re still young enough to look young.

While others applauded the new look with gusto — some of us were appalled at what had happened to an impressionable young girl who hated her impossibly thin lips, and unfortunately had enough money to make her insecurities vanish without a trace.

I was also disgusted by her mother’s unwillingness to be a mother.

It was the first time that I truly saw Kris Jenner as the woman without a soul — who is so blinded by the platters of million dollar deals, that have made her one of the top negotiators in the world — as well as the world’s shittiest mother.

It has also been an eye-opener to observe the embrace of the media, as Kylie’s new assets birthed a cosmetic line that was an immediate phenom — seconds after its launch. The openness of her lifelong struggle with thin lips was the catalyst for the mind-blowing endurance of a company — that promised to give young girls the authority to be the watered down version of their icon.

Pop up shops and online tutorials added to the appeal with the consistency of accessibility that took a pause when she was pregnant with her first child at the age of twenty. The announcement was followed by her disappearing act as she hibernated to relish impending motherhood.

The birth of her daughter was followed by a packaged short film that showcased what her fans were shut out of during the months of pregnancy. Most young women online were awe-struck by Kylie’s desire to have a quiet nine months — and even more amazing was how she was able to make her chaotic life seem so easy.

I had a brief back and forth with one of her admirers who was a Nigerian blogger — and it began because she challenged my tweet where I expressed shock and horror at the audacity of anyone — who viewed Kylie Jenner as the leading example of how you can effortlessly juggle being a global entrepreneur and being a new mom — all under the age of twenty-one.

The blogger was adamant that her admiration and respect were focused on the right person for the right reasons. It doesn’t matter that Kylie’s achievements aren’t transferable to almost all of the people who buy enough of her products to keep her rich.

What matters is that she’s already a legend and handles that status with such finesse that you would swear she was born with it.

Kylie deflated her lips.

The news broke a couple of days before Forbes declared her a self-made billionaire with an estimated $900 million in profits from Kylie Cosmetics.

The reception to both items have been mixed and thankfully there are still enough humans left who can see clearly and have the motivation to use their brains — even when reputable outlets refuse to indulge in either.

No, Kylie didn’t remove “all of her fillers” and of course she would say that she did so that she can now comfortably own what doesn’t belong to her. And she’s not a “self-made” almost billionaire for obvious reasons.

Aside, from the heavy financial investment from the familial pool, there’s also the religion of cultural appropriation that the Kardashian/Jenner women have put a lot of faith in and luckily for them the gods are generously appreciative.

Kim Kardashian West set the pace with her rack of Black male suitors before settling for one of the most prolific rappers of our time. In my opinion Kris Humphries was the better match because of his no-bullshit attitude that gratifyingly tortured Kris Jenner to the point that she revised the agenda that only allowed access to weak-minded Black dudes.

Kim also began to explore a more viable aesthetic that consisted of enhancing her prized possession with traits that are typically rendered to Black women — but the catch that is that they look so much better on White women. She already had the shiny dark hair that set her ahead of the pack — so the objective was to build from there.

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Black and proud

Black men who fuck her can feel like they’re not necessarily deviating from familiar territory because of the ass injections and other filled out and spread out items that create the Black woman — “regular Black women” can’t compete with. And it was just a matter of time before younger sisters Khloe and Kylie would jump into the pool and float with assigned privilege.

The Black sisters have also taken the fashion and beauty world by storm — as expert trendsetters with their mind-blowing ability to make braided hairstyles cool as AF after puzzling stagnancy.

There’s also Kim Kardashian’s immense contribution to the new era of “real bodies,” and how she has made it acceptable for women of “certain sizes” to be lauded and serviced by an industry that systematically rejects the possibility.

Kim was recently given the CDFA Influencer Award for disciplining fashion designers into a more flexible and stretched out showroom. The industries and outlets that are supposed to recognize the real from the fake have succumbed to Kris Jenner’s playbook — and as entertaining as it is to watch — it’s also revolting.

The Kardashian/Jenner empire has thrived primarily from purposeful attacks that garner them the seat at tables where they don’t belong.

When “supermodel” Kendall, and her wealthier younger sister got into trouble back in 2017 — when their ultra-disrespectful retail endeavor — that consisted of posting their million dollar faces on top of the likeness of iconic artists of Black culture — blew up in their faces — the backlash was swift and the repercussions were drastically minimized, which is a testament to the political power of their gutless mother.

But, now we’re treated to a rubbish salute by Forbes magazine in the form of an overly-long play by play of how a twenty-year-old is on her way to a history-making legacy — thanks to the shrewd tactics of an evil advisor who also happens to be the parent with a shameless need to use her kids as bait.

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Fuck you Forbes!

You don’t have to be a genius to comprehend how Kylie Jenner is the worst example of a “self-made woman” that ever was.

The best that she is lies in being born at the right time, which has enabled her to brilliantly showcase the rewards of how you can disappear into the falsehood of who you are — long enough to steal from cultures and then re-sell the stolen goods back to the people you stole from.

It’s not only a travesty, but it’s incredibly sad to witness the damaging messaging of present times, that’s seeped in the rhetoric of how you can accumulate so many rewards for doing the bare minimum. Self-professed influencers are harassing luxury hotels all over the globe with idiotic requests to be serviced for free with the paltry payback of their presence.

What started out as innocent indulging — courtesy of reality TV shows that are meant to carry us away long enough to promptly return to reality once the credits roll — has turned into an infectious virus that transferred into the realm of social media platforms — that are driving young people to do crazy shit in order to keep their Instagram pages lit.

Kylie Jenner is young enough to play a vital role in the defecation of the basic principles that kept me and other Generation Xers from the threats of the fantastical bubble that most can’t afford to be punished with — indefinitely.

There are self-made young women who built an empire from scratch, and what makes their backstories interesting and wholesomely inspiring, has everything to do with the rollercoaster ride.

This includes the loneliness of endorsing your passions, the moments of alienation and utter defeat, the financial constraints that almost kill your dreams, and the victory lap that nobody saw coming — except you.

Kylie Jenner has no idea who she is, and the hope is that she won’t suffer too much from the pressure of a life that is unappetizingly full. We now embody an age where only those with enough followers to build a nation — are feted for their notable contribution to a terminally ill society.

The Kardashian/Jenner women may be landing the covers of desperate publications that no longer have a grasp on the real thing, but the power these women wield will always be attributed to the communities that still influence their “influence.”

Take that away and you have the sex tape and the most basic White chicks alive. When you consider that very White scenario — who can blame them?

Also, quick shoutout to Rihana’s Fenty Beauty line. The best to ever do it!

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