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Why The Women of Trump’s Administration Should Be Shamed For Their Participation

President Donald J. Trump is currently transfixing the world with his very ambitious business deal with ruthless dictator — Kim Jung Un — who he now describes as “a very talented man” with “a great personality.”

Kim is the “Supreme Leader” of North Korea — and he has been accused of managing a regime that the UN General Assembly has outrightly condemned for human rights violation. There’s also the inhumane circumstances surrounding the death of American student Otto Warmbier who was arrested for “attempted theft” during a visit to North Korea — after a silly prank gone wrong ended up costing him his life.

A year ago — in June 2017 — Trump intervened as president when Warmbier arrived home in a coma and died days later after failing to regain consciousness due to extensive brain damage — by criticizing the “brutal” regime of a “madman.”

Imagine that?

Prior to Warmbier’s mysterious death in the same year — Kim was also accused of killing his older half-brother Kim Jong-nam at a Kuala Lumpur airport with a nerve agent that was dumped on him by two random women. The victim already knew that his murderous sibling had tried to kill him numerous times without success — which explains why he was equipped with an antidote — that was supposed to save his life — but unfortunately the effects of the nerve agent that he was exposed to killed him in a matter of minutes — leaving him no time to react.

Back in late 2013 — Kim had his own uncle — a senior government official — executed. There was speculation that the young leader who came into power in 2011 at the age of twenty-six — felt the need to exert his independence and “supremeness” without the influence of older and more experienced officers in his cabinet — who undoubtedly posed a threat.

And now here we are — at the pinnacle of what is being touted as the historical moment that will define Trump’s presidency — as we witness two leaders with erratic dispositions that lead to dangerous consequences — arrive at the same junction of an agreement that supposedly results in “complete denuclearization” of a country that is still soaked in the practice of “unspeakable atrocities.”

The meeting of Trump and Kim — who have assigned each other the labels of “madman” and “mentally deranged” — may actually know each other quite well — since those descriptions aptly apply.

But — what’s really troubling — is how flawlessly President Trump has executed the plan that Vladimir Putin of Russia — hired him to carry out — the moment his candidacy for the highest of the land was official.

In what universe is it even remotely reasonable — that a sitting president of the United States of America — can freely praise the “personality” of Kim Jung Un by declaring him “a smart — funny guy” — while publicly denouncing the character of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with accusations of “weakness” and “dishonesty.”

Even if President Trump is utterly disgusted with Trudeau to the point of blinding rage — the mere fact that he’s allowed to tweet his frustrations right after the G7 Summit — without attempting to filter out damaging language that could cause an unfixable rift between the U.S. and its valuable allies — is both inconceivable and frightening.

But — while the world comes to grips with what we as citizens are trying to survive without governmental support — we are hit with another major setback — courtesy of Trump’s toxic administration — as Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirms that victims of gang violence and domestic abuse — who are desperately seeking asylum — will no longer be protected.

“Generally, claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-governmental actors will not qualify for asylum.”

“The mere fact that a country may have problems effectively policing certain crimes — such as domestic violence or gang violence — or that certain populations are more likely to be victims of crime, cannot itself establish an asylum claim.”

Sessions — basically overturned a case known as the Matter of A-B - that involved a woman from El Salvaldor who was mercifully granted asylum by the Board of Immigration Appeals when it was determined that she was a victim of abuse at the hands of her husband — and the police had failed to save her.

Sessions is adamant about his quest to ensure that the “asylum statute is not a general hardship statute.”

In other words — victims of abuse and violence were able to be categorized under a “particular social group” due to their unfortunate circumstances in order to guarantee the necessary protection that was warranted. But — thanks to Sessions overturning that decision — based on his assumption that the “asylum system is being abused by migrants” who are unfairly taking advantage of the rules by falsely claiming abuse — women who need to be rescued from volatile situations will no longer have the option of safety.

It goes back to the criminalization of migrants in the same way that Black and Brown women are forced to a level of degradation that their White counterparts are never exposed to.

Sessions is voicing the theme of Trump’s rhetoric that’s immersed in the language of how Mexicans are murderers— drug dealers and rapists and therefore threaten the sanctity of America — which translates into the mission of building a wall to keep out the brutes who are trying to pollute us.

The immigration laws in America are being revised to send the message that unless you’re a bubbly blonde with big blue eyes from Norway — there’s no place for you in the land of the free and home of the brave.

The cowardly doctrines that are being instituted are costing lives — as desperate fathers who’ve been torn away from loved ones — are resorting to tragic measures to escape the vision of their terrorized children pleading for another hug. Young women are being shot and killed at the border by agents who don’t have the patience to deal with humans that they deem less-than-human.

In the midst of all this chaos and heart-wrenching brutality — we have the women of this vile administration — willingly submitting to its poisonous agenda with eyes wide open and the beating heart of a callous monster.

Not too long ago — first daughter — Ivanka Trump took centerstage after she was appropriately called out for her heartless display of nonchalance — following her twitter pic that showcased her holding her youngest child with all the privilege she could amass.

Full Frontal’s — Samantha Bee referred to Trump as a “feckless cunt” and I have to agree with that description based on the lives that are being fucked with under the supervision of a woman — who claims to be her father’s closest advisor — and evidently co-signs his scheming ventures.

Only “feckless cunts” would shamelessly serve under a president who proudly supports the efforts of politicians who are accused of child molestation and physical assault against their wives. They see no issue with speaking out in defense of a bigot who hardly expressed sorrow at the death of a woman — who was killed while protesting systemic racism — and instead praised the character of White supremacists who closed down Charlottesville.

“Feckless cunts” tend to be self-absorbed and self-motivated — and this dictates their ability to ignore the suffering of women and children at the hands of an administration that is hell bent on destroying their lives — while further punishing women who committed the greatest sin of not being blessed with White womanhood.

After the announcement made by Sessions regarding the overturned ruling that used to grant victimized women — asylum in the States — the responses were swift and passionate:

Jess Morales Rocketto — a political director of the National Domestic Worker’s Alliance had this to say:

“The Trump administration just handed a death sentence to to thousands of women and families fleeing domestic and gang violence by barring them from accessing asylum in the U.S.”

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn) released a statement that simply said:

“Attorney General Sessions: their blood is on your hands.”

The women of this deadly administration have blood on their hands including — Ivanka Trump — Sarah Huckabee Sanders — Kellyanne Conway — Nikki Haley — Heather Nauert — and all the other females in this cabinet of hell — including the White feminists who support their efforts by cheering them on.

And — yes — even first lady — Melania Trump qualifies as the utterly useless sidekick of her husband. While many prefer to share their condolences and empathy for a woman who married for money — and now has to reap the consequences — those of us with a conscience choose to not only view her with disdain — but also as the well-packaged accessory to a crime.

History will surely record these deplorable women for their disgraceful allegiance to a climate both home and abroad — that fueled the suffering and demise of women and children based on greed and overt bigotry.

From the devastation of Hurricane Maria that paralyzed the island of Puerto Rico — to the death match currently playing out at our borders — the women of Trump’s administration are propelling these acts of violence and gross negligence against women and their children — by remaining complacent with the privilege of funneling their political aspirations — at the expense of lives hanging in the balance.

If we searched for the definition of “feckless cunts” — those faces would be lodged next to that brilliant description — and if there’s any justice in this world — that’s exactly how they will all be remembered for generations to come.

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